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VIP Airport Transfers Offering Flexibility and Affordable Prices, the Premier Choice for Transportation. Land in Istanbul and transition seamlessly, whether to Bridging Sabiha Gökçen, Istanbul Airport, or city destinations. We promise comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Immerse yourself in the allure of Istanbul, confident that your transit is managed by experts.

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Luxury Car Hire Service in Istanbul

Luxury Car Hire Service in Istanbul

 Rental Premium Car Services for Your Perfect Journey: Explore Istanbul in Style

Rent a luxury car to dive into the majestic charm of Istanbul from the luxurious confines of a unique vehicle. Discover the pinnacle of luxury travel with Istanbul's premier luxury car rental service. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, elevate your experience with our exclusive fleet of high-end vehicles, including top-tier brands like Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi. Choose from our versatile options of premium car rentals with or without professional drivers to suit your style and needs. Our VIP Vito 9-seater premium black vans cater to larger groups seeking comfort and elegance. With flexible rental durations from daily to annual, and seamless airport transfer services, we ensure your journey in Istanbul is nothing short of spectacular. Experience unparalleled luxury and convenience with every mile you traverse.

At Cab İstanbul, we pride ourselves on not just offering luxury but making it accessible. With competitive rates tailored to suit your needs, you can opt for luxury car rentals with and without driver daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Whether you desire the personalized touch of a driver or the freedom of navigating the city on your own terms, we are poised to accommodate. And for those spontaneous moments, rest assured knowing we have an exquisite fleet ready for you on-call.

Stylish Car Rental Istanbul

Rent a Luxury Car Today

Discover the Pinnacle of Luxury Car Rentals in Istanbul

Istanbul luxury car rentals can elevate your travel experience, fulfilling diverse expectations and necessities. Whether it's for an out-of-town excursion or the sheer comfort and convenience of city travel, the right rental service is both a delight and a practicality. When seeking such premium services, it becomes imperative to focus on the vehicle brand, model, and the assurance of insurance. Tourists, both domestic and foreign, benefit immensely from trustworthy companies that uphold stringent standards in timely deliveries, vehicle hygiene, maintenance, and offer bespoke pricing tailored to varied demands.

Car rental way to Elevate Your Journey in Istanbul

Rental luxury car service journey since 2015 provide by Cab Istanbul, initially offering chauffeur-driven services at Atatürk Airport. Due to overwhelming demand, our fleet expanded, welcoming illustrious vehicles such as the Mercedes V Class, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Transporter, and Volkswagen Caravella.

We're proud to stand as Turkey's rapidly burgeoning luxury car rental enterprise, establishing industry benchmarks with an unwavering commitment to client contentment. Our diversified fleet caters to a range of preferences, including automatic transmissions and fuel type choices between petrol and diesel. In alliance with local standard car rental companies, we've orchestrated deals ensuring our clientele enjoys enticing benefits, ranging from daily rentals to substantial monthly rate reductions. This strategy amplifies the appeal of economical rentals without compromising luxury. Experience top-tier car rental services in İstanbul through our esteemed partnerships and amplify your travel pleasure.

Luxury Car Rentals in Istanbul: Drive to Your Dreams

Premium Car Rentals in Istanbul: Experiencing Road Luxury

Premium car rentals often emerge as the choice for business trips, special events, and celebratory occasions. However, given their higher value compared to standard rental cars, there are essential factors to be considered. For tourists, particularly international visitors, ensuring the legality and comprehensive documentation of the rental agency is paramount. It's a prerequisite for rental agencies to register each rental transaction with the Tracking System (Kabis). Before committing, ensure that the rental agreement is available in English. Since minor damages to luxury vehicles can lead to significant expenses, it's advisable to opt for minor damage insurance. To further safeguard your interests, photograph and video the vehicle's fuel gauge and exterior upon collection, noting any discrepancies in the agreement. If these procedures seem daunting, simplify your experience by hiring a luxury car accompanied by a local, English-speaking chauffeur.

Navigating Istanbul in Grandeur

Strategically nestled between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, spanning both Asian and European terrains, Istanbul stands as Turkey's most expansive city. Over the past three decades, the city has witnessed rapid industrial evolution. Since the 1980s, urbanization has fueled migration into Istanbul, resulting in a surge in population and, consequently, traffic challenges.

This urban explosion, mirroring global trends, has heightened the demand for car rentals, occasionally necessitating local drivers. Peak traffic hours in Istanbul typically range from 07:00 to 09:30 AM and 17:30 to 20:30 PM. We advise our esteemed clientele to travel outside these peak times when feasible, as these congested hours impact not only road traffic but also public transport systems. Opting out of buses, the Metrobus, metro, and trams during peak times can enhance your journey's comfort.

Istanbul is adorned with three iconic Bosphorus bridges:

  1. 15 July Martyrs Bridge: Located centrally, it's the busiest route.
  2. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: The second core bridge, its traffic density parallels the first.
  3. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: Situated away from the city's heart, this bridge offers smoother transit due to lower traffic, albeit with higher tolls.
  4. Marmaray Tunnel: Bridging the continents, this tunnel, though bustling at entry points during rush hours, remains a rapid transit option between Asia and Europe.

Rent a Mercedes-Van for Ultimate Luxury and Performance

Rent a Luxury Car with Drivers-Elevate Your Journey

Rent a Luxury Car with Chauffeurs/Driveres: Whether it's an extended journey beyond city limits, business commitments, in-town convenience, or a serene weekend escape, car rental necessities differ for everyone. Recognizing these varied needs, we provide our clients with a wide spectrum of rental car with drivers alternatives. From nimble vehicles tailored for bustling days to spacious minibuses designed for optimal comfort, we cater to all demands. Explore our fleet that ranges from the holiday-perfect Mercedes E class and Volkswagen Passat, to the premium range that promises unfettered freedom on the highway.

Reach out to us to experience the diverse offerings of Cab Istanbul, a luminary in the luxury car rental sector. Revel in the elite privilege of bespoke car rental plus chauffeur services, and seamless airport transfers across diverse vehicle segments including economic, comfort, prestige, premium, luxury, sedan, and van.

How to Charter a Luxury Minibus in Turkey?

In Turkey, certain vehicles, especially those with seating capacity for 10 or more, fall under the 'minibus' classification. To operate a minibus, one requires a specialized driving license (SRC) recognized in the country.

Certain luxury cars, such as the Mercedes S-Class, though legally permissible, are seldom rented out without a chauffeur. Delving deeper:

  • The Mercedes Vito has two configurations:
    • 8+1 Mercedes Vito is categorized as a standard car and can be rented sans a driver.
    • 9+1 Mercedes Vito, classified as a minibus, mandates a chauffeur. Any unofficial rental without a driver risks confiscation during police checks.
  • The Mercedes Sprinter, being considerably larger than the Vito, isn't offered without a chauffeur.

High-end vehicles such as the Mercedes S class and Audi A 8 are rarely up for daily rental, with many firms preferring not to lease them without a driver.

A pivotal factor in Istanbul's daily car rental landscape is the preference of most agencies for a minimum rental duration of three days.

Note: It's imperative that the rental agreement explicitly states the commencement and conclusion of the rental duration. Rental rates can fluctuate based on the lease duration, seasonality, and the specific agency.

Rent a Luxury Sedan for Unmatched Style and Comfort


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