Istanbul Van Rental Hub / Comprehensive Minibus Hire in Istanbul

Istanbul Van Rental Hub / Comprehensive Minibus Hire in Istanbul

Your Ultimate Van Rental Guide In Istanbul 

''Exploring the Exciting World of Self-Drive Minibus Rentals in Istanbul for Summer 2023'' We update on minibus rentals for the summer of 2023, where we explore the realm of self-drive minibus rentals in Istanbul. Istanbul, one of the most vibrant and historical cities globally, guarantees an exhilarating adventure. Whether you're planning a family holiday, a trip with friends, or a corporate retreat, the convenience and flexibility that a self-drive minibus offers can greatly enhance your travel experience. We will guide you through the advantages of hiring a self-drive minibus, provide tips for driving in Istanbul, and suggest ways to maximize your journey. So relax, read on, and gear up for an unforgettable adventure in Turkey's heart.

We provide minibus rental services in Istanbul at affordable prices. Make your group's moments memorable with our manual and automatic vans, which can accommodate 8 to 18 people due to their various sizes and dimensions. At Cab Istanbul, we ensure you enjoy a pleasurable experience by offering car rentals. The demand for Minibus Rental, Van Rental, Rental Vito, Rental Transporter, Large Vehicle Rental, Rental Sprinter, Rental Crafter, and Rental Minibus, especially in the summer, is so high that we struggle to keep up, despite our best efforts. Although we've added many new van models to our fleet, including the Auto Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Crafter, Transporter, Caravella, Ford Tourneo, Auto Peugeot Custom, Citroen Minivan, Opel Zafira Van, and Renault Trafic, the demand continues to outpace our supply. We kindly request our guests to book early to ensure smooth service. As part of Rent A Van's Istanbul division, we promise high-quality, comfortable, and cost-effective options.

Press here to rent a van with a driver, and you can have a large minibus for the airport transfer service

Automatic Van Hire for Self-Drive Experience

Effortless Self-Drive with Our Automatic Van Rentals

Istanbul Van Rentals: Redefining Comfortable Group Transportation in Turkey

Cab Istanbul Van Rentals, our mission is to revolutionize the group travel experience across Turkey. Our goal is to deliver an unmatched level of service, boasting a wide range of high-quality vehicles that promise safety and comfort for your journey. From corporate events to large gatherings, our spacious minibuses present the ideal travel solution. We don't just rent minibuses; we provide services that shape unforgettable travel memories.

Experience Luxury with Van Rentals

Immerse yourself in the joy of travel with our VIP Van rentals. Our lineup features Vito minibuses, lauded as one of Mercedes' finest commercial creations. These VIP minibuses are furnished with a separate TV system for a contactless travel experience. Unleash your travel fantasies and compromise nothing. Enjoy unmatched comfort with our VIP minibuses, available for rent at competitive rates in Istanbul.

Indulge in the Comfort of Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V Class, although less common in Turkey, sets the bar high for luxurious travel. In Turkey, the Mercedes Vito and Viano minibuses are typically favoured over the V Class. Nonetheless, we believe that the V Class is evolving into an increasingly popular choice due to its exceptional comfort. At Istanbul Van Rentals, our top-of-the-line Luxury Vito cars stand as great alternatives to the V Class, consistently receiving positive feedback. Our Mercedes Vito minibuses, available for rental at attractive prices with early booking, are at your service, with or without a driver. Please note that it's often challenging to rent a modern, driverless, and comfortable minibus in Istanbul.

Istanbul Minibus/Van Rental Rates

A luxury minibus rental is the perfect way to ensure a memorable vacation with your loved ones. The expansive capacity of the Mercedes Vito allows everyone to enjoy a shared holiday experience. With room for 7 to 10 passengers, the VIP Van becomes your dependable travel ally. It offers excellent value with ample internal space, fuel efficiency, manual or automatic driving options, and the prestige of the Mercedes brand. Our 9-passenger minibus rental even offers optional extras such as a TV, fridge, and table. With a storage capacity of 35 cubic meters, our passenger vans ensure a smooth and comfortable journey, regardless of your destination. In 2023, there has been a significant increase in Minibus/Van rental prices, mirroring the considerable rise in vehicle sales prices. Rental rates fluctuate based on rental duration, vehicle brand, model, and category. Daily Minibus/Van rental prices in Istanbul begin at 70 USD.

Elevate Your Journey with Our Mercedes Sprinter Rentals

Combining more than 15 years of experience with innovative solutions, Cab Istanbul's rental Minibus Sprinter service revolutionizes large vehicle rentals. Specializing in premium brands like Mercedes and Volkswagen, we create an environment where passengers can relax, work, and strategize during both city and intercity travel. With our constantly evolving Sprinter models, available in configurations of 10+1, 12+1, 14+1, 16+1, and 17+1 seats, we aim to provide efficient and reliable transportation solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our Luxury Sprinter minibus rentals are perfect for travellers prioritizing comfort on their journeys. Equipped with amenities such as a minibar (fridge), TV, desk, spacious interior, and ample luggage space, these latest model Mercedes Sprinters offer an unparalleled travel experience. Whether you're exploring Istanbul or journeying across Turkey, these outstanding vehicles enhance your trip. Consider an idyllic journey from Istanbul to Cappadocia, with the freedom to stop at picturesque destinations along the way. Who wouldn't desire a more comfortable and personalized travel experience? From 7, 9, and 11, to 15-seat options, we offer minibuses to cater to different group sizes and needs. Based in Istanbul, we are committed to enhancing group travel throughout Turkey. Our aim is to provide a seamless service across our diversified fleet, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for you. As your journey concludes, you will be left with nothing but cherished memories of your captivating adventure.

Your Self-Drive Minivan Adventure in Istanbul

Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle Rentals in Istanbul: From Minibuses to Luxury Vans

Minibus Rental: Minibuses are perfect for large groups traveling together, whether it's for a family reunion, a corporate event, or a sightseeing tour around Istanbul. Our minibus rental services offer comfortable and spacious vehicles that can accommodate large groups, ensuring everyone travels together in comfort and safety.

Van Rental: Need more space for your travels or move? We have a range of high-quality vans available for rent. Van rental gives you the flexibility to transport goods, relocate, or travel with a large group without worrying about space constraints.

Rent a Van Istanbul: Istanbul is a vast city with so much to explore. Rent a van in Istanbul and gain the freedom to navigate the city at your own pace. Whether you're on a business trip or a family vacation, our vans can accommodate your needs.

Self-Drive Van Rental: For those who prefer the freedom of driving themselves around, our self-drive van rental services are just for you. With this option, you can enjoy the flexibility and privacy of your own transport without the additional cost of a driver.

Istanbul Vehicle Hire: From compact cars to luxury vans, our Istanbul vehicle hire services cater to every need. Whether you're in town for business or leisure, we have the right vehicle for you to get around the city efficiently and comfortably.

Transport Rental: We understand the various needs of our customers, hence our transport rental services include a variety of vehicles ranging from cars, vans, and minibuses. We ensure you always have the right transport for your unique needs.

Self-Drive Minibus: Planning a group outing or a large family trip? Consider our self-drive minibus option. It offers the space you need with the added benefit of setting your own route and schedule.

Van Rental Istanbul: Istanbul is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. Explore it at your own pace with our car hire services. Choose from our wide range of vehicles and enjoy the city's sights with freedom and flexibility.

No-Driver Van Rental: If you're comfortable driving in Istanbul and prefer to forgo a chauffeur, our no-driver van rental service is perfect for you. With the entire van to yourself, you can enjoy privacy and flexibility during your travels.

Passenger Van Rental: Traveling with a large group can be a challenge. With our passenger van rental service, transport everyone together conveniently. Our spacious passenger vans ensure that everyone travels comfortably, regardless of the distance.

Cargo Van Rental: Moving goods or relocating? Cargo van rental services provide the space you need to transport your items securely and efficiently.

Istanbul Transportation: Navigate Istanbul's bustling streets with ease. From compact cars for solo travelers to spacious vans for larger groups, we offer a variety of options to cater to your transportation needs in Istanbul.

Vehicle Rental Services: We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of vehicle rental services. With an extensive fleet of well-maintained cars, vans, and minibuses, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible transportation solutions in Istanbul.

Affordable Van Rental: Budget should never be a barrier to convenience. Our affordable van rental services ensure that you get the best value for your money, without compromising on comfort and safety.

Luxury Van Rental: For a premium travel experience, consider our luxury van rental service. Our high-end vans offer the ultimate in comfort, style, and sophistication, perfect for business travel or special occasions.

Rent a Vehicle Istanbul: Discover Istanbul in the most convenient way possible. With our vehicle rental services, explore the city at your leisure, with the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Luxury on Wheels: Mercedes Van Hire in Istanbul

Discover Unmatched Comfort with Our Rental Family Cars

Journey in comfort and style with Cab Istanbul's family car rental services. Our extensive and premium fleet includes a variety of high-tech, top-of-the-range vehicles that are hygienic and feature comfortable seating. To ensure maximum safety and peace of mind, each of our vehicles undergoes a comprehensive check before each rental.
Vehicle seating capacities range from 7 to 18 seats, so no matter the size of your travel group, we have a solution for you. Each of our vehicles is equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, and all other amenities essential for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. We are dedicated to infusing safety, comfort, and professionalism into every journey. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver VIP experiences to all our clients at affordable prices. 

Experience Unparalleled Flexibility with our Self-Drive Van Rentals for Intercity Travel

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience that comes with our private rental minibuses, designed to make your journey throughout Turkey both comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you're planning to explore captivating destinations like Cappadocia, Ephesus, Bodrum, Trabzon, Antalya, Ankara, or Marmaris, our rental vans are the perfect travel companions. For longer journeys, we highly recommend renting our VIP Vans, designed to enhance your travel experience. Imagine the fun and luxury of traveling from Istanbul to Cappadocia in one of our top-tier minibuses.

For those yearning for an escape from city life, consider a trip to Bursa or Sapanca, where nature lovers can indulge in the refreshing beauty of lush greens during spring. Sapanca is a highly sought-after destination for nature enthusiasts.

Explore Istanbul in Style: Swift and Customizable Minibus Rentals

Embarking on a journey to Istanbul, either as a necessity or a choice? Regardless of your group size, Istanbul Minibus Rental Service is ready to match your needs promptly with a minibus and driver within an hour. Renting a minibus from us empowers you to explore Istanbul at your own pace, injects an element of fun into your travels, keeps you independent from unreliable taxi services, and ensures that you reach tourist attractions beyond the regular bus routes without imposing on friends or family.

Indulge in Supreme Comfort: Hire a Mercedes Vito in Istanbul

Hiring a Mercedes Vito becomes the ideal choice in Istanbul when you require a minibus with 5-9 seats. Offering both automatic and manual driving options, the Mercedes Vito provides unbeatable value as it combines the convenience of small-car driving with the spaciousness of a minibus.

Experience Seamless Travel: Rent a Minibus in Turkey

Choose advanced booking with our van hire service in Turkey and revel in the comfort of a luxury van with a driver, a service that proves to be cost-effective compared to ordinary rental cars. Regardless of whether you are vacationing with a large group of friends or attending a conference with your colleagues, van rental aids in creating unforgettable memories. Cab Istanbul's minibus rental service provides comfort, ample storage, stress-free journeys, and a spacious environment with options for up to 18-seater minibuses, with or without a driver. Whether you are traveling to Istanbul solo or with a group, our service caters to your specific needs. Explore the city at your own pace, turn your trip into an adventure, avoid hassles with local taxis, and reach attractions that are off the bus routes without troubling your friends or family. Get a quote for van hire prices, do some research, and book the perfect van for your requirements now!

Stay Ahead: Rent the Latest Model Vans in Istanbul

The van rental industry consistently provides customers with more privileged and advanced options every year. Tap into Cab Istanbul's expertise in van rental to experience the pleasure of progressive travel. The rental sector, encompassing areas like cars, apartments, offices, corporate phones, etc., continues to grow every year. This growth stems from a shift in the global consumer profile towards leasing due to various reasons. The sector always presents diverse options to the consumer, with quality, sustainability, trust, and institutionalization being key factors that drive consumers toward renting goods or services.

Discover Istanbul in Style: Opt for Van Rentals

As tourism in Turkey flourishes, it elevates the car rental industry as well. A significant portion of the new vehicles sold in Turkey are used in the minibus rental sector. According to available data, rental minibusses in Turkey are still relatively few.

For your van rental needs, why not choose a more corporate structure? Cab Istanbul's van rental service offers you the quality you're seeking. Experience an unparalleled van rental service in Istanbul with 24/7 support and a myriad of minibus rental options.

Enhance Your Journey: Opt for Premium Van Rental 

Even though a driver's license of at least 5 years is required for renting a premium minibus without a driver, hiring a minivan/minibus for your family trips brings you closer to your loved ones, enriching your journey. Traveling within Turkey with family or a group of friends becomes more comfortable when you opt to rent a van. The Premium Mercedes Vito, undoubtedly the best choice for minibus rental services, provides the ease of driving a sedan car, automobile comfort, superior maneuverability, and spacious interiors.


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