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Al Madina Restaurant (Hatay Medeniyetler): Turkish Dining Destinations in İstanbul

Al Madina Restaurant (Hatay Medeniyetler): Turkish Dining Destinations in İstanbul

 Al Madina Restaurant / Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası in Taksim: A Culinary Voyage Through Time

Al Madina Restaurants tucked away in the bustling heart of Istanbul, the historic district of Fatih, Taksim and Etiler, unfolds a culinary narrative that's as rich and layered as the city's illustrious past. Among its quaint cobblestone streets lies a gastronomic haven where tradition meets modernity - the Al Madina Restaurant . These two venerable establishments beckon food enthusiasts into a realm where every morsel tells a tale, where every spice sings of bygone eras and regional camaraderie. The Al Madina Restaurant charms with its cozy ambiance and hearty Middle Eastern fare, offering a humble nod to Istanbul’s ancient culinary traditions. A stone's throw away, Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası unveils a banquet of Anatolian flavors, celebrating the age-old communion of diverse civilizations on a plate. As one ventures between these culinary landmarks, there unfolds a narrative of cultural confluence, told through succulent kebabs, aromatic pilafs, and sweet, syrupy baklava. Embark on a savory expedition through the culinary landscapes of Al Madina Restaurant, and discover the essence of Istanbul’s rich gastronomic heritage. Amidst the urban rhythm of Taksim, these eateries stand as delicious testaments to the enduring allure of time-honored Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines, inviting one and all to partake in a meal that’s not just fulfilling, but historically enriching.

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Al Madina & Hatay Medeniyetler Restaurants: Culinary Gems of Taksim

Al Madina Restaurants: An Epicurean Journey Through Istanbul's Kebap Legacy

Discover the zest of Turkish culinary delights at Al Madina Restaurant, a renowned haven for kebap aficionados. With a menu that boasts a delightful assortment including kebap, stuffed mumbar, Ashura, hummus, and kunefe, Al Madina is a cherished venue for those seeking the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine.

The journey began in 2009 when Ismail Özdemir opened the first branch in Aksaray. With the inauguration of Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası, the restaurant swiftly became a magnet for tourists, especially attracting the discerning palates of Arabic visitors. This was the first stepping stone towards the illustrious reputation that Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası enjoy today.

Now under the helm of great chief, the legacy continues to flourish across branches in Istanbul’s vibrant locales of Aksaray, Taksim, and Etiler. The ubiquitous presence of Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası in the press and social media, often featuring celebrities relishing its offerings, has cast a global spotlight on this culinary gem.

Patrons flock to Al Madina not solely for its gourmet offerings, but also for the allure of dining amongst the stars. The restaurant's unique tradition of inscribing notable names on pitas, shared widely on social media, adds a touch of exclusivity to the dining experience.

What sets Al Madina apart is not just its delectable fare, but the exuberant manner of its presentation. The culinary spectacle is heightened with artistic food presentations, fireworks, and live musical renditions, making every meal a festivity.

Al Madina Restaurant Taksim Branch

Address: Katip Çelebi neighborhood, 34433 İstiklal Street, No: 39 (Opposite the French Consulate), Beyoğlu – Istanbul
Contact: 0212 293 31 31

Al Madina Restaurant Aksaray Branch

Address: Aksaray Vatan (Adnan Menderes) Boulevard, HorHor Street, No: 49 Fatih – Istanbul
Contact: 0212 523 31 31

Al Madina Restaurant Etiler Branch

Address: Nispetiye Street No: 18 Beşiktaş – Istanbul
Contact: 0212 325 31 31

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we prioritize your safety and adhere to social distancing guidelines while ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Al Madina Restaurant: Best Turkish kebabs in Istanbul

Al Madina Restaurant Menu Highlights

Pita & Bread: Kaytaz Borek, Sembusek, Meat and Cheese Pita, Peppered bread, Lahmacun, Minced Meat Pita

Rice Varieties: Maklube, Firik Rice, Stuffed Rice, Muceddere Rice, Kebse Rice, Bulgur Rice

Desserts: Pistachio Kadayif, Belluriye, Cheese Kunefe, Pumpkin Dessert, Turunc Dessert, Fig Dessert

Salads: Thyme Salad, Nurdakhy Salad, Shepherd's Salad

Come, embark on a delightful culinary voyage at Al Madina Restaurant, and savor the true essence of Istanbul’s gastronomic heritage

Menu of Appetizers at Al-Medina Restaurant

Cabbage RollsHors d'oeuvresMuhammaraPumpkin Borani Soup
Plain HummusRaw MeatballsYogurt SoupSour Soup
BabaganoushStuffed EggplantStuffed LeavesOlive Salad

Kebab Menu at Al-Medina Restaurant

Kebses Lamb ShankBaked Lamb Arm in SaltGrilled Lamb Chops
Lamb CageOven Test ShankBaked Lamb Chops
Lamb SkewersBaked Lamb ShankOven Lamb Chops

List of Meal Prices at Al-Medina Restaurant

Prices Prices Prices 
Stone oven ribs for 4 people: - TLKebab baking tray: -TLTenderloin in oven salt: - TL
Mixed kebab for 4 people: - TLShish Kebab: - TLKazbashi: - TL
Kebab meter for 4 people: - TLKebab oven test: - TLArmor Kebab: - TL
Al-Medina frying pan for 4 people: -TLTandoori Rice Capsicum: -TLSurprise: - TL
Mixed kebab for two people: -TLChicken Roll: - TLSalt baked Chicken kebab: - TL
Hatay Tava: - TLBelen Ban: - TLZaatar kebab: - TL
Oven wrapped kebab: -TLRoasting the paper: - TLAl-Medina casserole: - TL
Stuffed ribs: - TLEggplant kebab: - TLPistachio kebab: - TL
Baked paper kebab: - TLKebab shield: - TLHarbiye chicken: - TL


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