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Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy Hotel

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy Hotel

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Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy hotel stands as a testament to refined luxury and Turkish hospitality, perched gracefully along the enchanting shores of the Bosphorus. Within its walls, modern design melds seamlessly with timeless opulence, offering both the business traveler and vacationer an oasis of comfort in Istanbul's bustling metropolis. Overlooking the azure waters and beyond, this prestigious establishment promises not just a stay, but a sensory journey through Turkey's vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and the pulsating rhythms of Istanbul. Join us as we venture into the heart of the Hyatt Regency, uncovering what makes it a beacon of sophistication in the City of Two Continents.

Should you choose to reside at the Hyatt Regency Atakoy, you'll be indulging in a luxury that's both more affordable and opulent than many central city hotels. Experience the heart of the city without the downtown hustle. Opt for a chauffeured car service, ensuring a seamless journey enhanced by the knowledge and fluency of a local English-speaking driver. For unmatched comfort and adaptability on your travels, secure your airport to Hyatt Regency hotel transfer using the button below.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

At the Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy, three worlds converge - unparalleled luxury, rich Turkish culture, and modern comfort. Set forth on a historical sojourn exploring iconic landmarks like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Upon your return, be cocooned in opulence, with rooms offering a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and captivating vistas of the city and the expansive Marmara Sea.

Hyatt Istanbul Atakoy-Elegant Abodes 

Delight in spaces where contemporary finesse dances with traditional Turkish motifs. The Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy boasts 284 meticulously designed rooms and suites. Their palettes are inspired by the city's coastal allure - sun-kissed hues complemented by turquoise notes, symbolic of the adjacent waters. Elements of modern design, interwoven with classic Turkish patterns, make each space a testament to luxurious living.

  1. Elevate your experience in a Regency Club room. The added privilege? Access to the exclusive Regency Club Lounge and an array of special amenities.
  2. Immerse in unparalleled luxury within our expansive suite, spanning 230 square meters. Revel in panoramic vistas of Istanbul and indulge in an assortment of deluxe treats tailored just for you.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy Suites and Rooms

Regency Executive Suite : Stretch out in this spacious 86-square meter sanctuary. Features include a plush king bed, panoramic outlooks over the Marmara Sea, a commodious workspace, and a lavish bathroom ensemble. As a premium suite, it amplifies the privileges for World of Hyatt members.

Presidential Suite: Spanning a generous 230 square meters, this suite is the zenith of opulence. It boasts a regal king bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, a grand dining space for 10, a sophisticated living area, and an additional twin-bedded room. As a hallmark of luxury, it further augments the World of Hyatt member benefits.

Deluxe Room: Unwind in sheer luxury. The room, covering 46 square meters, features a king-size bed. The highlight? A serene bathtub experience accompanied by unrivaled views of the majestic Marmara Sea.

Standard Room: A haven of relaxation spread over 31-36 square meters, this room houses twin beds and a decor that fuses modernity with quintessential Turkish nuances.

Hotel Hyatt Regency Istanbul: Premier

Hyatt Regency Hotel-Club Lounge

Hyatt Regencyhotel lies a jewel - the Regency Club Lounge. This exclusive enclave offers more than just a place to unwind. It's an invitation to immerse in luxury. Start your morning with an array of gourmet snacks or indulge in the rich breakfast buffet at the Brizo Restaurant, conveniently located on the lobby floor. As the sun sets, the lounge transforms, offering tantalizing hors d'oeuvres and crafted cocktails. At any time of day, the allure of freshly brewed coffee or an exquisite tea awaits. Should you reserve one of the illustrious Regency Club guest rooms, you gain an all-access pass to this realm of opulence, from the curated amenities to the impeccable five-star service that defines Hyatt Regency.

StayFit at Hyatt Regency: A 24-Hour Invitation to Wellness 

At the Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy, your fitness journey is timeless. The StayFit Gym, open round-the-clock, boasts state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment, from treadmills to elliptical bikes and strength-training apparatus. For those seeking a fusion of rhythm and wellness, our dedicated yoga and aerobics studios offer a myriad of choices to elevate your heart rate and spirits.

Levana Spa at Hyatt Regency: A Symphony of Relaxation 

Dive deep into rejuvenation at Levana Spa. This sanctuary of tranquility houses five bespoke treatment suites, an authentic private hammam, invigorating saunas, a steam chamber, and the refreshing touch of an ice fountain. Our adept therapists, armed with a blend of pure local essential oils and premier European skincare, curate personalized spa experiences. Whether in our intricately designed hammam or individual spa suites, your wellness journey is in expert hands.

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy - Your Coastal Luxury Retreat 

Address: Atakoy 2-5-6. Section, Rauf Orbay Caddesi Sahil Yolu No:2/1, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 463 1234

Hyatt Regency Istanbul Ataköy Hotel


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