How to go from Istanbul Airport to Taksim ?

2020-02-08 12:03:48

How to go from Istanbul Airport to Taksim ?

There are many options to go to Taksim from Istanbul New Airport. Here we will dwell on the 3 easiest options,

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Option 1; Havaist Airport Buses
Option 2; is for Commercial Taxis
Option 3; you can find the details of Transportation options from New Istanbul Airport below, private taxis and minibuses.

1. With the Havaist Departing from Istanbul New Airport to Taksim:

You can easily go to Taksim from Istanbul Airport with HAVAİST Airport Buses, and you can easily reach Istanbul Airport from Taksim by Havaist Airport buses. On this route, the İST-19 TAKSİM - İSTANBUL AIRPORT Havaist Bus line of Havaist Buses serves.

How many kilometers between Taksim and Istanbul New Airport?

The distance between Taksim and Istanbul Airport is approximately 40 km.

How long takes from Taksim to Istanbul New Airport?

The approximate journey time between Taksim and Istanbul Airport by Havist Buses is 80 minutes. This period may vary depending on weather and road conditions.

Where is the Stop of Havaist Buses at İstanbul Airport?
At Istanbul New Airport, Havaist Airport Passenger Services depart from the stop at the exit of the Domestic Terminal Incoming Passenger hall.

İST-19 TAKSİM - İSTANBUL NEW AIRPORT Havaist Buses Departure Times:

Between Istanbul Airport Taksim, Havaist Airport Passenger shuttles depart every 15 minutes between 05:10 and 20:00 during the day. It moves every 20 minutes between 20:00 and 01:00. It moves at longer intervals between 01:00 and 05:00 where passenger traffic decreases.

Important: The routes of Taksim Havaist Buses and Taksim Havaist Timetable can change constantly. In order to avoid any disadvantage and negativity, you should learn Taksim Havaist current departure times and Taksim Havaist Actual route information by calling the Havaist Buses phone number below or visiting the website.



0212 153 00 00


2. From Istanbul Airport to Taxim by Taxi:

You can easily and quickly get to Taksim from Istanbul New Airport by yellow taxis.

The approximate journey time from Istanbul Airport to Taksim by taxi is around 40 - 45 minutes. It may vary depending on weather and road conditions.

Taxi fare between Taksim and Istanbul Airport is between 150 and 200 TL.

Taxi service at Istanbul Airport is provided by the Airport Taxi Cooperative.

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3.There are private taxi and minibuses that you can make online reservations, and are provided by transfer companies located in the transportation airport and tourism companies that provide online services. This is what we will recommend to you.

a. airport transfer companies are able to make high-priced sales trials in door-to-door sales due to the high rents they pay, and there is a price and time guarantee you agreed.

b.Online transfers, if your name is met in writing, even if the prices are a bit high in taxi, the knowledge of the service staff will save you time and money.