General frequently asked questions

The easy way is to Cab Istanbul Web page and book online in advance for at least an hour

From İst airport you'll be able to contact us to have a safe transfer to your hotel.

It is possible to order a private shuttle or minibus for your transfers to Istanbul Airport and you'll contact us now.

We are flexible with your plans and schedules if changes unexpectedly.


Even before the coronavirus, we didn't suggest foreigners take regular transportation such as yellow taxis and buses.

The transfers provided in İstanbul are currently allowed by hygiene certificated cars, also we offer to travel at a pandemic %15 percent extra discount.

If you want to see a blue mosque between a transit flight, the safe choice would be our rental car with a driver option to visit

Private transfer from Istanbul airport to Taksim Square approximately cost 50 euro.

From İstanbul Airport to city center approximately 50 km; 60 minutes

İstanbul Airport to Sultanahmet takes about 70 minutes

Sabiha Gokcen airport private transfer to Taksim Square will cost around 50 euros

For foreigners, the best way to get to Istanbul from Sabiha airport is to make reservations at transfer companies like Cab İstabul.

Sabiha Airport is in Asia Side, New İstanbul Airport is on the Europe side the distance of both airports from the city center is around 50 km. Because New İstanbul Airport is on the European side, it takes 15 minutes earlier to reach

New Istanbul Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world, it's built with the latest technology

Mercedes Vito is a suitable 7 person.

It's approximately 80 euros. (for the exact price go to the online reservation page)

We provide transfers for both Istanbul airport vehicles in various sizes, from 8-person minibus to 55-person buses.

Sorry,  not allowed to smoke in the cars, if you need to smoke, talk to the driver to have a stop that you will determine.

Yes, you can pay by credit card, ( we use a 3D secure payment link ).

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept Paypal. This option is not used in Turkey.

Yes, you can stop wherever you want by specifying the places, while you make your reservation.

Yes, we have a full-day English and Arabic-speaking car rental with driver service.

Yes, we have the reservation is required for a female driver at least 24 hours in advance.

Yes, our transfer service is available for point-to-point booking at least one hour in advance.

Although we are not guaranteed to be the same driver, we try to ensure that it is as much as we can.

On your return transfer, the driver will be in contact with you by connecting to your room from the hotel reception or by phone. Otherwise, call +905425795656

The driver or one of our team will be waiting for you at the passenger exit door with a sign with your name. (At pandemic: Driver waits at İstanbul new airport exit gate no: 13, Saw airport taxi exit gate)

For any reason, you can change the transfer date up to 3 hours before, of course, We prefer you to inform us at least  24 hours before.

Reservations canceled at least 24 hours before are also refunded. (Cab Istanbul is a company focused on providing customer satisfaction, we took a stand in favor of the customer in cancellations and changes during 15 years of service)

During the pandemic period, we only offer you a private transfer service, at other times the airport shuttle service is a shared transfer service.

The vehicles are disinfected in ministry-certified places after each journey.

Yes, drivers are obliged to wear masks and they are based on the principle of volunteering for public health.

Yes, we have hand sanitizer, 80-degree Turkish lemon cologne, and more masks in all our vehicles.

Yes,  Mercedes Vito vehicles are suitable for transporting ski equipment.

Please contact us at order@cabistanbul.com or +905425795656 with a sign stating that you have received service from our company for the service arising from the service we provide, incomplete, incorrect, or unsatisfactory. Be sure that the evaluation of your suggestions and complaints will result in less than 24 hours.

If you have forgotten something in the car, please contact us. Your found items will be returned by the same car, maybe courier according to conditions, depending on availability.

Yes, you can take it with you in your transfer car, as long as it is in the pet cage.

We provide transfer services only with vehicles that cover passenger insurance. (This is why our prices may appear higher compared to superficial employees.)

Prices vary depending on the brand and model of the car, the number of days, the number of seats, where you will use it. Please contact us or go to the car with driver online reservation page to see all details

The prices depends on the model, number of hours, number of seats, luxury or standard, where will be used. Average standard car with driver 4 hours 100 Us Dolar

The daily cost of 9 seater cars with English-speaking private chauffeur is around 140 Us Dolar. İt could change for luxury model cars and km (milage) use

The chauffeured driven car that can be rented in Turkey must have the documents D2 and A1 these; 9 + 1 minibus (D2 certificate) 2500 hp Luxury vehicles (A1 certificate) apart from these, it is forbidden to rent a vehicle with a driver

You can make a reservation in a few simple steps; make a reservation by clicking here on the website, write on E-mail and WhatsApp, or calling us.

Our chauffeur-driven car rental service is 10 hours a day and there are no km limitations within the city. In the premium car segment; luxury cars, limousines, Mercedes S class car service is 8 hours per day. (extend an hour free of charge, then each extended hour chargeable)

There is definitely a difference between classic car rental this you rent a day 24 hours you pay gasoline, parking, highway fee, traffic fines, etc. and  for chauffeured car rental  per a day 8-10 hours you can use and your not responsible at any extras (fine, parking, gasoline)

Depending on preference at your reservation; The pricing is made according to the vehicle group you choose, the purpose of use, and the direction you want to go.


Unlike your own rental cars, your credit card or private information is not required.

When renting a car with a driver from us, you do not pay any extra fees other than the stated price. Parking, road and bridge fee, driver's wages are included in the price

It is legal to rent a car with a driver for companies with sufficient documentation, such as Cab Istanbul, chauffeur-driven cars can be rented hourly, daily chauffeur-driven car rentals, or longer leases are completely legal.

All chauffeured car rentals are insured and passengers are protected by personal accident insurance. In case of an accident, the tenant is not subject to any responsibility since our driver uses the vehicle.

Every chauffeured car hired from us starts to service at the place and time you request.

All drivers working with Cab Istanbul speak at least one foreign language, and you can rent 24/7 from us a car with a driver who can speak English.

Cab İstanbul works with limited female drivers; we accept female driver requests at least 24 hours before beginning to service

Don't worry, if your necessity or mood has changed, we'll adapt to you. We can change your car or driver at any time

Sure, you can change the date provided that you inform us at least 24 hours before the reservation date. (As mentioned above, our duty is to make things easy for you)

It is an advantage to take the nearest Metrobus for Sabiha Airport from the European side. It is considered a good alternative to reach Pendik by taxi with the Gebze-Halkalı metro line. In case of emergency, you can reach Sabiha Gokcen by taking the KM22 municipal bus from Uzunçayır Metrobus stop with Metro-Metrobus transfer, and then from Kartal stop.

Arriving at Sabiha Gokcen Airport with the Marmaray tunnel, which provides fast transportation between the European and Anatolian Sides, can sometimes be faster than our VIP airport transfers. When you take the metro from one of the Halkalı, Atakoy, Aksaray stations, and get off at the Kartal stop. Saw airport is within a 10-minute taxi drive distance.

Formerly Havaş, now Havabus, there are meeting (transfer) points in Taksim, Kadıkoy and Yenisahra.
Taksim stop: Divan Hotel Taksim- Point Hotel in front (hotel zone)
Kadıkoy stop: Kadıköy berth in front of IETT bus stops
Yenisahra stop: Yenisahra metro front

Saw Airport Hotel continues to serve with the Covid19 Safe Tourism Certificate during the period when the flights are open.

Yes, rental car companies provide services in the offices on the arrival floor.

Public transportation vehicles are disinfected by the directed institutions and organizations. If you have to use public transportations, you must wear a mask and keep your social distance.

The cost to rent a car with a driver for a trip from Istanbul to Ankara starts at 400 USD. However, the exact price varies based on the type of vehicle chosen and the duration of the rental. To provide you with an accurate quote, could you please specify the date, type of vehicle preferred, and any additional requirements?

No Soorry, we dont offer special rates for travel agents. Please request with details, and our team will get back to you with the specifics