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Hire a van and a driver for airport transfers in Istanbul. Enjoy luxurious vans, minibuses, and minivans. We ensure punctual, seamless travel to your destination.

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Van Rental

Van Rental

Self-Drive Van-Minibus Hire

Rent a Van / Minibus for your one-stop transport solution in the captivating city of Istanbul. We are proud to offer not only our self-drive vans/minibuses hire for those desiring the freedom to explore at their own pace but also a top-notch private transfers and the luxury of vehicles with professional drivers. For those planning a group trip, corporate outing, or family vacation, our broad selection of comfortable and reliable minibuses and vans, available for hire without a driver, allows you to curate your Istanbul adventure with ease and flexibility. Immerse yourself in the rich history, bustling markets, and tranquil waterfronts, navigating the city in your own time.

Self-drive Van and Minibus rentals is next opportonity to explore Istanbul at your pace with. Offering the perfect blend of independence and luxury, our 5 to 8 seater van hire services cater to diverse needs, whether it's for self-exploration, group travel, or family vacations. Our fleet includes top-brand minibuses and vans, ensuring comfort, safety, and style. Choose from self-drive options for a personalized adventure, or opt for our luxurious, Van / Minibus with chauffeurs for a stress-free experience.

Cab İstanbul VIP minivan rentals, featuring premium brands like Mercedes Vito and Viano, are equipped with the latest amenities for a stylish, safe journey. Use our online service for easy booking and to find options that fit your budget.

Additionally, you can use our minivans are ideal for hassle-free airport transfers in Istanbul, offering spacious, punctual service to and from your destination. For those seeking extra luxury or preferring not to drive, hire one of our luxury van with driver, its guarantees a safe, comfortable, and timely exploration of Istanbul's charm. Start your journey with our flexible, customer-oriented transport services, designed to enrich your Istanbul experience.

Self Driving Minibus Hire

Van Hire İstanbul

Hiring a self-drive van gives you exceptional comfort with Cab Istanbul. As you traverse through the mesmerizing city of Istanbul, our modern, most automatic-drive vans promise a journey that's as enchanting as your destination. Suitable for companies, large groups, long trips, and special events, our van rentals cater to a diverse range of requirements.

Self-Drive Luxury Van Rentals in Istanbul: Experience Superior Comfort 

8+1 self-drive rental vans are the epitome of space and comfort, ideally suited for large groups and long journeys. Every vehicle in our fleet is meticulously maintained to ensure reliability, safety, and comfort, making every journey an unforgettable experience.

For those in pursuit of luxury, our Mercedes Vito vans redefine the standard of self-drive rental services. This iconic model boasts a luxurious interior that comfortably accommodates 6 to 7 passengers. Quiet, smooth, and exceptionally comfortable, the self-drive Mercedes Vito transforms every drive into a memorable experience.

Mercedes Vip Vito Van Rentals: Luxury Interior 

Rental Mercedes Vito vans offer more than just a luxurious ride. The spacious interior, fitted with luxurious leather seats and a cutting-edge TV system, doubles as a mobile workspace. With ample space for on-the-go meetings and conference-style seating arrangements, these vans are perfect for executive travel and roadshows. On request, we can even equip your van with additional amenities such as a coffee machine and computer. With a large storage compartment, our long-wheelbase Mercedes Vito is also an ideal choice for trips requiring additional luggage space.

Mercedes Vito - More Than Just a Carrier

Rent a new model Mercedes Vito come in sleek black, embodying a perfect blend of business style and modern luxury. Fitted with a range of special features such as charging ports, tables, TVs, sunroofs, and adjustable color lights, these vans offer an extraordinary travel experience.

 Vito Rentals: The Safety and Comfort 

Self-drive Mercedes Vitos whether perfect for airport transfers or everyday travel, it is a popular van of our fleet. Offering spacious interiors and the utmost comfort, this van ensures a peaceful, enjoyable ride for all passengers

Mercedes Vans for Airport Transfers: Spacious, Reliable, and Elegant.

Mercedes Vito for your airport transfers best choice , known for its spacious cabin and ample luggage space. Enjoy seamless, worry-free travel in Istanbul with efficient pick-ups and drop-offs. The Vito combines luxury, capacity, and comfort, making every journey a pleasant experience.

Hire Our Spacious Van/Minibus: Private Transport & Party-Ready

Van/Minibus Hire, ideal for up to 7 passengers, perfect for private trips and parties. Enjoy a comfortable, self-driven journey with our luxurious vans. At Cab Istanbul, we blend extraordinary self-drive experiences with eco-consciousness. Discover more about our sustainable yet comfortable van rental options. Your Istanbul adventure starts with us

Bus With Driver

Mercedes Vito Rental

Rental Vans: Experience Dependable Travel 

Mercedes vito car hire service renowned globally, we serve as the ideal choice for group travels and extended journeys. Seamlessly blend convenience and reliability with our fleet of rental minibusses and vans. Our commitment to customer satisfaction remains paramount - we pay careful attention to your requirements and strive to exceed your expectations for a delightful travel experience Cab Istanbul takes pride in offering an array of top-tier Mercedes minivans, including the Vito, Viano, and V-Class models. Our services cater to your specific needs, providing both self-driven and chauffeured options. check more rental options below

Comparing Rental Vans Options

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Rental in Istanbul: Rental Mercedes Sprinter Van, with its spacious interior and comfortable seating, can carry up to 12 passengers along with their luggage. It features an automatic transmission, making it a perfect choice for group travel.

Ford Transit Rental in Istanbul: Rental Ford Transit Van is known for its durability and flexibility. Typically, it can accommodate up to 14 passengers and comes with ample luggage space. Its automatic transmission version provides a smooth and easy ride through the city's bustling streets.

Fiat Ducato Rental in Istanbul: Rental Fiat Ducato Van offers space for up to 12 passengers, making it a suitable option for small groups. It has considerable luggage space and automatic transmission options for a convenient drive.

Volkswagen Crafter Rental in Istanbul: Rental  Volkswagen Crafter Van is a high-roof van capable of transporting up to 13 passengers with ample room for luggage. With an automatic transmission, it assures a comfortable journey for all occupants.

Opel Zafira Rental in Istanbul: Rental Opel Zafira Van, typically configured as an 8+1 seater MPV, offers a versatile seating arrangement and a compact design perfect for navigating Istanbul's roads. The automatic transmission variants provide ease of use for the driver.

Peugeot Expert Traveler Rental in Istanbul: Rental Peugeot Expert Traveler Van is an 8-seater vehicle with a spacious interior for passengers and luggage alike. Its automatic transmission makes it an ideal rental choice for both city and longer journeys.

Citroen Jumpy Rental in Istanbul: Rental Citroen Jumpy Van known for its comfort and utility, the Citroen Jumpy can transport up to 9 passengers. It offers a good balance between passenger seating and luggage space, and its automatic transmission variant provides an easy-to-drive experience.

Mercedes Vito Rental in Istanbul: Rental  Mercedes Vito Van is a popular choice for small groups, with seating for up to 9 passengers. It provides a comfortable ride, substantial luggage capacity, and automatic transmission for a stress-free driving experience.

Volkswagen Caravelle Rental in Istanbul: Rental Volkswagen Caravelle Van is a versatile 9-seater van. It's perfect for group travel, offering a generous luggage compartment and automatic transmission for an effortless drive.

Volkswagen Transporter Rental in Istanbul: Rental  Volkswagen Transporter Van can typically accommodate up to 9 passengers. Its spacious interior and significant luggage capacity make it a good rental choice, and its automatic transmission provides a smooth driving experience.

Hire a Mini Bus and Driver

Van Rental Cost Istanbul-2024

Determinants of Price: Renting a van in Istanbul can cost differently depending on numerous factors. These include the duration of rental, the size and model of the vehicle, and additional services like opting for a chauffeur. The brand of the vehicle, rental period, and distance covered can also significantly influence the final cost. Furthermore, prices may rise during high-demand periods, such as holidays and the summer season.

Price Range: Generally, the daily cost of renting a van in Istanbul can fluctuate between $80 and $200, contingent on the factors previously mentioned. Naturally, luxury models or vans equipped with premium amenities will be priced higher.

Budgeting Tips: To maintain your expenditure within your budget, consider booking in advance, particularly during the peak seasons. Numerous rental agencies propose early booking discounts. Also, renting for a longer duration can occasionally result in more cost-effective daily rates.

Insurance: Bear in mind that the quoted rental price may not include insurance. Make sure to inquire about the insurance costs and the coverage it offers to evade unexpected expenses.

Additional Costs: Stay informed about potential extra charges, such as late return fees, fees for additional drivers, or charges for supplementary equipment like child safety seats. Make it a point to clarify these elements before finalizing your rental contract.

In conclusion, while rental van prices in Istanbul might vary considerably, having a clear understanding of the influencing factors and conducting some research upfront can assist you in finding a deal that aligns with your budget and caters to your needs. Ultimately, your aim should be to relish your Istanbul journey, ensuring comfort and avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Rent a Van For a Day

15 Seater Van Rental

15 Seater Van Rental for your Istanbul adventure is key to choosing the right transportation, especially when traveling with a large group or family. The choice you make between a minibus with or without a driver significantly affects your comfort and convenience while exploring the city. Minibus rental, which is especially suitable for large groups, families or corporate travelers, offers a practical solution. However, it can be difficult to understand the complex pricing structure of rental minibuses in Istanbul.

Whether your plans include visiting the ancient Sultanahmet area, wandering the lively streets of Beyoğlu, or traveling to the business centers on the Anatolian Side of the city, a rental minibus will meet your travel needs efficiently. These minibuses not only provide a comfortable ride but also offer ample luggage space, making them a versatile choice for a variety of travelers. Let us guide you on minibus rental pricing in Istanbul.


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