İstanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport Shuttles

İstanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport Shuttles

Bridging Continents by Airport Shuttles Between Istanbul's Two Iconic Airports

Istanbul, the enchanting city where East meets West, boasts not only a rich history, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking architecture but also a unique geographical nuance: having two major airports on two different continents. With Istanbul Airport (IST) on the European front and Sabiha Gökçen marking its presence in Asia, navigating between the two has become a frequent query for many travelers.

Enter Cab Istanbul, a premium service that transcends typical transportation. This esteemed establishment offers private airport transfers ensuring swift, luxurious, and hassle-free connections between the two airports. But it doesn't stop there; for those desiring an elevated experience, their chauffeur-driven car services stand as a beacon of Turkish hospitality. Knowledgeable drivers, superior vehicles, and the promise of traveling in both comfort and style make the service a top choice for discerning travelers.

In this guide, we’ll unpack the diverse transit options, ensuring your journey between the continents is as captivating as Istanbul itself.

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Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airprot Shuttles

Navigating between Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport

While the New Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) is a considerable 84 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, it's fascinating to note that they're located on entirely different continents; IST on the European side and Sabiha Gökçen on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Currently, connections between the two are facilitated by airport buses, taxis, or private shuttles. However, plans are afoot for a high-speed train link between the two.

Mode of TransportPrice (€)Price ($)Price (₺)Duration
Taxi3035Check Gogle rate70 min
Bus56Check Gogle rate85 min

Opting for a Taxi between the Airports

Hailing a taxi is quite convenient for journeys between the two airports. Typically, taxis are yellow, but you'll also find blue ones (15% pricier) and luxurious black taxis that cost double. The fare from Istanbul Airport's taxi stand to Sabiha Gökçen Airport averages around 30€ / 35$, including tolls, with a 60-70 minute ride time.

Using a taxi offers comfort post-flight, but be wary of potential traffic jams which can inflate the fare and time taken. Also, caution is advised to avoid overcharging scams.

From various reviews on platforms such as Google and Tripadvisor, Cab Istanbul stands out as a top-rated taxi service with:

  • Fluent English-speaking drivers
  • Transparent, upfront fees
  • Flight delay monitoring
  • 24/7 Customer service with free cancellations

Boarding a Bus to Sabiha Gökçen Airport

For the budget-conscious traveler, buses are the go-to. Havaist buses (HVİST-13) ply every 90 minutes between the airports, taking about 110 minutes. These buses are not just economical but also offer a comfortable ride. A trip costs just 6€ / 6$.

Another option is the IETT buses. Although cheaper, you'd have to interchange between 4-5 modes of urban transport, making it a lengthier and sometimes more expensive choice. Remember, the bus stop at Istanbul Airport is on floor -2 and tickets are cashless - so be prepared!

Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro: The Preferred Transportation Choice to Kadıköy

The recently inaugurated Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro provides a swift and seamless connection between the airport and Kadıköy, Istanbul's bustling district on the Asian side. With its efficient service, the need for airport shuttles is notably reduced, making it the top choice for many travelers.

Starting Station: Sabiha Gökçen Airport Station – Directly linked with the airport terminals for easy boarding.

Final Destination: Kadıköy Station – A lively hub known for its rich culture, vibrant markets, and scenic beauty, providing travelers a warm introduction or farewell to Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport Metro: The Preferred Transportation Choice to Gayrettepe

The recently inaugurated Istanbul Airport Metro offers a direct and efficient connection between the airport and Gayrettepe, a central district in Istanbul. With its reliable service and fast transit times, airport shuttles have seen a decline in preference, making the metro the top choice for numerous travelers.

Starting Station: Istanbul Airport Station – Seamlessly integrated with the airport terminals for hassle-free boarding.

Final Destination: Gayrettepe Station – A central hub that connects passengers to various parts of the city, making transitions in Istanbul smooth and straightforward.

Driving Between the Airports

If autonomy is what you value, consider renting a car. Plenty of rental agencies are present at the airport, but prior booking ensures the best rates and preferred vehicle availability. Via the O-6 Highway and the Kurtköy Pendik route, it's about an 84km drive which usually takes around 60-70 minutes, contingent on traffic.

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Private Airport Shuttles Istanbul: Your Ultimate Guide

Navigating through Istanbul's bustling streets and bridging the continents is made effortless with private airport shuttles. These services are designed to offer both locals and international travelers a convenient, cost-effective, and stress-free transit experience.

Cab Istanbul: Excellence in Transit 

Cab Istanbul stands out for its wide array of vehicles tailored to fit any group size and budget, from the elite Mercedes Vito and Sprinter to expansive 9 to 40 seat buses. Pre-booking ensures a smooth transfer experience.

Flight Tracking for Peace of Mind 

Cab Istanbul's vigilant team continuously tracks your flights, ensuring timely adjustments for early arrivals or delays. Your shuttle transfer is guaranteed to be ready when you are.

Diverse Shuttle Services

Shared Ride: Environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly, shared rides may make 2-3 stops along your route.

Exclusive Shuttle: Opt for minibuses or VIP vans – perfect for families or groups wanting a private space.

Multi Stop: Economical choices for those travelling together from common starting points like İETT, HAVAS, and HAVABUS.

Business Shuttle: Designed for corporate needs, our VIP shuttles offer group rates and cater specifically to business travel.

Large Luggage Service: Oversized items? Our utility minivans can accommodate bulky luggage like bikes, surfboards, and more for a nominal fee.

Special Drive: For those seeking exclusivity, our 11-seater service is perfect for sightseeing, local or national tours.

City Crossing: Ideal for groups or bulky luggage, our Intercity Shuttle service caters to city tours, sports teams, and more.

Pet Shuttle: Ensure your furry friends travel in comfort. Choose between private vehicle rentals or a spacious luggage trailer for shared travel.

Welcome & Greeting: For those unfamiliar with Istanbul's airports, our staff will gladly meet you upon arrival.

Travel with Friends: Split the costs and share the luxury of travelling to the airport with friends, with pickups from individual addresses.

Discover the magic of Istanbul with seamless transitions, ensuring you spend less time worrying about logistics and more time soaking in the beauty of the city.

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İstanbul AirportBakirkoy - Bahçelievler
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İstanbul AirportKadikoy-Tepeüstü
İstanbul AirportEsenler Bus - Coach Station
İstanbul AirportTaksim - Beşiktaş
İstanbul AirportSabiha Gokcen Airport
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Current line information can be accessed via HAVAİST 
İstanbul Airport1 Mahmutbey Metro
İstanbul AirportH-2 Mecidiy
İstanbul AirportH-3 Halkali
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Current line information can be accessed via İETT 
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İstanbul AirportLüleburgaz - Babaeski - Edirne
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Current line information can be accessed via HAVABÜS 
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Sabiha Gokcen AirportE10 - Kadıkoy
Sabiha Gokcen AirportE11 - Kadıkoy
Sabiha Gokcen AirportE9 - Maltepe
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Sabiha Gokcen Airport132 - Kartal - Tepeören
Sabiha Gokcen Airport18H - Sultanbeylit
Sabiha Gokcen Airport16S - Yenişehir - Kozyatağı - Metrobüs Uzunçayır



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