Luxury Car Rentals Istanbul


Luxury Car Rentals Istanbul

Premium Car Hire Istanbul

Luxury car rental in Istanbul at affordable prices is a nice method that is often preferred by people who rent a car with or without a driver. Perhaps the first choice when deciding to rent a car is the car provider, car brands, and rental period. So, what are the terms? There are differences between daily, weekly, monthly, and perhaps annual car rental options!

Cab İstanbul is the most trustable rental car with a driver company in İstanbul, for some reason if you need luxury cars without drivers call us to make sure we will have some premium cars for you. Press the button below for Sabiha Gökçen Airport Transfers and İstanbul Airport Transfers

Luxury Car Service İstanbul

Luxury Car Hire

Experience the Privilege of Luxury Car Rental

Especially in İstanbul to travel in the Intercity, car rental service can be life-saving depending on the expectations and needs in different situations. Rental cars, which you can choose when you want to explore any place out of city centers, is a very pleasant and practical service, it can turn into an extremely important service for comfort, that you can use for various reasons. While dealing with luxury car rental services, it is essential to choose a car brand, car model, and insurance. Especially for tourists (local and foreign) to rent a car from trustable companies, that do not cause any problems and offer alternatives such as timely delivery, type of car required, vehicle cleaning and maintenance, and price options that suit your demands and budgets.

Hire Luxury Car

Cab Istanbul luxury car hire adventure started with a Chauffeur-driven car at Atatürk Airport in 2015, by popular demand also begin provides luxury cars rentals by adding vehicles such as Mercedes V Class, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Transporter, Volkswagen Caravella to its fleet upon request.

It is the fastest-growing luxury car rental company in Turkey. It has the privilege of being a luxury rent-a-car company that sets the standards by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our alternative luxury cars are of different sizes and capacities, automatic transmission, and petrol or diesel vehicle options.

Thanks to the agreements we have made with local standard car rental companies, we offer our customers attractive opportunities from daily car rental to monthly rate discounts. Thus, economic car rental becomes more attractive. You can also benefit from first-class car rental services in İstanbul with our partners and increase your satisfaction.

Rent Mercedes E Class

How Can I Rent A Minibus Turkey ?

Some cars cannot be rented without a driver in Turkey; Vehicles with 10 seats or more are classified as minibusses. In order to drive a minibus, you must have a special driving license (SRC) which is approved in Turkey.

Luxury vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class, it is rarely rented without a driver, although there is nothing to prevent renting a car without a driver. 

Mercedes Vito and similar vehicles are divided into two groups.

  1. 8+1 Mercedes Vito is registered as an automobile (small-size auto) and can be rented without a driver.
  2. 9+1 Mercedes Vito is registered as a Minibus and cannot be rented without a driver. Informally rent minibus without a driver is seized by the police during any inspection.
  3. Mercedes Sprinter size much bigger than Vito, and it's also non-rentable without drivers

Mercedes S class, Audi A 8, kind of vehicles are mostly not for daily rental or companies don't prefer to rent a car without a driver.

The point to be considered in the daily car rental process in Istanbul is that most car rental companies demand car rentals for at least 3 days or more.

Attention: Car rental dates and times must be clearly stated in the car rental contract. Daily car rental prices may vary according to the rental period, season and companies.

Rent Vip Vito

Rent A Luxury Car

The luxury car rental process is generally preferred for business trips, special occasions, parties, etc.  However, since the value of luxury cars is much more than normal cars to be rented, there are some basic points to be considered.

Especially for tourists (foreigners) who will rent a luxury car, make sure that the rental company is legal and has the necessary documents for the rental process. It is obligatory to notify the Tracking System (Kabis) of each Rental Transaction.

Before renting a luxury car, make sure that the agreement we will sign is in English.

Minor damage to luxury vehicles can amount to substantial sums. So don't forget to take out minor damage insurance.

When taking delivery of the vehicle, reduce the risk by taking photos and videos of the fuel level and especially the exterior surface and noting it in the contract.

If all these procedures confuse you, get rid of the formalities by renting a luxury car with a local English-speaking driver working for you.

Discover Istanbul, Before Rent A Cars

Istanbul is located in the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, on both sides of the Bosphorus (in Asia and Europe continent). The largest city in Turkey has lived through the past 30 years of rapid industrialization. Since the 1980s, with industrialization, Istanbul has been the main target for large-scale immigration. During this time, the population of Istanbul increased rapidly and faced serious transportation problems, and the traffic problem continues. Increasing transportation density has put car rental first on the list of absolute necessities when traveling to Istanbul.

While rapid urbanization increases its speed in Istanbul as in the whole world, it often creates car rental demands and besides it sometimes needs local drivers too. Traffic jam hours in Istanbul are before 08:00-09:00 am, which is the work start time in the morning( morning traffic is between 07:00 and 09:30 am). After these hours the congestion is relieved. Evening workout hours are between 17:30 and 19:30 (evening traffic is between 17.30 and 20:30). We recommend that our valued customers, who rented a car from us, whenever possible, go out outside of peak hours. The traffic density mentioned above is valid not only for private vehicles but also for public transportation. (You do not want to use transportation such as buses, Metrobus, metro, and tram during these hours)

There are 3 Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul:

1. 15 July Martyrs Bridge is in the center of the city, and its transportation area with the highest density.

2. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is the second bridge closest to the city center, so the density is not less than the first bridge.

3. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, This bridge is the place with the least density since it is far from the city center (there is no density), but the passage fees on this bridge are quite high.

4. Marmaray Tunnel: The tunnel that connects the continents is the connection point of the Asian and European continents, although its entries are quite busy due to controlled passage during rush hours is the fastest way.

We Are At Your Service With Our Luxury Vehicle Fleet

Long trips out of the city, business necessities, comfortable transportation within the city, or a pleasant weekend getaway… The needs for car rental services can vary according to everyone. For this reason, we offer our customers many different rental options. From a small car you need on a busy day to a large minibus that you wish for high-level comfort on your journeys; You can find the answer to all your needs here, from vehicles such as Mercedes E class vs Volkswagen Passat, where you will have the most enjoyable holidays, to premium vehicles where you will feel freedom on the roads.

You, too, can call us now and take advantage of the offers to experience the privileges of individual car rental or car rental with driver and airport transfer of economic, comfort, prestige, premium, luxury, sedan, and van vehicles at Cab Istanbul, one of the leading car rental companies in the luxury car rental industry!

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