About Us

About Us

Cab İstanbul: Crafting Journeys, Exceeding Expectations

For over a decade, Cab İstanbul has been the emblem of unparalleled transportation within the vibrant heart of İstanbul. Our endeavor? To present not just rides, but memories of safety, reliability, and unparalleled comfort, continually surpassing the anticipations of those we serve.

Cab Istanbul: Crafting Eloquent Expeditions

In the mosaic of brand narratives, a genuine tale holds the crux of its value. In the pulsating heart of the metropolis, we transcend mere conveyance from one locale to another. Our aspiration? To transform every ride into an indelible memory.

A voyage isn't just a delineation on a map from one point to its successor. It's the weave of moments, intertwined from inception to culmination. We, at Cab Istanbul, cherish these instants and delve into the minutiae that accentuate their singularity.

Our North Star: We dream of an imminent world where transit is not just a word but an experience; effortless, efficient, and within everyone’s grasp. As we burgeon and move our flag to a grander facility, we strengthen our vow to remain the vanguards of ingenuity in the world of transportation, unrelentingly perfecting our craft.

More Than Movement: The Signature of Cab Istanbul

We aren’t merely a transportation entity. We’ve embraced the quest to elevate each traverse into a masterpiece. To us, "exemplary service" isn't just a catchphrase. It's an ethos, a pledge we wish to resonate with in every ride you undertake.

Perceive not just the service, but the essence of our journey with you. Refrain from viewing us as a mere car hire or shuttle service; our zeal lies in curating an ambience, augmenting each second you spend with us.

On your professional sojourns, it's not just about impeccable service. Our distinction lies in our intuitive understanding of your prerequisites, aligning our service in harmony with your expectations.

Envision a rendezvous at the airport: Post a draining flight, your agenda is taut. Enter Cab Istanbul, transitioning from merely a mode of transport to an oasis of tranquility amidst chaos.

With our seasoned legacy, we’ve metamorphosed transport, elevating it from a routine transaction to an art form. If the mundane isn't for you, you've found your niche. We comprehend not just the destination, but the essence of your journey.

Trust Cab Istanbul to navigate your expeditions, ensuring they are not only seamless but also a touch above the ordinary.

Why the Preference for Cab İstanbul?

Heartfelt Service: Our patrons aren’t just clients; they're our compass. Their voices guide our actions. By attentively heeding their insights, comprehending their aspirations, we’re constantly refining our approach, ensuring not just satisfaction, but sheer delight.

The Epitome of Professionalism: Our coterie of drivers, seasoned and gracious, isn’t just trained; they're sculpted to personify safety and efficiency in every turn they take.

Broadening Horizons: Our newer, expansive premises is not just a symbol of growth but a testament to our widening reach across İstanbul, making our exceptional service more accessible, more convenient.

Technological Mastery: We don’t just use technology; we harness it. From optimizing the quickest routes to giving real-time whispers to our passengers and chauffeurs, we’re at the zenith of tech integration.

Ever-Present Assistance: Day or night, our dedicated helpline brigade is poised to assist, be it an inquiry, a tweak in your booking, or any bespoke request.

Come, experience the Cab İstanbul difference. Where every journey becomes a story worth telling.

Cab Istanbul: A Legacy Carved from a Dream

Genesis of a Vision: Every so often, stories echo with the same vivacity they first held, even as the sands of time drift by. Such is the tapestry of Cab Istanbul. Yeşilfidan’s journey, from the innocent whims of a child to the industrious hands of a textile worker, and later, establishing his dominion with Miruca textile, is a testament to dreams that refuse to dim. Yet, beyond his achievements, a fervent quest to understand the global tapestry beckoned him. A dream to master the English language propelled him across borders, crafting the most pivotal chapter of his saga.

The Journey from Wheel to Wisdom: Initially steering the wheel for a tourism enterprise at Istanbul's bustling airport, Yeşilfidan's compass soon pointed him towards a 6-month sojourn into the Arabic lands. But this wasn't merely a linguistic pilgrimage; it was an odyssey of understanding. Beyond the linguistic nuances, he unearthed the very soul of a traveler - their desires, their quests, and the unspoken dialect of their expectations. For Yeşilfidan, these insights dwarfed the value of any conventional university diploma.

The Ascent to Eminence: From starting as a driver in 2015 to donning the mantle of an entrepreneur, H&H Turizm was birthed from Yeşilfidan's ingenuity and tenacity. What commenced with a solitary vehicle burgeoned into an armada of six in no time. His success? Rooted in an undying love for his craft and an unwavering commitment to those he served.

Cab Istanbul's Inception: 2017 witnessed the metamorphosis of H&H Turizm into the illustrious HRH LUCKY TURİZM LIMITED COMPANY. A manifestation of Yeşilfidan’s mission and foresight, the firm earned the coveted endorsements of both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Concurrently, the unveiling of www.cabistanbul.com marked their foray into the digital cosmos.

Cab Istanbul isn't merely a brand. It's the realization of a young dreamer's aspiration to grasp a foreign tongue. Today, fueled by Rifat Yeşilfidan’s vision, grit, and relentless effort, it stands as an emblem of international renown.