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Top Istanbul Dental Clinics

Top Istanbul Dental Clinics

Teeth Implants & Veneer Center

Best dental clinics in Istanbul, definitive guide where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled expertise. Istanbul is epicenter of innovative dental care, offering a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet every patient's needs. From the life-changing transformation of dental implants and the allure of the Hollywood smile to the essential restorative work of dental crowns, selected clinics stand at the forefront of dental excellence. Whether you're in search of general dentistry services such as routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and extractions, or looking for cosmetic enhancements like teeth whitening and veneers, Istanbul's dental clinics have you covered. For those considering orthodontic corrections, options range from traditional braces to modern aligners, ensuring your journey to a perfect smile is as seamless as possible. We dive deep into the realms of dental implants and restorative dentistry, highlighting clinics that excel in crowns, bridges, and root canals, alongside centers proficient in oral surgery and periodontal care. These clinics not only aim to maintain your oral health but also to enhance your aesthetics and resolve complex dental issues. With a focus on patient satisfaction, cutting-edge techniques, and high-quality care, the guide aims to connect you with the clinic that best suits your needs, ensuring a comfortable, efficient, and effective dental treatment experience in Istanbul. 

You can also arrange transportation and sightseeing plans. If you want full mouth dental implants Turkey, optimize your oral health and brighten your smile, our team can assist you in finding a top dental clinic and provide you with ptivate transfer from your location to the clinic to enhance your oral health and illuminate your smile. Our support extends beyond dental care, offering the capability to make your journey from arrival to departure efficient and memorable with professional 'Car With a Driver and comfortable accommodation in Istanbul. 

Turkey Teeth Veneers

Top Dentist In Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul, renowned for its rich culture and history, also emerges as a key destination for superior, affordable dental and aesthetic services. The city presents a selection of top-tier dental clinics offering both routine and advanced cosmetic care, attracting local and international clients. Whether you need dental implants, veneers, or other sophisticated treatments, Istanbul's clinics are prepared to meet diverse dental and aesthetic needs with a commitment to quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. 

Dentfix Istanbul Dental Clinic

Sculpting Smiles with Precision and Care: In the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul, Dentfix emerges as a beacon of dental excellence, ingeniously marrying cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness. The clinic offers an extensive suite of services from routine check-ups to intricate procedures like tooth whitening, pain-free root canals, and exquisite dental veneers, all designed to craft the smile of your dreams. For international patrons, Dentfix goes the extra mile, offering a stress-free experience complete with airport transfers and accommodation arrangements, underscoring their commitment to your comfort and satisfaction, as much as to your radiant smile.

Swiss CenterDent Dental Istanbul

Where Dental Artistry Meets Passion: Swiss CenterDent in Istanbul isn’t just a clinic; it's where smiles are reborn radiant and confident. Under the stewardship of the esteemed Dr. Selin Dizdar and her proficient team, the clinic is a living embodiment of advanced, European-standard dentistry. From aesthetic procedures to the delicate art of pediatric dentistry, Swiss CenterDent is devoted to providing stellar services with an unwavering focus on patient comfort and care.

Esthedent Dental Clinic Istanbul

Innovating Aesthetic Dentistry: A paragon of innovation and excellence in dental aesthetics, Esthedent Dental Clinic is where quality meets a luxurious patient experience. Helmed by the renowned Dr. Adil Ummahan and a team of dental maestros, the clinic is a magnet for patients seeking top-tier treatments from across the globe. With its all-encompassing packages, international visitors enjoy not just exceptional dental services but also hassle-free airport transfers and hotel accommodations.

Teeth Whitening Istanbul

Dental Clinic In Istanbul Turkey

Ekiz Oral & Dental Health Clinic

Crafting Wellness and Smiles: Step into Ekiz Oral & Dental Health Clinic, and you're greeted by an ambiance of warmth and professionalism, orchestrated by a team of dedicated specialists. The clinic, with its well-equipped rooms and inviting waiting area, is designed for your utmost comfort. Whether it’s their popular zirconium crowns, teeth whitening, or implant services, each treatment is administered with precision and care to ensure you leave with a smile that mirrors your satisfaction. The clinic’s approach to care is holistic, offering online consultations, tailored treatment plans, and meticulous post-treatment follow-ups, encapsulating a truly patient-centric ethos.

Sapphire Superior Dental Clinic

Excellence in Oral Care Unveiled: As a distinguished establishment in dental mastery, Sapphire Superior Dental Clinic seamlessly amalgamates seasoned expertise with groundbreaking treatment modalities. With a dynamic team comprising specialist doctors, proficient dentists, and adept hygienists, Sapphire epitomizes the zenith of oral and dental care. Its expansive facility, housing 16 dental units and a formidable cadre of 60 practitioners, positions Sapphire as a comprehensive beacon of dental excellence in Istanbul.

Dental Bosphorus Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

A Vanguard of Dental Innovation: Bosphorus Dental Clinic for Oral and Dental Health, delivering top-tier aesthetic, oral, and dental care to all patients by leveraging the expertise of seasoned dentists and cutting-edge technology tailored to individual needs. Clinic, equipped with the latest advancements in oral and dental health and aesthetics, stands ready to serve with over two decades of experience and knowledge, ensuring the best outcomes and helping you achieve harmony with your smile. Provide a comprehensive suite of cosmetic dental services, including teeth whitening, E-max crowns, Composite Veneers, Dental Implants, Gum Surgery, Orthodontics, and the coveted Hollywood Smile, all designed to meet your aesthetic dental requirements.

Moreover, extend services to include the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the nerves, nose, ear, and jaw joint disorders, collaborating closely with other specialized medical fields to ensure a holistic approach to your oral health.

Dental Implant Turkey

Dental Surgery Turkey

Dental Plus Comprehensive Oral Health Polyclinic

Dental Plus not only leads in dental aesthetics but also stands as a powerhouse of oral health in Istanbul. It is revered for its multifaceted offerings, encompassing facial aesthetics, cosmetic treatments, and general oral health services, delivered with finesse using state-of-the-art technology and by highly credentialed specialists. Internationally acknowledged, Dental Plus is a hallmark of premium care and a trusted name in both medicine and medical tourism.

Dentavrasya High-Standard Oral Health Polyclinic

Dentavrasya Dental Clinic is globally recognized for delivering trendy, professional, and top-tier medical services. Accredited by both JCI and the Turkish Ministry of Health, the clinic offers a spectrum of affordable dental treatments in a secure setting, all while being attended by a highly experienced team.

Denthouse Expert Oral Health Polyclinic

Pioneering Patient-Centric Dental Solutions: With its name etched as a leader in dental care, Denthouse Dental Clinic offers a myriad of high-quality, patient-tailored treatments, supported by a team of dedicated professionals. Adhering to international standards, Denthouse is committed to providing innovative solutions, ranging from professional teeth whitening to dental implants, making it a prominent name in Istanbul’s dental scene.

Radixdent Premier Oral And Dental Health Center

An Epicenter of Comprehensive Dental Care: Situated on Istanbul’s Anatolian side, Radixdent Dental Center is not only a top destination for quality aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries but also a consultant, providing comprehensive services including treatment, transport, accommodation, and post-operative care for international patients. With a steadfast commitment to employing high-level technology and providing patient-oriented services around the clock, Radixdent embodies reliability and adherence to international standards in dental care.

Dental Veneers Turkey

Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

İstanbul as a magnetic nexus of health tourism, specifically in the arena of dental care. It is here that advanced technology, seasoned dental artisans, and cost-effective procedures come together to offer a spectrum of transformative dental treatments—ranging from implants and veneers to orthodontics and the coveted Hollywood Smile design. 

Dental Implants

  • Affordability Without Compromise: The city offers implants at a fraction of the cost found in Western nations, maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality.
  • Unrivaled Care: Clinics, notably Türkiye Dental, stand as bastions of excellence, boasting a roster of experienced practitioners armed with cutting-edge technology.
  • Durability Meets Aesthetics: Implants serve as enduring solutions for tooth loss, employing titanium that seamlessly integrates with the jawbone, yielding a natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

Dental Veneers

For dental veneers, Istanbul presents:

  • Diversity of Options: With offerings like the renowned E.max© Laminate Veneers, patients are assured of products that embody durability and aesthetic finesse.
  • Efficient Procedures: The application process for veneers is streamlined and painless, ushering in an instant smile transformation.


Delving into orthodontics, Istanbul offers:

  • Tailored Solutions: With a multitude of options, including traditional, clear, and lingual braces, patients receive treatments meticulously customized to their needs.
  • Expert Care: The city’s orthodontists are not only highly trained but are also abreast of the latest in orthodontic advancements.

Dental Care Clinics

Hollywood Smile İstanbul

For those eyeing a Hollywood smile, Istanbul provides:

  • Bespoke Design: Utilizing advanced technology, practitioners craft smiles that are not only unique but perfectly aligned with your facial aesthetics and personality.
  • Swift Transformations: Achieve a dramatic change in just a few appointments, enhancing not just your appearance but also instilling confidence.

With its amalgamation of expert professionals, avant-garde technology, and reasonable pricing, Istanbul makes the dream of a transformed smile accessible. Whether you seek a singular treatment or a combination, the clinics in this vibrant city are poised to cater to your needs, enhancing not just your smile but your overall sense of well-being.

Dental Health Experience in Istanbul

In the annual annual records of Istanbul dental health and system, Turkey has unmistakably etched its name as a powerhouse in captivating, superior dental services worldwide. The country's dental care standards remain only in line with, but often exceed, those recorded by Europe and the United States. The compelling blend of affordability and unrivaled quality makes Turkey a preferred destination for comprehensive dental services.

While veneers and implants are always a favorite, clinics in Turkey offer a wide range of services. Among its crowded cities, Istanbul shines brightly and its ranges are home to some of the best dentists. Istanbul's elite dentistry services. From routine exams to complex surgeries, the city's top dentists are dedicated to the beauty of your smile and listening.

Veneer Cost In Turkey

Dental Implant Costs in Istanbul

Average prices of dental implants in Istanbul, your first destination to combine world-class dental care with significant savings. As a sought-after solution for both cosmetic enhancement and functional tooth restoration, dental implant surgery has rapidly increased in popularity. Istanbul, a famous center for medical tourism, stands out for offering affordable, high-quality dental implants that appeal to a global customer.
From advanced All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implant systems to comprehensive full mouth implant solutions, the cost advantage in Turkey is clear when compared to European, UK and United States prices.

 Dental Implant Pieces İn İstanbul 2024

Implant TypeTurkey (€)Europe (€)United Kingdom (£)United States ($)
Single Tooth350 – 1,3502,000 – 3,5002,500 – 6,5002,500 – 6,000
Four Teeth2,500 – 3,5006,000 – 20,00010,000 – 30,00010,000 – 30,000
Six Teeth9,500 – 14,00013,000 – 22,00020,000 – 40,00023,000 – 40,000
Full Mouth15,000 – 17,00010,000 – 35,00060,000 – 90,00050,000 – 90,000
Consultation0200300 – 500200 – 400


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