Hair Transplant Istanbul


Hair Transplant Istanbul

Best Way To Transplant Hair Istanbul

As we are a hair transplant consultation, we suggest experimenting with hair transplantation in one of the best hospitals or clinics performed by experienced specialist plastic surgeons in Istanbul. Consulting for hair transplantation will provide considerable benefits below:  Free airport transfer to/from a hotel, we offer 2 nights accommodation and breakfast, a 1-day tour of Istanbul with a private car and driver, hair transplant process follow-up, free translator and clinic transportation, /procedures for which you pay at minimum 1500 Usd/Euro) Are you ready to benefit from our experience?

Our goal is to provide the highest level of satisfaction and assurance to hair transplant patients in Istanbul. During the hair transplantation operation planning stage, no additional fee is charged to the patients, except for the first price offer.

Best Place To Have Your Hair Back

Easy Way Of Hair Transplant Surgery

In the last 10 years, hair transplant surgeons and technical equipment have improved considerably in Turkey, Also the success of hair transplant operations, especially in Istanbul, has become known all over the world. The good result of hair transplant surgeries performed by expert doctors in Turkey has splashing hair transplants become popular all over the world. At the same time, there was an activity boom in the hair planting sector and the whole world has now met with an activity such as health tourism.

In such cases, someone may aim for money rather than health care activity. Contact us to have hair transplants safely under the supervision of the best clinics and specialist doctors who have performed thousands of hair transplant operations for patients from all over the world.

Hair Transplant Splash İn The World 

If you hear about the success of hair transplant surgery in Istanbul and think it's time to have a hair transplant to feel better, you are at the right place. How would you like to revive your remaining valuable hair follicles in sterile clinics by expert surgeons?

Istanbul is a competitive market with full-fledged clinics in hair transplant and plastic surgery, and highly trained professional surgeons with decades of experience.

The Right Choice for Hair Transplantation

We're sure you've researched many hair transplant surgeons, all listed doctors and clinics are highly skilled, but none of them provide an honest assessment of their own business. (this is sad but true) 

When you contact us, you will hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Example: You can learn from us that hair transplant surgery is not a suitable treatment for you at the moment or that you are not a candidate at all. For the sake of complete transparency, you will be in direct contact with clinics and surgeons that we know are incredible, competent, ethical, and reliable based on our own experience. As a patient advocate and counselor, you will know the focus is on the patient and what is best for them. Every day we have the opportunity to spend time with many patients (before and after their treatment), and the feedback we receive provides information on how to recommend doctors and practices.

Hair Transplantation Before/After

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are removed from an area of the body (donor area) and placed in the bald or bald area. Hair transplantation is an advanced surgical method used to treat hair loss used in both men. However, hair transplant surgery is called “treatment of hair loss in men” because it is mostly used in men. Hair transplantation can also be used to treat or restore eye cells, such as the beard, eyebrow, or mustache, and around the chest. It is also sometimes used to cover an area that has a scar due to trauma and needs to be covered. Rarely do people use this technique in the groin area.

Causes of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is needed if a person has the following conditions: Hair loss due to any condition such as the presence of an accident and scar, etc.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

According to the type of medical equipment used during hair transplantation: There are 2 types of Hair Transplantation according to the way the donor area is taken and they are: -

  • Manual hair transplantation
  • Robotic hair transplantation.

Donor hair harvesting removes a strip of hair follicles from the back of the scalp to examine individual follicles for transplantation.

In Istanbul, more than 98% of the patients are completely satisfied with the hair transplant and 80% of the transplanted hair completely grows within 4 months

Best Hair Transplantation Surgeons & Clinics

We work with the best surgeons in Istanbul in hair transplantation: There are well-experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul with great knowledge helping them find the cause of the hair problem and plan the appropriate treatment. Hair Transplant Surgeons work with both medical and technical personnel in the hospital to provide hair care to patients at international standards.

We work with the best hospitals and clinics in Istanbul for hair transplantation: We work with the highest-rated hospitals in Istanbul, the Ministry of Health of Turkey, which provides the highest standard of care to patients and the highest success rate, and the World Health Organization-approved hospitals.

These hospitals also have a world-class infrastructure that provides a sterile and enjoyable environment for their patients. The best hospitals for hair transplants in Istanbul are well-equipped with the latest medical devices. These hospitals have trained and experienced nurses who can take care of patients very well.

Facilities Provided to Hair Transplantation Patients:

Advanced imaging and analysis technology

Comprehensive health analysis services

Hair loss and thinning hair treatment

Trained and experienced nurses

transportation service


Hair Transplantation İn Istanbul

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost İn Turkey

Cost Of Hair Transplantation İn Istanbul:

-The minimum price for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul starts from 1000 Usd/Euro.

-The average cost of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul is 2000 Usd/Euro.

-Maximum price for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul can be up to 10.000 Usd/Euro (this is related to the popularity of the surgeon and the popularity of the clinic).

Here Are A Few Factors That Change The Cost Of Hair Transplantation:

-Degree of hair loss

-Number of grafts to be transplanted

-Scalp texture and properties of hair strands

-Medication Fee

-Clinic Fee

-Surgeon Fee

-Patient's age

-Type of Hair Transplant Planned

-Patient's medical condition

Considering the above factors, the cost of hair transplant surgery in Istanbul varies between 1,000 Usd/Euro and 5,000 Usd/Euro, while the cost of the same surgery in Amerika and Europe is around 40,000 Usd/Euro.

Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery İn Big Cities Of Turkey:


-İzmir Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro-2.000 Usd/Euro

-Bursa Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro- 1500 Usd/Euro

-Ankara Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro-2.000 Usd/Euro

-Antalya Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro-2.000 Usd/Euro

-Trabzon Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro-2.000 Usd/Euro

-Adana Hair Transplant Cost: 1.000 Usd/Euro-2.000 Usd/Euro

Cost of Different Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation: Surgery cost, Single graft cost, post-operative cost (PRP sessions), duration of  stay hospital (depends on the patient's condition)

Fue Hair Transplant

Alternatives For Hair Transplantation

Medical treatments - Medications like Propecia and topical solutions like Rogaine help hair regrow and stop hair loss.
Shampoos - Shampoo containing biotin (to strengthen follicles), keratin (for hair strength and follicle elasticity), DHT blockers, zinc, and Minoxidil prevents hair loss.
Laser Treatment - This technique increases the thickness of the hair shaft.
Natural Treatments – Eating healthy with proper nutrients, applying coconut milk to the scalp, avoiding stress and using chemicals, and scalp scrubbing can help increase hair volume and prevent hair loss.
Cosmetic Cover-ups - Some include wigs, hairpieces, sprays that mimic the appearance of hair, and Fibers designed to attach to remaining strands.
Use of hair growth tonics.

The Stages Of The Male Baldness Model?

Male pattern baldness usually presents in a particular pattern or manner in which the need for a hair transplant can be identified. According to the Norwood scale model, male pattern baldness has several stages:
-This is the initial or initial stage where there is negligible hair loss at the crown of the head or at the hairline.
At this stage, the hairline begins to recede just above the upper brow crease on the forehead. Although hair loss is very mild at this stage, progress begins to appear with the formation of an M shape in the crown region of the head.
- At this stage, baldness becomes quite pronounced, which involves a certain retraction of the hairline. At this stage, spots on the head where the hair is missing can be marked.
The fourth stage is considered to be the beginning of the hair loss in the temple area in the front part of the forehead and the hair loss on the crown becomes more pronounced.
- At this stage, severe hair loss occurs with the separation of the hairline and the hair loss in the crown area. The hair strip between the two areas begins to thin and narrow as the hair loss progresses.
- In this phase, it marks that most of the hair in the crown area has completely disappeared and only limited hair strands remain.
-This is the final stage of male pattern baldness and leaves the remaining hair on the back of the scalp because the hair in that area is usually denser than in other areas. For some, this stage may also mean complete baldness.
There are many doctors and clinics in Istanbul who guide with expert advice and always strive for perfect hair transplantation with a patient-oriented approach.

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