(SAW) Sabiha Gokcen VİP Airport Transfers


(SAW) Sabiha Gokcen VİP Airport Transfers


Are you looking for low-cost, hassle-free Sabiha Gokcen Airport-Transfers? 

You've come to the right place! With our experienced team, we continue to offer inner and inter-city Vip transfer services at affordable prices with safe tourism-certified vehicles, even during pandemic days. From Saw airport to Besiktas, Taksim Aksaray, or the door of your intercity destination; With our daily disinfected, anti-covid-19, contactless vehicles of various sizes and features. Our professional drivers, personalized airport transfers with non-connections vehicles provide 24/7 comfort with us.

Cab Istanbul stopped providing shuttle service after the Covid-19 pandemic, to allow you to experience real comfort, now we serve only private transfer service from/to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (Saw). Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, as a family, or with a large group of friends, you can be sure we have the vehicle you need. Browse Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfers and organize your travel style
Note: Before going to the city center on the European continent, don't forget to stop by Camlica Hill and go to Camlica Tower to see the panoramic view of Istanbul!

Sabiha Gokcen  İnternational Airport İstanbul Transportation!

Istanbul a perfect city to spend time in; Istanbul is a fascinating, yet complex and challenging city. It should be taken into account that a person and groups who are ready to explore this city will need our transfer services with minibusses and buses.

Get ready for a great experience with our professional drivers who will provide you all information you need to know from Sabiha Gokcen airport to your destination !!

Customize Your Sabiha Airport Transfer  & Vehicle

Cab İstanbul transfer is an alternative transportation service to yellow taxis, city buses, metros.
Book your transportation needs now to get free of charge airport pickup service
What İs Free Airport Pick-UP Cover?
Free pickup service, includes flight tracking, one-hour delays,  carrying your bags, waiting for you at the exit gate with a sign with your name on it.

Our most excellent airport transfers in Istanbul can transport you from Point A to B, allowing you to browse popular destinations in the city center. If you are in Istanbul for a short visit, book an hourly car with a local driver.  

Will not be a good alternative to a nervous taxi?

Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transportation Services!

Start your next journey advantageously with the instant booking and confirmation process, a journey where you can customize your transfer and vehicle type and also add child seats for free to accommodate your child. 

Hasn't it made you feel better right now? 
Meet with your professional driver who knows this city well and guide your transfer by unlocking point-to-point transportation in just a few clicks.

From (Saw) Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, your destination may not be directly at your hotel, you may need to catch up with the city center or your meeting. May you have to go to Bursa, Adapazarı, Kocaeli, Izmit, Sakarya, Sapanca,  some far part of Istanbul, or any other point, reserve a car and driver that meets your wishes in advance.

Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, as a family, or with a large group of friends, you're sure to find the right type of vehicle to hold your travel party together. Choose from a private sedan, shared van, limousine bus, and many more to suit your needs. Worry no more: let your itinerary take shape for you and then leave a comment below as it adapts flexibly to your schedule

 Saw Airport Transfer /Cost

A Sabiha Gokcen Airport a private transfer will take around an hour to the city center, and costs approximately €50 Alternatively, you can take a taxi which cost lower but a little headache, you can İETT bus cheapest way, Havabus to Taksim is not bad if you don't have much luggage, to long-distance (Esenyurt, Beylikduzu) Metrobus (if no much luggage) one of the privately operated Havabus shuttles from the Sabiha airport, it takes you directly to the Taksim Square

Sabiha Gokcen Airport to İstanbul Airport75 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Beylikdüzü80 Euro
Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Taksim50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport to Esenyurt75 Euro
Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Besiktas50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Bahcelievler60 Euro
Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Sisli50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Aksaray50 Euro
Saw Airport Transfer to Sultanahmet50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Bakırkoy60 Euro
Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Ortakoy50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Vialand55 Euro
Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Karakoy50 EuroSabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer to Kadıkoy35 Euro

How To Check Saw Airport Cost?
Check how far your hotel from the airport?
How long does it take?
How much does it cost?
Check the type of car!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is it from the city center to Sabiha Gokcen Airport?
  • Sabiha Gökçen is located in Kurtkoy. It is 30 km from Kadıkoy, 12 km from Pendik, 50 km from Taksim, 85 km from Beylikduzu, and 75 km from Esenyurt.
  • How to get to Sabiha Gokcen Airport?
  • It is possible to go by private transfer companies such as İETT, Havabus, and Havaist buses, taxis, and Cab Istanbul or by private vehicles.
  • How to Reach Sabiha Gokcen from the European Side?
  • It is an advantage to take the nearest Metrobus for Sabiha Airport from the European side. It is considered a good alternative to reach Pendik by taxi with the Gebze-Halkalı metro line. In case of emergency, you can reach Sabiha Gokcen by taking the KM22 municipal bus from Uzunçayır Metrobus stop with Metro-Metrobus transfer, and then from Kartal stop.
  • Is There a Metro Transportation to Sabiha Gokcen?
    Arriving at Sabiha Gokcen Airport with the Marmaray tunnel, which provides fast transportation between the European and Anatolian Sides, can sometimes be faster than our VIP airport transfers. When you take the metro from one of the Halkalı, Atakoy, Aksaray stations, and get off at the Kartal stop. Saw airport is within a 10-minute taxi drive distance.
  • Where are Sabiha Airport Havabus stops?
  • Formerly Havaş, now Havabus, there are meeting (transfer) points in Taksim, Kadıkoy and Yenisahra.
    Taksim stop: Divan Hotel Taksim- Point Hotel in front (hotel zone)
    Kadıkoy stop: Kadıkoy berth in front of IETT bus stops
    Yenisahra stop: Yenisahra metro front
  • How much does it cost to reach Sabiha Gokcen by Taxi?
  • If you prefer to take a taxi from Sabiha airport, you can take one of the taxis that stop at the exit gate of the airport cooperative. (They won't let you take a taxi that is not affiliated with the cooperative, even if you want to) You can wait in line for a taxi during heavy traffic hours, you will be charged extra at stops, bridge crossings, and toll roads.
    Taximeter Sabiha Gokcen-fee toAtasehir 90 TL
    Sabiha - Kadıkoy taximeter fee is 120 TL
    Sabiha - Etiler taximeter fee is 180 TL
    Sabiha - Avcılar taximeter fee is 350 TL
    Sabiha - Beylikduzu taximeter fee is 600 TL
    Prices vary according to the route and duration to be used.
  • Can I accompany a passenger in Sabiha Gokcen during the pandemic?
  • Except for obligatory cases (this should be documented), non-passengers (including tourism agencies welcoming/welcoming) are not allowed to enter the terminal buildings.
  • Can I enter Saw airport without my flight?
  • Only people with a flight are admitted to the airport terminal building.
  • What should I pay attention to before going to Sabiha Gokcen in the pandemic?
  • Using masks, following social distance and hygiene rules.
  • What is Sabiha Gokcen Cabin Luggage?
    Within the scope of pandemic measures, women's handbags, men's briefcases, laptop and baby bags, souvenirs bought at the airport, items brought with the passengers, jewelry, hand luggage that can fit under the seat in front of the passenger seat, shoulder and backpack are accepted as cabin baggage with the passengers.
  • Are the eating and drinking areas open during the pandemic?
  • While the flights are open, the eating and drinking areas are open, albeit limited.
  • Is Saw (İSG) Airport Hotel On?
    Saw Airport Hotel continues to serve with the Covid19 Safe Tourism Certificate during the period when the flights are open.
  • Are Sabiha Gokcen car rental companies open?
  • Yes, rental car companies provide services in the offices on the arrival floor.
  • Is the PCR test mandatory, can I have it done at Sabiha Airport?
  • For your flight that will start at Sabiha airport, you definitely need a test done in the last 3 days. There is a laboratory on the arrival floor where you can have a PCR test done. The test fee is 250 TL. Results take 1.5 -2 hours
    Lab: Smartlab
  • Have airport transfer companies taken precautions for hygiene?
  • Corporate companies such as Cab Istanbul, which provides regular airport transfer services, periodically disinfect and rest the vehicles.
  • Is the social distance rule valid in transfer vehicles?
    In accordance with the pandemic measures, Cab Istanbul brought a healthy solution to the social distance rules by having special partitions made in its vehicles that cut the contact between the passenger and the driver.
  • Are there masks and disinfectants in the transfer vehicles?
  • Yes, it is mandatory to have and use masks and disinfectants in our services.
  • How to get from Sabiha Airport to Esenyurt?
  • Unfortunately, there is no IETT bus that goes directly from Sabiha Airport to ESENYURT, the easiest way to reach Uzunçayır Metrobus Station is to follow the Beylikduzu direction with Metrobus.
  • How to get from Sabiha to -Istanbul New Airport
  • Those who will go from Sabiha airport to the new Istanbul Airport can use Havaist. The best treatment is to reach Istanbul Airport by taking the Airport Havaist bus from the open parking lot on the arrivals floor.
  • Can I use Saw Airport public transport? Is it safe
  • Public transportation vehicles are disinfecting by the directed institutions and organizations. If you have to use public transportations, you must be wearing a mask and keep your social distance.


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