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Istiklal Street Attractions/ Explore Taksim

Istiklal Street Attractions/ Explore Taksim

What To Do İn İstiklal Avenue?

Istiklal means Independence, İstiklal street is one of the places in Turkey where people feel free, it connects Taksim square and Galata Tower, it is considered the heart of Istanbul, Every day more than three million visitors walk through it. There are many fashion shops, cafes, and bars. It attracted locals and visitors at the same time. The most important situation perhaps the first condition of a gloomy person who says that I have visited Istanbul is Istiklal Street. When you walk down the street, you will see street artists, and anyone who cannot attend the current media, shows up the works of art on Istiklal street, among them, there are frequent crowds. İstiklal street has continued its commercial and social activities throughout history.

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Things To See İn İstiklal Street


Beyoglu is a fascinating district with its taverns and cafeterias that serve until the first light of the morning in the Tepebaşı region, artisan restaurants that stand out for pot dishes, many stores with shopping opportunities, and a nostalgic environment. The area, which stands out with its bookshops, art galleries, museum and exhibition halls, and historical buildings, is highly preferred by tourists.

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is in the heart of Istanbul and is literally considered the heart of this city. It is the place where Istiklal Avenue begins and at the northern end of Taksim square. This site has been famous for many demonstrations and protests since the famous Gezi Park protest in 2013. Here you can witness the Republic of Turkey founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Statue

Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues On İstiklal Street

There are few churches in this area, but the largest one is the church of St. Anthony, the Church of Padua is a unique Neo-Gothic architectural building. It is a fully functioning church and a place of worship for Christians who mostly live in Istanbul. One of the most attractive places in Turkey some people consider it like a small sample of Istanbul when a tourist says that they have visited Istanbul means Istiklal Street. While the Genoa extension group contained Latin communities of the Byzantine period, the synchronization of the activity zone called Beira with the growing commercial life of the Ottomans empire.

Street Art Of Istiklal 

The funicular is the oldest rail transportation vehicle that works on slopes like a mountain or hill by pulling up with ropes. Between 1869 and 1966, the inclined mountain train was first used and electric vehicles were used. In Turkey, a single line of 1.65 km from Karakoy to İstiklal Street, 1990 stopped the traffic cars route. Due to Istiklal Street's folkloric diversity in the past, the street is almost like an open-air museum. Also, protest activities and cultural events, as well as the best opportunities for shopping and rich food and drinks for 7/24.

French Street/ Taksim

Art Galleries

A ATELYE GALERİ: Sıraselviler Street. ADA SANAT: Asmalı Mescit,  ART ON: Meşrutiyet Cd Oteller Street, ART SUITES GALLERY: Asmalı Mescit, ART SÜMER :Kemankeş Street Karaköy, ARTE İSTANBUL: Kumbaracı slope , ASMALIMESCIT ART GALLERY: Bereketzade, CARRE D' ARTİSTES TURKEY: Galatasaray Mahallesi Yenicarsi Street,  GALATEA ART: Asmalımescit Street İSTANBUL MODERN:Asmalımescit Street KRANK ART GALLERY: Tomtom Kaptan Street. PERA FINE ARTS GALLERY: Sıraselviler Street, TAKSIM ART GALLERY: Voyvoda Street

You can also visit famous museums such as the Pera Museum and smaller places such as the Egyptian Apartment. It organizes many local and internationally famous small and large exhibitions. If you are an art lover, you should definitely try these amazing things on Istiklal Street in Istanbul.

Shopping On Istiklal Street

For shopping in Taksim, local and foreign visitors are advised to visit Atlas Passage in the historic old bazaar on the street. The Aznavour passage and the Halep passage mainly include shops selling clothing, jewelry, and accessories. At Terkos Passage you can find the end of the accessory, high-brand outlet products at very reasonable prices.

Çiçek Pasajı (flower passage)

If you are going to dine in the evening, Istiklal street also is a historic Cicek Passage (flower passage) this is a passage of famous historical passage, named after the name of Russian women who were selling flowers in that area, after the Russian revolution in 1917, and the passage contains many restaurants, cafes, wineries, as it was a theatre, but destroyed in a fire, the flower lane is a remarkable achievement for architecture.


Otherwise, Nevizade or Beyoglu fish market can be the perfect place for dinner. Better to visit those places without having a meal!! Cab Istanbul is pleased to offer transportation and touristic travel services in any region of Turkey. We believe the transportation service we provide is the right choice for your needs, available 7/24 car rental with a driver. Affordable airport transfer to all places in Turkey.

Czn Burak Restaurant/Taksim

Mevlevi Museum / İstiklal Street

The Mevlevi Museum is an old lodge of the whirling dervishes of Istanbul. Here you will find the clothes, instruments, and books that this student used. They also organize rotating dervish shows in the side halls, also known as Sema rituals. This museum is a great way to understand Rumi, one of the greatest poets in the world with the mystical sect of Islam.

Sightseeing Route Of İstanbul: İstiklal Street

Taksim / Istiklal Street, which visitors to Istanbul must add to their route, is often heard by visitors. The place where tradesmen come to open their shops, Where scene for street artists, and where people like to stay away from lonely to take a breath for a while, is also home to many high-quality venues that are almost 24/7. Taksim will remain in your memories as a detail worth seeing in every aspect.

Security Tips for Taksim Square

Like every other crowded place, this is also a small crime place. Although rare, it's still a crime possible, this is a reason to keep your valuables things close to yourself.

Galata Mevlevihane

How To Get To The Aırport From Taksım

How to get from Taksim to Istanbul Airport? 

Transportation options: Private Airport Transfer and Havaist Buses

Today, we will write Havaist to go from Istanbul New Airport to Taksim.

Havaist Airport Taksim and Taksim-Havaist Buses Make Shuttle Expeditions and are cheaper than the Private Transfers that we serve, if you do not have excess baggage, the bus is the right choice.
From Taksim to Istanbul Airport by Havaist Airport Buses:

You can easily and easily go from Istanbul Airport to Taksim with the HAVAIST Airport Buses and you can easily reach Istanbul Airport from Taksim with the Havaist Airport buses.

Between the Taksim Istanbul Airport route, Havaist Buses HAVIST-14 TAKSIM - ISTANBUL AIRPORT line serves.

The distance between Taksim and Istanbul Airport is approximately 44 km. The approximate journey time between Taksim and Istanbul Airport by Havaist Airport Buses is 90 minutes. This time may vary depending on weather and road conditions.
Taksim Havaist Stop; Havaist Buses depart from Abdulhak Hamit Caddesi / Beyoğlu. (Habertürk Building, next to the Bosphorus Electricity Distribution Building)
HAVİST-14 TAKSİM - ISTANBUL AIRPORT Havaist Airport Bus line route:

Taksim Abdulhakhamit Street - Besiktas Square - Zincirlikuyu Metrobus - 4. Levent - Istanbul New Airport

HVİST-14 TAKSİM - ISTANBUL NEW AIRPORT Havaist Buses Departure Hours: Havaist Airport Passenger services between Taksim - Istanbul Airport depart every 35-40 minutes during the day. It moves at longer intervals during the hours when passenger traffic decreases.

Note: The routes of Taksim Havaist Buses and Taksim Havaist Expedition times can change constantly. In order to avoid any discomfort and negativity, you should find the Taksim Havaist current departure times and Taksim Havaist current route information by calling the Havaist Buses phone number below or visiting the website. Click


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