Mudanya -Trilye


Mudanya -Trilye


Mudanya is one of the greenest districts of Bursa. Historical values ​​and natural beauty are intertwined in Mudanya. It is, the homeland of olives, also, it is a quiet and unhurried place away from crowds, noise, and exhaust fumes. Nature's most beautiful, striking colors are in harmony. It is 75 minutes far away by ferry from Istanbul and only 28 kilometers from Bursa city center. Mudanya is one of the charming getaway destinations for a weekend trip.

Mudanya is like a spell behind the fairy tale gate with olive groves, Greek houses, charming bazaar, neighborhoods where neighborhood relations continue, pleasant chat tradesmen, queued fishermen on the beach, artifacts in the shade of history, slender street cats, vast blue and the green of the eye. It is one of the most accurate addresses if you want to leave everything behind, and take a break.

Mudanya The Greek Neighbourhood

The Greek Neighbourhood is one of the most attractive places that attract visitors in the region. It was designed by Italian engineer Piciretu. It helps you to find the dusty pages of history with its centuries-old mansions and streets. All the streets of this colorful neighborhood open out to the sea so it has a spectacular view. Keep your camera with you during this trip to capture all the beauties you will see.


Trilye, attracts attention with its striking beauty, pine forests, and olive groves. Trice will take your mind away with its Greek houses with bay windows, fish restaurants, and warm-hearted people who invite you to drink tea and coffee in their gardens, Trilye where you can take two birds with a stone to enjoy shopping at the bazaar and live an atmosphere of inner peace.

Trilye is an important fishing town in Bursa famous for olive groves, bay windows, and old Greek houses. The name of this charming town was rumored to have taken its name from 3 priests who were once exiled from Istanbul. So, it was renamed “Zeytinbagi “in 1963 because of its livelihood from olive and olive oil. However, in 2011, it got its name back and continued to be called Trilye. Another rumor about Trilye's name is that it takes its name from Trigliya, which means red mullet.

Since Trilye has been open to settlement in ancient times, it is possible to see a historical structure at every step you take. In the past, the streets, which were inhabited by the Greek and Christian communities were filled with churches, fountains and many unfortunately ruined buildings. The reason for this is that Trilye is a highly protected area. In spite of, all its splendor, many buildings are about to collapse. Although, Trilye is such a delightful town that it immediately makes you delighted in another street.

Trilye Streets

Trilye is a town full of sincerity. Aunts who are sitting on chairs in the streets, children who are playing with balls, and elderly people sitting in their coffeehouses are fearless, safe, and most prominent they are friendly. It's as lush as it is blue. Visitors really fall in love with this charming warm place.

Trilye must be on top of your list of places to visit in Trilye by visiting the streets of Trilye. Generally, 2-3 story bay windows, each street painted with rainbow colors. 150-200 years old traditional houses are the best examples of Ottoman-Greek architecture. For those who want to take unique photographs, Trilye is the best place for that.

Trilye Stone School

The Stone School in Trilye was built in 1909 in a 4-story Neoclassical style. It is one of the symbols of the town. Trilye Stone School was used as a priest's school in the years it was built. Trilye Stone School was reopened as an orphanage house by Kazim Karabekir in 1924 and was used as a primary school until the 1980s. It is also known as the school where former Cypriot President Makarios was educated.

Trilye Arched Church

Although Trilye was a place where churches and monasteries showed a Christian interest for a time, the number of churches surviving to the present day is very few. One of those Churches is Trilye Arched Church. Also, it is called Panagia Pontobasilissa Church. In the13th, century Trilye Arched Church was known as the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The church is expected to open after restoration work. So, it's worth adding Trilye Church to your list of places to go in Bursa City.

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