Bagdat Street Attractions


Bagdat Street Attractions

Places to See On Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street is the most popular street on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Located in the Kadıköy district, the street stretches from Bostancı to the Bostancı Bridge in Kızıltoprak. This street is of great importance not only for Istanbulites but also for domestic and foreign tourists. The 9-kilometer street is one of the places that are the heart of Istanbul. On Bağdat Street, you can find everything you need, from famous brands, and all kinds of shopping stores, to famous cafes and restaurants. Bagdat Street, one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, where the big brands are located, is one of the busiest spots in Kadıköy. Many domestic and foreign tourists who want to shop usually visit this point and access the brands through this address. Bagdat Street, which is connected to the Caddebostan district in Kadıköy, allows you to taste different flavors and shop to the fullest with its famous restaurant chains, cafes, eating and drinking venues, and shopping malls, and doubles its population in the summer months.

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Discover Bagdat Street İn İstanbul

Shopping On Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street was selected as the 4th best shopping boulevard in the world, passing the Champs-Elysées street-Paris and 5th avenue in New York, in a research conducted by a French firm. As a matter of fact, many famous brands around the world have stores on the street. Louis Vuitton, Brandroom, Vakko, Burberry, Dkny, Diesel, and Benetton are a few of them. These stores are always stylish and flashy. Especially on New Year's Eve and during organizations such as Istanbul Fashion Week, the street becomes even more attractive and lively with the events led by the stores, the concerts of music groups, and the performances of dance groups. The wide and always clean street is the right address for pleasant shopping.

Things To Do On Bağdat Street

It is almost impossible to be on Bagdat Street on the Anatolian side without walking to the Maltepe shore. The shore is only 7 minutes away from Bağdat avenue you can go there and enjoy the view at sunset with soft drinks! In addition, there is Maltepe Park Shopping Center, which is a very large shopping center, with 240 brand stores, a food court for 2000 people, 36 restaurants and cafes, a very large Carrefour hypermarket, a cinema, and a large car. The park can accommodate around 3500 cars. In Maltepe Park AVM, activities such as children's theater every Saturday, children's entertainment, and food festivals are held every Sunday. So maybe first go to the big mall and park your car there and head to Baghdad street to find a restaurant to enjoy some quality walking and enjoy your meal

Walk On Bagdat Street

Best Cafe&Restaurant Bagdat Street

The Townhouse, Suadiye

On the Anatolian side of Bagdat Street, The Townhouse is a famous place that makes people wait in a long queue in front of the door, for delicious food and drinks.

Address: Suadiye Mah. Beach Road Street No:13 Suadiye

Pigalle, Suadiye

Pigalle, one of the best on Beach Road, is quite assertive with its cocktail and food menu. As soon as you step inside, a spacious environment welcomes you. Beautiful decoration and a warm atmosphere offer you the opportunity to relieve the tiredness of the day. In the restaurant, which is preferred for dinner, hummus on crispy buckwheat bread and tenderloin with figs, ginger, and fresh coriander are among the favorites. Cocktails: Negroni and Soulmate.

Address: Beach Yolu Street, 12A, Suadiye

Burrito Shop

Burrito Shop is another place to be preferred with its Mexican style food. If you like spicy and different dishes, you can stop by the Burrito Shop where you can find delicacies from Mexican cuisine. When you want to try Mexican food this is the right place. The swings used in its interior design are other points of interest. Burrito Shop is worth a try!

Address: Caddebostan Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi No: 298, Kadıköy, Istanbul

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