Best Places To Visit İn Bursa/ Tourist Attraction


Best Places To Visit İn Bursa/  Tourist Attraction

Best Places to Visit Near İstanbul-Bursa/Turkey

Bursa is the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire, with its historical texture, comes from Uludag, Ulucami (great mosque), Grand Bazaar, and Silk market (bazaar). This city, which has been home to many civilizations throughout history for thousands of years, is a province close to Istanbul, renowned for its greenery, which attracts thousands of tourists every year with its historical and touristic values

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Daily Bursa Tours

Things To Do İn Bursa

Bursa's "Green" title comes from its gardens, parks, and, of course, being in the middle of an important agricultural region. There are things you should not miss in Bursa. The delicious Iskender Kebab, one of the most beautiful dishes of Turkish Cuisine, is one of them. The taste of Bursa peach and candied chestnut is unforgettable. Bursa has been the center of silk production since the silk cocoons were brought to Anatolia by silk road caravans. Among the unforgettable Turkish folklore, Karagöz and Hacivat are figuring unique to Bursa.

Uludag is Turkey's largest and most famous winter sports and ski resort. Bursa is 36 kilometers from the center and easily accessible by car or cable car, home to Turkey's most important ski resort, you will love it with accommodations, various entertainment, and sports activities. Don't forget to have a cup of tea under the 600-year-old giant plane tree while climbing up Uludağ from the center of Bursa.

Mudanya is a seaside resort with local fish restaurants and nightclubs, so you can have a pleasant time here in summer and spring. Mudanya's old train station and old ferry now serve as accommodation facilities. A fast ferry with Istanbul arrives at Mudanya.

Zeytinbağı, also known as Trilye, is an old Greek town, famous for its olive and olive oil production, but has a typical Turkish architectural settlement plan.

Gemlik is another seaside resort with a wide sandy beach. We wouldn't be exaggerating to say that one of Turkey's best olive oils comes from this town, you know the very popular Gemlik olive brand with the name Gemlik.

Cumalıkızık village is on the UNESCO World Heritage List with its old wooden houses and narrow streets from the Ottoman period, and it is blooming with a lot of visitors.

Iznik, which has great importance for Christians due to the Ecumenical Councils, is located in the northeast of Bursa, at the eastern end of  Iznik Lake.

Historical Parts Of Bursa

Since Istanbul served as the capital of the Ottoman state until its conquest, it also includes mosques, fountains, bridges, caravanserai, and the historical Bursa castle. For this reason, many tourists come to Bursa. You will be able to feel the beauty of the green Bursa to the peak when you wander through the historical streets of Bursa. Check great (Nicea) which was an ancient Greek city in northwestern Anatolia that is now on the border of Bursa city

Daily Bursa Tour

Attraction Places to Visit Bursa 

Visit Bursa

First of all, if you are going to ski in Uludağ, leave for your next visit to discover Bursa. We have detailed articles and add videos about visiting the Ottoman Village in Bursa, eating at Bursa Iskender restaurant, visiting historical places, waterfalls and lakes, bazaars, mosques, and many other activities for you to make your own 1-3 day itinerary. We explained the places to visit in Bursa from A to Z. After reading this article; Decide for yourself in which order it would be more practical to visit the places to be visited in Bursa.

Bursa Tophane Clock Tower

Tophane Clock Tower, which was built as a fire tower, was started to be built in 1904 and completed in 1905. While Bursa has always been a favorite of local tourists, as of 2010, the interest of Arab tourists in nature and green made Bursa-Tophane one of the most visited places. Of course, let's not overlook the popularity of Turkish movies and TV series lately. TV series about Ottoman history; The fact that Osmangazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs are in Tophane park increases the interest more and more.

Bursa Green Tomb (Yeşil Türbe)

Bursa Green Tomb was built by Sultan Mehmet Çelebi in 1421. Hacı İvaz Pasha is the architect of the (Yesil) Green tomb, which is part of the complex in Bursa. It is one of the most important and has become the symbol of the city. Green Tomb is famous for having a location that can be seen from all over Bursa.

Bursa Teleferik (Cable Car Line)

Bursa Teleferik is Turkey's first cable car line. It started its first service on October 29, 1963. Ropeway, one of the symbols of Bursa, is also the longest cable car line in Turkey with its 9 km horizontal length in rope transportation. There are shopping stores, cafes, and restaurants at the Telerik stations. Bursa Teleferik, which has 4 stations within its structure, departs from Teferruc Neighborhood, which is close to Yıldırım district, as the first station and reaches the hotel's area in Uludağ. The ropeway line, the infrastructure of which was renewed by Leitner Ropeways company in 2014, is now safer. With the Hotels Zone Station, which is the last station of the cable car line, transportation to the hotels in the Uludag ski center is provided. It is also called Frog Rock Station. It became operational in December 2014

  • How long is Teleferik from Bursa to Uludag?
  • It is only 12 minutes with the Sarıalan cable car, which you can reach by crossing 36 kilometers and more than 300 bends by road. The 2nd Region Hotels station is at an altitude of 1810 meters.
  • Uludağ Teleferik Working Hours
  • Bursa Teleferik starts to work every day at exactly eight in the morning (08.00). It continues to work uninterruptedly until eight at night (20.00). It also serves on the weekend

How To Go To Bursa

You can go to Bursa from İstanbul by bus, taxi, or by renting a private car with a driver. The easiest form of transportation from Istanbul to Bursa is the İstanbul-Bursa ferry service. The cheapest way to go from Istanbul to Bursa is to take a bus from Esenler bus station to Bursa. You can take the İDO ferries departing from Istanbul Yenikapı, Kadıkoy, or Kartal ferries to Mudanya which take approximately 90 minutes, then you can go from Mudanya to your hotel in Bursa.

Note: The easy way of transportation for foreign travelers is a daily chauffeured car rental.

Bursa Waterfal-Suuctu

How İs Bursa İn Winter

In addition to its architecture, Bursa features a variety of traditions such as chestnut candy, Bursa tasty peach, İskender kebab, and Hacivat & Karagoz shadow play. In winter, Bursa attracts tourists for winter sports by having Uludag Ski Center, the mountain attracts a lot of tourists. In addition, The Great Mosque (Ulucami), Grand Bazaar, Bursa Teleferik, Koza Han, Osman Gazi, and Orhan Gazi Tomb, Soganlı Botanik Parkı, Bursa Castle and Walls, Nicaea district Green Tomb, Panorama 1326 Bursa Museum, İnkaya Sycamore (old plane tree), Saitabat Waterfall, Suuçtu Waterfall, Iznik Lake, Uluabat Lake, Ayvaini Cave, Oylat Cave, Bursa Zoo, Ninova Aquapark,  Merinos Textile Industry Museum, Golyazı, Bursa İskender kebab restaurant, Tirilye Village, Irgandı Bridge, and Cumalikızık serve many natural wonders with the beauty of the past. Visit the Bursa Zoo, a quick look at Bursa Museums, Bath Time at Bursa Historic Thermal Bath, Podium Park Bursa: Lively oasis in Nilufer, Inegol district, the town of loveseats and meatballs, Saitabat Waterfall: A popular mountainside escape. We offer you various alternatives before your day trip to Bursa, our expert staff in line with your request. If you want to visit this magnificent historical city with our sincerity and professionalism, WHATSAPP NOW!!!

Suuctu Waterfall Bursa

Suuctu Waterfall Bursa, in Çataltepe locality, 17 km from Mustafa Kemal Pasa District center away. Near Muradiye Sarnıc Village, in Karadere. It was formed by the collapse of the fault line. The waterfall, pouring from 38 meters, displays a beautiful view with its pond filled in winter, despite the decrease in water in summer. Suuctu waterfall, which is preferred as a sightseeing area and a picnic area, is a full store of fresh air with its cool air among the beech trees surrounding it.

Saitabat Waterfall-Bursa

It is located in the Kestel district. It is located at a distance of 22 km from the city center and at an altitude of 630 m. The restaurants and cafes lined up on the right and left of Saitabat Waterfall and in the direction where the water flows will offer you an unforgettable atmosphere for breakfast or meat dishes with your friends and family. It is in the Saitabat neighborhood of the Kestel district. In addition, visitors who want to have a picnic can benefit from the picnic tables and WC facilities in the picnic area

Daily Bursa Tour FAQs

How is your private Bursa day trip?

Private Bursa tour services are met with great satisfaction among customers and we provide high-quality services for very reasonable prices. The highly experienced drivers will be dedicated to helping every one of Cab İstanbul's customers drive away in a car that suits their lifestyle. We know that getting a car that you can rely on at the right price is essential and we train our staff to ask the right questions so we can guide clients toward the service that best fits your requirements. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Should we do a private or group Bursa day trip?

Since the pandemic Cab Istanbul doesn't provide group tours, provides day Bursa trip service only with regularly disinfected, clean vehicles with spacious interiors, and drivers who have been vaccinated at least two doses. We provide you with a peaceful and comfortable day in Bursa with our professional, polite, and courteous drivers who are experienced in providing high-level customer service.

Do you transfer in a big car from Istanbul To Bursa?

Yes, we do transfers from Istanbul to Bursa with long experience drivers and the latest model vehicles, we are committed to providing the best service by car and drivers according to your request with the free Meet & Greet Service from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bursa and from Istanbul Airport to Bursa

What is the program for the daily İstanbul to Bursa group tour?

The daily trip from Istanbul to Bursa start between 8-9 am from Taksim or Şişli region. Continue to Bursa to Yalova with the breakfast package offered on the bus. Bursa cable car is the first stop. (daily Uludağ tours are organized during the winter). Check out the tour package you will join, package tours are predetermined routes.

- Cable car fee- Ski Pass Fee
- One meal (breakfast or lunch)- Luncheons
- Guide- All Personal Expenditures
- Transportation- Dinner Fee
- Parking, Highway, and Bridge Fees- Ski Equipment
 - Daily Ski Set
 - Daily Ski Wear Bottom Top

What can be done with a daily Istanbul-Bursa trip?

Visit the silk bazaar, old plane tree, Cumalikızık (Ottoman) Village, Waterfall, lake, Bursa grand bazaar, Ski-in Uludağ (Olympos),  have Bursa İskender kebab, enjoy the natural beauty of the Bursa while you are using the cable car to climb mountain.İstanbul to Bursa private daily tour is available every day so that you can make your own plan in this wonderful city.

How much cost a car with English speaking driver for a Bursa day trip?

Mercedes Vito Car with driver full day Istanbul to Bursa day trip: 270 euro

How long does it take İstanbul to Bursa day trip? 

Each direction from Istanbul to Bursa by ferry (from Topçular to Yalova) is 3 hours by Osmangazi bridge 2 hours. (Osmangazi bridge will be an additional cost). The total trip will approximately take 12 hours.

What is the best way to visit Bursa?

There are some choices: private Bursa trip, make your own program, or group Bursa trip following a guide, may you want to rent a car and self-drive to spend a few days in Bursa. (Renting a car is the cheapest way) Here is a link for a large family to rent a minibus and self-drive.

How to get from Istanbul to Bursa by ferry?

There is a ferry option for passengers (without a car) to travel between Istanbul and Bursa. IDO (Istanbul Ferry) and BUDO (Bursa Ferry) provide transportation to Yalova, Mudanya (Bursa), and Güzelyalı ferry ports (Bursa). IDO organizes ferry services departing from two different points in Istanbul, Pendik, and Yenikapı. BUDO ferries depart from Eminönü/Sirkeci

How long does it take from Istanbul to Bursa?

From Istanbul to Bursa, the bus takes about 3 hours, and the ferry from Istanbul to Bursa takes about 1 hour 45 (if it will take a total of 1 hour 45 to go from where you are staying to the port, from Mudanya to your accommodation, it will take 3 hours in total). It takes about 2 hours from Istanbul to Bursa by private car. (Time varies if you take the Osmangazi Bridge or Topçular ferry)

Where does the bus depart from Istanbul to Bursa?

Possible to find a bus that will depart from Istanbul Esenler Bus Station to Bursa every 5 minutes? Companies that organize regular flights to Bursa: Pamukkale Turizm, Metro Turizm, Efe Tur, Nilüfer Turizm, Varan Turizm, Balıkesir Uludağ Turizm.

What activities can be done in Uludag?

You can snowboard and sleigh in Uludağ (Olympos) mountain. Traveling by snow vehicles such as ATVs, snow bikes, and pallets, mountain climbing with a chairlift and cable car, you can have a bird's eye view of Uludağ, photographing the beauties you see, eating sausage bread after skiing will be enjoyable

What is the regular İstanbul to Bursa route?

Bus day group Bursa trip departs from the center of Istanbul, and drives at the Bosphorus bridge to Eskihisar-Topçular port, the bus takes a ferry (the ferry has teras cafe and takes 40 minutes), to Yalova and continues to Bursa.
Do you have a full day İstanbul to Bursa group tour?

Sorry, since the pandemic we don’t have a group tour

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