How much is taxi from Istanbul airport to city?

2019-09-25 13:50:16

 How much is taxi from Istanbul airport to city?

How much is taxi from Istanbul airport to city?

Due to its location, the new Istanbul Airport is at a difficult point in terms of transportation. Passengers who wants arrive the destination directly  by  comfort of a taxi are wondering how much a cost of airport taxi from İstanbul airport to Taksim, İstanbul airport to Sultanahmet ! here you can see details

İstanbul Airport Taxi Fees

The estimated price list we make via taxi fare calculation tools and other taxi calling applications is as follows. Click here to calculate transport costs with VIP vehicles


  40 KM


  40 DK

Note: Taxi fares are september 2019 Prices, do not include bridge and highway charges.


  55 KM

  160 TL

  1 SAAT


  42 KM

  190 TL

  50 DK


  58 KM

  170 TL

  45 DK


  45 KM

  180 TL

  60 DK


  43 KM

  180 TL

  70 DK

Sabiha Gökçen (SAW)

  77 KM

  300 TL

  80 DK

It is recommended to use taxi and bus services for passengers residing in Istanbul.

Cab istanbul advise to passengers who residing in Istanbul to use taxi and bus services for transportation. Passengers in this category can travel from Istanbul airport to taksim by havaist buses at more affordable prices.

taxi cost from istanbul airport to city centre

As Cab Istanbul, the transportation service we recommend for international travelers is the Car hire with driver and multilingual drivers use airport transfer service , you can book easily transfer from Istanbul airport to your destination, Check online transfer in istanbul airport!  

Check online transfer in Sabiha Gokcen airport.

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