Prıvate Day Trips from Istanbul to Bursa-Uludag

Istanbul to Bursa Day Trip with Experts

Elevate your one-day excursion to Bursa from İstanbul into an extraordinary experience: Embark on a unique journey from Istanbul to the snow-capped peaks of Uludağ, traversing through verdant hills. Bespoke services, including private taxis, VIP vans, and personal chauffeurs, cater to your every need, seamlessly blending business, shopping, and leisure into a luxurious snow holiday. Discover comfort like never before on this enchanting adventure.

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Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Private Bursa Tour From Istanbul

 Private Day Trip From Istanbul to Bursa And Uludağ Ski Center

In the realm of journeys, some paths are not merely about moving from one point to another, but about bridging epochs, cultures, and tales. Car hire and driver services provided by Cab İstanbul, a day's trip to Bursa becomes a transportive experience, a dance across time's tapestry. Here, in the cradle of Ottoman history, Bursa's emerald mountains and Byzantine whispers beckon, waiting to share their millennia-old stories. As you sit back in the modern comfort of our well-appointed cars and seasoned drivers navigate the landscapes – both historical and physical. The road to Bursa unfolds like a manuscript of nature's poetry, with each turn revealing another verse of Turkey's rich heritage. From the verdant foothills of Mount Uludağ to the age-old silk markets, as İstanbul to Bursa tour company we ensure you not only travel comfortably but deeply – taking in the essence of the place, its history, its rhythm, its soul.

Tailor your personal trip from Istanbul to Bursa  with our private transportation services. Whether you require a specialized private transfer from Sabiha Gökçen or Istanbul airport to Bursa or a straightforward taxi service, our approach spares you the lengthy delays typically experienced with bus travel and its numerous stops. Our track record speaks for itself: we have successfully provided daily chauffeur-driven car journeys for hundreds of business professionals traveling from Istanbul to Bursa, consistently leaving a trail of satisfaction in our wake. Embark on your scholarly or business trip from Istanbul with us, and transform your professional or personal travels into a fulfilling experience. İmmerse yourself in a rich tapestry of experiences, facilitated by Cab İstanbul local drivers, known for their extensive knowledge and commitment to the quickest and most efficient routes. Traveling from Istanbul to Bursa with us transcends mere transportation; it becomes an exploratory journey, an embrace of discovery.

Discover Bursa: Top Attractions & Uludağ Ski Resort Highlights

Visit Bursa's Historic Majesty: Tracing the Ottoman Capital

Step back in time in Bursa, the former Ottoman capital, brimming with historic treasures. Explore its mosques, fountains, and the grand Bursa Castle. Stroll through the streets that echo with history, and visit Nicea, the ancient Greek city at Bursa's edge, rich in stories and cultural heritage

Koza Han: Bursa's Silken Legacy

Koza Han in Bursa from 15th-century, a historical marvel built by Abdulla bin Pulat Shah. This trading inn, set between Ulu and Orhan Mosques, tells stories of ancient commerce and tradition. Its central mosque with a sky-mirroring fountain maintains the spirit of old caravanserais

Tophane Clock Tower: Bursa's Timeless Landmark

The Tophane Clock Tower, standing since 1904, is a historic beacon in Bursa. Gaining popularity with Arab tourists since 2010 and fans of Turkish cinema, it's near the resting places of Osmangazi and Orhan Gazi. This tower, amidst Tophane park's beauty, attracts pilgrims and historians alike

Bursa's Green Tomb: An Emblem of Ottoman Heritage

The Green Tomb, crafted in 1421 under Sultan Mehmet Çelebi and designed by Hacı İvaz Pasha, is a monumental symbol of Bursa. Visible from many parts of the city, it stands as a testament to Bursa's rich history, combining architectural splendor with a watchful presence over the city.

Bursa Teleferik: Soaring Over Bursa's Peaks Of Uludağ

Bursa Teleferik, Turkey's iconic and longest cable car line, offers a sky-high journey since 1963. Spanning 9 km, it connects Teferruc to Uludağ's hotels, weaving through stunning landscapes. Post-2014 upgrades by Leitner Ropeways ensure a safe, 12-minute scenic ride, transforming the 36-kilometer drive into an aerial adventure. Along the route, enjoy charming boutiques, eateries, and panoramic views, making it a must-experience in Bursa

Bursa Grand Mosque: A Testament to Ottoman Architecture

Bursa Grand Mosque stands as a symbol of architectural brilliance in the Hans District. Built in 1400, it boasts 20 domes, exquisite silk Kaaba coverings, and intricate Ottoman calligraphy. Renowned for its multi-legged mosque architecture, it's a must-visit for its historical grandeur and peaceful ambiance.

Uzun Çarşı (Long Bazaar): Bursa's Historic Shopping Haven

Uzun Çarşı, Bursa's oldest bazaar since the 15th century, offers a unique blend of shopping and history. With 80 shops, it presents Bursa's famous confectioneries, textiles, and local handicrafts. Enjoy authentic Turkish coffee in its charming cafes, making it a delightful destination for visitors." (297 characters)

Bursa Grand Bazaar: A Hub of Culture and Commerce

Historic Bursa Grand Bazaar near the Grand Mosque, a treasure trove of local crafts, jewelry, and traditional Ottoman cuisine. Its 130 shops offer a rich array of products set in a centuries-old atmosphere. A visit here promises a memorable experience of Bursa's rich cultural heritage." (297 characters)

Old Shopping Han Area-Bursa: The Heart of Ottoman Trade

In the heart of Bursa lies the Hans District, a 700-year-old hub of commerce with a rich Ottoman legacy. Stroll through historic inns like Koza Han and Pirinç Han, shop for handcrafts and textiles, and savor Ottoman culinary delights. This UNESCO World Heritage nominee offers a deep dive into Bursa's past." (298 characters)

Nicea Magic City Of Bursa: Unveiling the Ancient City's Wonder

Explore Bursa's Wonders: A Journey Through History, Nature, and Culinary Delights

Discover Bursa's Charm: A Blend of History, Nature, and Gastronomy - From 'Green Bursa's' lush gardens to the culinary delight of Iskender Kebab, experience the city's rich heritage. Explore Uludağ, Turkey's premier winter destination, and Mudanya's coastal magic with its seafood and vibrant nightlife. Immerse in Zeytinbağı's olive traditions and Gemlik's renowned olive oils. Wander through UNESCO-protected Cumalıkızık, and delve into Iznik's historical significance, all in Bursa.

Uludağ Ski Center: Your Ultimate Winter Destination in Bursa

Experience the thrill of winter sports and breathtaking mountain views at Uludağ Ski Center. Easily accessible from Bursa, this expansive ski resort offers over 30 slopes for skiers of all levels. With quality hotels, equipment rentals, and ski lessons, it's perfect for a winter getaway. From skiing to ice skating and more, enjoy a variety of activities in this lively destination on the slopes of Mount Uludağ.

Uludağ Ski Resort: Bursa's Majestic Winter Wonderland

Uludağ, also known as Olympos Mountain, stands tall at 2543 meters, embodying the heart of Turkey's premier winter sports destination. More than a ski haven, it's a historical marvel where legends like Evliya Çelebi marveled at its grandeur, calling it 'Cebeli Clergy'. Once a Greek gods' amphitheater and a Christian monks' refuge, Uludağ's peaks like Kartaltepe offer unparalleled views. Experience its snowy embrace for over half the year, creating a mesmerizing winter dream

İnkaya Plane Tree: Bursa's 600-Year-Old Natural Wonder

Witness the grandeur of İnkaya Plane Tree in Bursa, Turkey's oldest tree at over 600 years. Majestic in size and history, it's a favorite for photographers and tourists. Enjoy a serene tea break under its sprawling branches on Uludağ Street, and capture the essence of this monumental natural treasure

Suuctu Waterfall: Bursa's Natural Symphony

Discover the serene beauty of Suuctu Waterfall, located just 17 km from Mustafa Kemal Paşa in Çataltepe. Witness the 38-meter cascade, a dynamic spectacle varying with the seasons. Surrounded by beech forests, Suuctu offers a tranquil escape, embodying nature's elegance and purity in Bursa's lush landscape

Saitabat Waterfall: Bursa's Picturesque Retreat

Explore the charming Saitabat Waterfall, nestled in Kestel, 22 km from central Bursa. Positioned at 630 meters, it offers more than just scenic beauty. Along its banks, a variety of eateries invite visitors to savor local flavors against the waterfall's melodious backdrop, perfect for a picturesque dining or picnic experience.

Ayvaini Cave: Bursa's Secret Natural Sanctuary

Visit the enigmatic Ayvaini Cave in Bursa, a hidden gem shrouded in mystery. With an elusive entrance, this cave beckons the adventurous to explore its depths and uncover the legends etched within its rocky walls. It stands as a testament to nature's clandestine wonders.

Oylat Cave: Bursa's Subterranean Wonder

Explore the enchanting Oylat Cave in Bursa, where nature performs a ballet of water and stone. Journey through 665 meters of dripstone ponds and breathtaking formations. Home to bats and natural beauty, it offers a unique experience followed by tales over tea at a nearby café

Uludağ Ski Center: Your Winter Wonderland in Bursa

Bursa Tapestry of History, Nature, and Artistry

Bursa's gems from Cumalıkızık's Ottoman charm to Iznik's artistic legacy, Tirilye's Greek heritage, and the natural splendor of Suuctu and Saitabat Waterfalls, to the mysterious Ayvaini and Oylat Caves

Cumalıkızık Village: Timeless Ottoman Heritage in Bursa

Step into the UNESCO-listed Cumalıkızık Village near Bursa, a vivid reflection of the Ottoman era. Wander through lanes bordered by colorfully painted houses, untouched by modernity since the 14th century. Discover quaint bay-windowed homes and courtyards where stories and meals are shared under historic eaves, preserving a rich heritage.

Iznik: A Mosaic of History and Artistry

Iznik (Nikea), 76 km far from center town of Bursa, Nikea a town rich in Ottoman art and architecture. Known for its exquisite tiles adorning Istanbul's mosques, Iznik also hosts historical gems like the Green Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum. Stroll by Iznik Lake and explore ancient ruins and vibrant tile bazaars

Tirilye: Bursa's Aegean Gem with a Rich Legacy

Tirilye, a hidden gem in Bursa's embrace, echoing ancient Greek heritage. Known for its exceptional olives, this quaint fishing village intertwines history with natural beauty. Experience a life paced by olive groves and the Aegean Sea, with its famed red mullet. Explore its historical tapestry through monasteries, churches, and the Hagios Stephanos-turned-Fatih Mosque, bridging cultures and centuries

İnegöl: Bursa's Hub of Delicacies, Nature, and Industry

İnegöl, just 47 km from Bursa, known for its famous meatballs, thriving furniture industry, vast forests, and healing thermal springs. A culinary haven with diverse influences, it also offers nature trails and historical sites like Oylat Springs and İnegöl City Museum.

Mudanya: Bursa's Coastal Gem with Rich History

Mudanya, on the Marmara Sea, combines beachside relaxation with historical allure. Reachable by ferry from Istanbul, it offers boutique stays, vibrant cafes, and scenic beaches. Don't miss historical mansions, the Mudanya Armistice Museum, and the enchanting Güzelyalı and Mudanya Beaches.

Gemlik: Serene Coastal Retreat in Bursa

Gemlik, set along the Marmara Sea and surrounded by mountains, is a tranquil destination. It's known for pristine beaches, fishing villages, and the scenic town split by Karsak Creek. Explore historical villages, the Gemlik Thermal Spring, and the Gemlik Open Air Museum for a complete experience

Suuctu Waterfall: Bursa's Hidden Natural Gem

Istanbul to Bursa: Premier Private Car and Chauffeur Services

Traveling from Istanbul to Bursa offers various options, but for an unparalleled experience, consider renting a car with a private driver. This service not only provides the comfort of a personalized journey but also the convenience of door-to-door service. With approximate prices starting at $200 USD for a transfer accommodating up to 7 passengers and their luggage, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and practicality. For those planning a more extensive exploration, a 7x8 winter all-inclusive tour is available at around $300 USD, offering an immersive experience into Bursa's scenic landscapes and cultural heritage. Budget-conscious travelers can opt for public transportation options like buses, taxis, or the scenic Istanbul-Bursa ferry. The IDO ferry, departing from Istanbul's Yenikapi port, provides a picturesque journey to Mudanya, a gateway to Bursa. International visitors, in particular, may find the convenience of a car with a local guide invaluable. This hassle-free approach allows travelers to delve into the heart of Bursa, discovering its rich history and local secrets with ease and comfort.

Travel from Istanbul Airport to Bursa by Bus 

From Istanbul Airport to Bursa with ease via regular bus services. This 3-4 hour journey lands you at Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, from where the city center is easily accessible. Opting for a bus offers a more economical alternative compared to the approximate $200 USD taxi fare, excluding road and bridge fees. For a more personalized experience, private transfers are available for around $220 USD, inclusive of all additional fees. This blend of options caters to various preferences, balancing economy and convenience for travelers heading to Bursa

Journey from Istanbul Airport to Bursa: A Scenic Route Ferry

Traveling from Istanbul Airport to Bursa via ferry adds a scenic dimension to your journey. Start by reaching Yenikapı from the airport using a private transfer, taxi, or bus. Then, board the Istanbul Sea Buses (İDO) for a voyage to Mudanya-Güzelyalı in Bursa. Check for schedules and online ticket purchases, but be mindful of potential cancellations due to weather. Upon arrival at Güzelyalı Ferry Pier, convenient bus and taxi services are available to reach the city center and the EMEK metro stop. From there, Bursa's metro network provides access to various parts of the city, making it a seamless and picturesque transit option

Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bursa: Diverse Transport Options

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Bursa is streamlined with various transportation choices. Purchase a bus ticket at the Burulaş BBBUS office outside the airport for a 2-hour ride to Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal. For direct city access, opt for a private transfer or taxi. A taxi ride costs about $120 USD, excluding road and bridge fees, while private transfers are around $150 USD, inclusive of all charges. To tailor your journey, explore online private transfer options, offering different vehicle classes and accommodating varying distances and durations. Conveniently, tickets for Airport-Bursa routes can also be purchased online, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to the heart of Bursa.

Cumalıkızık Village: A Journey Through Bursa's Ottoman Heritage


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