İstanbul International Airport (İST)-New Istanbul Airport


İstanbul International Airport (İST)-New Istanbul Airport


Istanbul Airport is Turkey's largest international airport serving Istanbul. Located between Arnavutkoy-Tayakadin and Akpınar villages, the airport was put into service on 29 October 2018. The first flight from Istanbul to Ankara was made on 29 October 2018 with the code TK 2124. It has 2 terminals that can be expanded to 76.5 km2 and six independent runways with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers when all stages are completed. Although the project name of the airport was determined as Istanbul New Airport while it was under construction, its name was changed to Istanbul airport when it was completed.

There is a test center established on an area of 5,000 m2 at Istanbul Airport due to COVID-19. PCR, Antibody, and Antigen tests are carried out and it has a daily capacity of 10,000 tests.

Istanbul Airport Fast Pass-Valet-Parking-Visa

- There are charging sockets in the seating area of ​​the Istanbul airport and, in addition, charging areas with USB inputs.

- There are 44 masjids (mosques) in total, 22 male and 22 female, and 1 worship area belonging to other religions, one at the F pier, where the F gates are located, at the departure floor of Istanbul airport.

-The valet service fee at Istanbul airport is 5 USD. The parking fee is not included in the price. You can pay the valet fee at the payment points located next to gates 9 and 13 on the arrival floor.

- Carboys at 2 different points on the departure floor at Istanbul airport, after passport control, provide guests with free drinking water service.

-Istanbul airport baggage wrapping service is available at the departure gates 3 and 5 entrance gates. The luggage wrapping fee is around 5 USD.

-You can buy Istanbul airport fee stamps with cash or credit card from the fee stamp devices located right in front of the passport control point on the departure floor of the TR Ministry of Finance. However, you can also make the payment through banks and provide your pass by presenting the receipt at the passport pass.

- In the Şafak health clinic located at the Istanbul airport, 7/24 paid outpatient services are provided.

- In accordance with the Public-Private Cooperation published by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, parking fees apply; Disabled citizens who want to use the car park free of charge for a maximum of 15 days must be in the vehicle in person and present the necessary documents.

You can benefit from valet and parking services with IGA Pass membership packages.

- There are 3 IGA Pass service and sales points on the departing passenger floor within the Istanbul airport. One is at the D counter in the domestic terminal, the other is at the M counter in the international terminal and the last one is next to the information point after the passport pass.

-You can make a reservation for the hotel with Yotel's signature in the terminal via or email address.

-There are nap areas (short sleep) in the terminal where you can rest free of charge in many areas. You can also rest in the sleeping cabins in the international departures area for a fee.

Istanbul Airport HAVAIST and IETT

-You can have your excess belongings delivered to the staff (Porter) at the stations located near the airport departure floor entrances 2, 5, and 7. On the arrivals floor, you can complete your journey comfortably by carrying your excess belongings through the porters in the area where the luggage belts are located.

-You can leave your luggage in the two "Luggage Deposit" areas on the arrivals floor and in the luggage lockers on the departure floor, for a fee.

- There is a car wash service on the R floor of the Istanbul airport car park, and our guests who deliver their vehicles to the valet can benefit from this service.

-Payment in cash from manual and automatic payment devices located on the L-8 axis at P2 exit points, on the P3 floor of the Red and Green car park, in 6 elevators in the car park, on the P5 floor, next to the walking paths, and with a total of 26 automatic payment devices and credit cards, next to the elevators on the P6 terrace floor. You can pay.

-You can buy your IstanbulCard from the ticket machines on the transportation floor of the airport and top up your card from the same ticket machines. You can reach the transportation floor by going down to -2 floors and in the directions with the elevators located before the entrance doors of the passenger and arriving passenger floors.

-Payment can be made in cash or by debit/credit card in the vehicle at ticket sales points or designated stops while boarding the Havaist.

- At our airport, where HAVAIST and IETT buses depart, you can reach the transportation floor by taking the elevators in front of the entrance doors of the passenger and arrival floors to -2 floors and by following the "Transportation Floor" for directions.

-Lost luggage and lost property can be accessed from the left luggage office located across the R check-in island, beyond the 7th entrance gate on the departures floor of the terminal.

-Lost driver's license, passport, ID, etc. If the documents are not in another item, they are delivered to the airport security unit.

Watch Video on how to reach public transportation at İstanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport Assistant Service

Usually, assistance (Assistant) services are provided by airlines. You can visit your airline's website for a service request. Notifying the airline in advance of your request and making a reservation will shorten your waiting time for the service.

When you arrive at the airport, you can reach the relevant airline service provider via the assistant call phones located in front of the entrance gates. You can rest on the bench opposite the first entrance door and wait for the relevant personnel to arrive.

THY Disabled and Elderly Passenger Assistance Service

Sick and disabled passengers, the elderly, children, special passengers with language problems or fears, and the visually impaired who request assistance from Turkish airlines are taken from the plane and dropped off at the specified time, according to the check-in schedules. For this purpose, service is requested by sending flight and identity information to the relevant airport call center.

''Istanbul Airport, as Turkey's Accessible Airport, offers Airport assistant service for the disabled and elderly passengers' right to travel independently. Accessible travel is everyone's right''

Disable Passenger Service Points

Guests who need a quieter space and want to charge their electric wheelchair before check-in can use these rooms by using the phone in front of the door. In addition, there is a closed area for guests who want to remove their prosthesis and give it under the plane, and flight information screens that will help guests wait for the check-in time without experiencing stress.

There are two special passenger service points at the airport, located in the B and M check-in sections, in the departures floor check-in area.

Istanbul Airport Free Wi-Fi

There is a one-hour free Wifi service at Istanbul airport. You can use the service with SMS or passport number entry.

Sign in via SMS for free Wifi:

-Iga Mobile login is clicked.

-After selecting the flag for the country code, the number is entered without entering the area code, the contract is approved and the enter button is pressed.

-Enter the SMS code received on the mobile phone and press the continue button.

Login with a Passport number for Free Wifi:

-Passport is scanned and verified over the kiosk and the code to be used for the password is obtained.

-The phone is connected to Wi-Fi and the passport entry is clicked on the page that opens.

-Passport number and password obtained from the kiosk are entered, the contract is approved and the login button is pressed.

- If you are having trouble using the Wi-Fi service, you can get support by calling 444 01 45.

Istanbul Airport Hotel

YOTEL Istanbul Airport is one of the largest hotels in the world and one of the largest in Europe, with a total of 451 including 171 for land rental and 451 for air rental. It can be accommodated for international travel from Istanbul. To get rid of YOTEL students avoiding the tall ones that allow them to log in and out on their own. In addition, as YOTEL Istanbul, the hotel offers meeting rooms of various sizes with high-tech equipment for business travelers and business travelers.

Visa from Istanbul Airport

For citizens of countries subject to visas, there are 2 visas before the passport after landing at the aircraft gates. Visas are obtained through these offices. You can purchase preliminary information and apply at before you come to Turkey in order not to live where a visa may be found.

Visa for Connecting Flights

If you are going from abroad to Istanbul Airport, on your way to departure after security check You can continue a flight. But in this case, you will be logged in to have a trunk.

Istanbul Airport Public Transportation

Another alternative to reach Istanbul Airport from different points of the city is Havaist buses. Havaist provides service to the new airport through 19 different lines departing from different centers of the city such as Taksim, Kadıkoy, Besiktas, Yenikapi, Pendik, and Mecidiyekoy. If you decide to reach Istanbul Airport with Havaist, it is useful to know that the only valid payment method for these buses is Istanbul Card. Before your trip, make sure you take your Istanbul card with you and have sufficient funds in it.


IETT, (the cheapest way of transportation in İstanbul) has 4 different lines serving transportations to/from Istanbul Airport. Details of these lines serving only on the European side are as follows:

H-1 Mahmutbey metro - İstanbul Airport line

H-2 Mecıdıyekoy - Istanbul Airport line

H-3 Halkali - Istanbul Airport  line

H-4 Ataturk airport - Istanbul Airportline


The only price of Havaist is 21 TL. and the first information was collected from the books. The fact that charges are made through IstanbulKart at the moment is something that teaches learning. At this time, there are not many problems with coronavirus. Another problem is about 50 TL for a single pass over the private and commercial application. (Radars with belts send the 2019 summer season and delayed radars.)


Istanbul Airport Private Transfer Services And Suppliers

Tourism and transfer operators in the passenger reception area in the international arrivals section of Istanbul airport:


There is Baf Turizm-By Coach Travel-Carme Turizm-Donat Turizm-Easy Transfer-Mokan Tur Turizm- Murat Turizm  (Murat Shipping has two offices in the same company)-Royalvan- Yusra Tourism. Cab Istanbul continues as a service in the old office rental company, as a service other than growing online and renting its office. In this way, you can prove your accuracy by magnifying 300% in online Cab Istanbul transfer services.

Istanbul Airport Taxi

Taxis at Istanbul Airport serve in front of the passenger exits of the Domestic and International Terminals, and as of August 2021, a passenger reception and sales office, similar to the tourism agency offices affiliated with the taxi cooperative, has been given to the taxi drivers in the arrival hall. We do not have any experience about whether the sales price made from the office will be made using the old-fashioned taximeter method or the tourism transportation method, according to the pricing method according to the regions.

If a service similar to tourism agencies is provided under the right conditions, it will be beneficial for the service recipients.

It is calculated by adding the km price to the starting price when you exit the arrival hall at Istanbul airport and take a taxi. If you want to reach your destination by taxi and the road will not be extended, km prices are reasonable. July 2021 pricing is as follows.

Taximeter opening fee: 5.50 TL Kilometer fee: 3.50 TL

Its taxis operate with the same tariff 24 hours a day, you can find a taxi from/to the airport 24/7.

Trolleys- For Luggage

Airport luggage trolleys are used with the deposit method. When you pay for luggage trolleys with cash, credit card, or credit card, you can receive your luggage trolley in the system with a QR code receipt. When you want to return your luggage trolley, you can get your deposit back by scanning the QR code. Since the QR code generated by the dispenser matches the luggage trolley you purchased, you must ensure that the correct QR code is scanned when delivering the trolley.

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