Daily Sapanca Tour From Istanbul


Daily Sapanca Tour From Istanbul

Sapanca Attractions

Sapanca is one of the most popular getaway spots for local and foreign tourists visiting Istanbul; Maşukiye is a pleasant and peaceful holiday destination at the foot of Kartepe, away from the crowd, in the middle of calm and green. Thanks to the nearby Sapanca lake, while sightseeing and water sports attract attention, especially in summer, Kartepe Ski Center attracts attention in winter. When you come to Sapanca in spring; You can start the day with a delicious village breakfast, and spend a peaceful day on the enchanting streams built into the forest. You can rent a canoe at the lake and, horse riding, on safari tours, or by the Maşukiye. You can spend time with your children in the forest.

You can rent a car with a driver for a full day to go to Sapanca, which is the best option among the places to visit in Istanbul, and you can enjoy the breath of mountain and forest air, enjoy snow sports in Kartaltepe, you can have an imaginary brunch in the gazebos built on the stream in Masukiye. Press here to have a private transfer from/to Sapanca

Sapanca Attractions

Where is Sapanca?

Sapanca is a town of Sakarya (Adapazarı) / Izmit / Kocaeli province, 150 km from Istanbul, among the greenery attracting attention with its 45 square kilometers of a freshwater lake. Sapanca Lake, which is between the Gulf of Izmit and Adapazarı, is surrounded by green mountains; Due to its extraordinary natural beauty, Sapanca is the center of attention of especially Arab tourists living and visiting Istanbul.

Take a break on the way from Sapanca to Kartepe, There are various activities in Mashuqiye such as having breakfast and lunch, zeppelin, ATV, horse riding, and Masukiye, with its restaurants overlooking the waterfall on the rivers, It is a great place to spend time alone with nature under the trees. It is the perfect place to spend the weekend. (It can be crowded enough to be tight due to excessive interest on the weekend). 

Don't let the guide take you to a Turkish delight or honey shop by participating in group tours and spoil your joy. Spend more time on the things you love with a private car with a driver who speaks your language. Discover natural places that do not have on group tours. Organize your daily Sapanca tour yourself. The safest way to spend a day of nature and discover new places is to rent a car with a professional driver who knows the region from, a well-known company like Cab Istanbul, which works with a focus on customer satisfaction. Instead of shopping all your time in Istanbul, spend a day exploring Sapanca.

İstanbul To Sapanca / Masukiye

If you decide to leave the stress of the city behind and be in touch with nature with a day of private Sapanca tours, now call Cab Istanbul. Spending a full day, discovering new places, and staying alone with nature, away from the excitement of the city are among the preferences of those who seek peace and quiet. With Cab Istanbul difference, it will be in your interest to spend a couple of hours on your way to peace, with our English-speaking driver and comfortable cars, therefore the distance to the destination has no importance at all.

All About Sapanca

What To Do İn Sapanca?

We can consider Sapanca as four regions. Sapanca lake, Maşukiye, Kartepe and Kırkpınar regions. Although Just one hotel in Kartepe, it’s quiet enough to stay there. There are many large and small hotels on the lakeshore, Kırkpınar and Masukiye regions provide relatively cheaper accommodation. In addition to hotels, there are many daily rental villas in Sapanca. Another popular way to explore the lakeshore is to take a bike tour; Tour operators offer bike rental services for day-trippers, provided that they follow predetermined routes. Sapanca has a climate with warm summers and cool winters. You can have a great time in Kartepe for snow sports in winter.

Places To Visit  In Sapanca

Sapanca is an interesting place for nature lovers to have a day tour. As a cultural, historical, and natural place it’s one of the most preferred places to visit, nearby Istanbul. Besides attraction places in Sapanca, you can add a little excitement to your peaceful day as well. You can enjoy an adventurous journey by visiting Waterfall ( out of Sapanca) going to the kids' zoo, hobbit houses, Masalkoy (Fable village), etc. You can spend pleasant moments in the forest, mingled with the sounds of birds, and leave your negative energy there by walking on the ground.

Cab Istanbul is a travel route for you.

Do You Want To Spend A Day in Nature?

One of the recommended places to visit, close to Istanbul is Sapanca; Cab İstanbul is one of the best alternatives for you, with easy access and reasonable price to visit Sapanca. Get ready to discover natural beauty with our luxury and comfort vehicles.

Sapanca Tours is one of the most preferred nature tours that you would love to participate in, as you will be able to see all the shades of green in the spring months.

Mashuqiye Attractions

Where is Maşukiye?

Masukiye is a town in the Kartepe district of Kocaeli. What increases the popularity of this place is its magnificent natural riches. Since it is located 20 km from Izmit, it is flooded with daily visitors, especially on weekends. This natural wonder, with Sapanca lake to the north and Kartepe to the south, is famous for its organic mixed breakfast-brunch and trout facilities. The place you will stop by to get away from the noise of the city and to relax a bit is the best of the places to visit. A short walk in Masuqiye, you can start discovering the beauty of cafes and restaurants located by the river, famous for waterfalls.

What to do in Maşukiye?

Masukiye cafe-restaurant and activity areas are complete with the unique tone of green above the village, you can have a wonderful breakfast or a walk accompanied by the sound of birds and water, and you can tour on certain routes by renting a bicycle or an ATV. Wherever you look at the Masukiye, you will encounter a distinct natural beauty, it is a calm and peaceful place where you can taste plenty of oxygen, delicious food, and drinks. Also, the Masukiye word meaning means the place where lovers meet in the Arabic language. It is a region frequented by lovers who want to spend time away from sight.

Kırkpınar Attracttions

Where Is Kartepe?

Kartepe is a region that mainly appeals to skiing during the winter, which is 25 km up to Masukiye and Sapanca. Many programs are organized in Kartepe for ski center tours, nature trips, picnics, and group meetings. For this reason, daily Kartepe tours continue to host tours and excursions throughout the year.

What to do in Kartepe?

Especially for those who go skiing from Istanbul, a day Kartepe tour is very attractive with its short distance. This tour is adapted for those who want to have fun and relax while away from the city at the weekend, to spend that day in an environment they will enjoy, not on the road. Therefore, Kartepe is a good alternative for Istanbulites to spend a pleasant time in terms of proximity, natural wealth, and ski slopes

What is in Kartepe?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that there is only one hotel at the Kartepe summit, and that is Greenpark Kartepe. Greenpark hotel operates the ski slopes in Kartepe and when you stay in Greenpark hotel, you will allocate the necessary lifts for the ski slopes. However, it is the highest-priced option among Kartepe hotels and has a capacity of approximately 300 rooms.

Kartepe Ski Center


Kırkpınar is a neighborhood located on the shore of Sapanca lake and 4 kilometers west of Sapanca district center. Kırkpınar, which is an impressive place with its lake view, beautiful climate, and spacious atmosphere, is a hidden corner of Sapanca, which can be preferred for short-term holidays such as weekends due to its location close to Istanbul. In addition to the beauty of the plant presence, the beautiful architecture houses in the region adapt to the atmosphere of the environment and are worth seeing. Kırkpınar creates a refreshing effect on its visitors with its clean air. Kırkpınar's environment is very convenient to relieve fatigue and relax spiritually.

What İs In Kırkpınar

Today, the street, which is called Bagdat street, is an attractive point with its gardens and cafes. This street, which is on the historical Silk Road, is also used as a bicycle and walking path. There are many green areas to be seen in Kırkpınar. One of them, Natural Botanic Park, is a lush green spot. The park has been welcoming its visitors since 2003. Since Kırkpınar is not very rich in terms of historical buildings, it attracts visitors with its nature. 

Waterfalls, streams, cafes, restaurants various businesses, and gardens create a suitable environment to relax and spend time in a relaxing way.


  • How Far İstanbul From Sapanca?
  • From İstanbul city center to Sapanca (Taksim, Sultanahmet, Besiktas) approximately 100 km.
  • How Long Does It Take From İstanbul To Sapanca?
  • From İstanbul Europe part to Sapanca approximately take 90 to 100 minutes to reach Sapanca lake and Masukiye
  • What to do in Sapanca?
  • You can have breakfast by the lake or stream, trekking, ride a horse, taking a zipline, skiing in Kartepe, visiting the kid's zoo, ride snow or mountain all-terrain vehicles are popular activities
  • Where To Visit İn Sapanca?
  • Most  attraction places in Sapanca are Masukiye, Sapanca lake, Kartepe, Naturköy, Sukaypark, Ormanya, Kırkpınar, orchards. 
  • How Much Transfer From İstanbul To Sapanca/Maşukiye
  • Transfer from İstanbul to Sapanca/Masukiye approximately130 euro, the price will change by start point as a  from Sabiha airport or İstanbul airport
  • How Much Transfer From İstanbul to Kartepe
  • Transfer from İstanbul to Kartepe approximately 150 euro, the price will change by start point as a  from Sabiha airport or İstanbul airport
  • How Much Daily Car With Driver For Kartepe
  • Daily car with English speaking driver from İstanbul to Kartepe 12 hours 230 Euro. (including gasoline, highway and bridge, and national park entrance  fee)
  • What is the Best Time to Visit Sapanca?
  • Although each season has its own beauty, our favorite time is Winter, Arap tourists like summer, spring, and autumn
  • How Much Cost A day Private Tour From Istanbul To Sapanca?
  • Daily rent a car with English speaking driver from İstanbul to Sapanca lake, Masukiye, Kırkpınar, Ormanya and around 12 hours 200 Euro. (including gasoline, highway, and bridge fee)
  • What is Best Hotel İn Sapanca?
  • There are several five-star good hotels in Sapanca: Richmond hotel at lakeshore n city center, Ng Hotel, between Sapanca and Masukiye, Sapanca Aqua Hotel It is in the Cayici region on the Sakarya side, Kartepe Green Park hotel, on top of Kartepe mountain.
  • What To See İn Maşukiye?
  • Maşukiye is the name of attraction green village with its creek and  waterfall in Sapanca 
  • Where To Visit İn Maşukiye?
  • Masukiye is a small village, attraction place where restaurants and cafes surround the creek. around the creek, there are horses to ride, Zipline, and renting Atvs
  • İs There Private Masukiye Tour?
  • There are group Masukiye tours, and private car and driver service as a Cab İstanbul provide, drivers, follow customer requests. The way to having  a private tour is renting a car with a driver
  • What İs Best Time To Visit  Kartepe?
  • Kartepe is a national park and a ski center that can be visited in four seasons mostly preferred after the snow.
  • How To Go Kartepe?
  • The best way to have to Kartepe is by taxi or private transportation, to rent a car and drive by self will cost less. 
  • Note: Winter the road get ice, you should have experienced drive yourself

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