Guvercinlik Valley

2019-07-31 18:18:00

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Visiting Guvercinlik Valley is a great idea. The distance 4 km from Uchisar to Goreme. The local residents of the area did not have sufficient soil for agriculture. They wanted to increase agriculture by using high-energy lava fertilizer and they dug many lavas on the valley's slopes. Once a year, they open the nozzle of the lava and collect the fertilizer from the pigeon bird. You can also see the valley in its most beautiful form the top of historical castle of Uchisar.

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Guvercinlik Valley is one of the best places to visit in Cappadocia, famous for its colourful balloons. Where every year millions of tourists and locals visit the area and dream of seeing the city of fantasy and legends the coloured balloons city Cappadocia. Cappadocia is the same of ​​Cappadocia is also named Nevsehir. The following regions also are found in Cappadocia Nevsehir: Kayseri, Kırsehir, and Nigde

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Among the suggested places to visit in ​​Cappadocia: Zelve Valley, Belisırma village, Yılanlı Church, Ozkonak , Derinkuyu and Ayvasil Church. However, Guvercinlik valley is one of the most famous places in Nevsehir Cappadocia, which is influenced by the history and nature of the tourists.

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The Guvercinlik Valley is combined with the interesting history and the story of Guvercinlik Valley named after pigeon which is the name continues from the past to the present and the story of the pursuit who runaway to freely practice their religious rites and lived in this fictional area. Guvercinlik Valley is known as one of the most beautiful places where the fairytale chimneys and other fascinating landscape.

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