Where To Buy Cheap Clothes İn İstanbul


Where To Buy Cheap Clothes İn İstanbul

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothing in Istanbul?

The central address of wholesale clothing is Merter and its surroundings. As you already know, our country has developed a lot in textiles. It exports textile products to many places, especially Russia and Europe. The wholesale export center is in Merter and Laleli. It is more focused on Laleli evening dresses, Man suites, underwear, leather products, and much more, it's also possible to retail sales but retails is not common around that area. It is suitable for tourists in places. Laleli is more expensive than other places.

If you are wondering about the best place to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul, book a car with English speaking local chauffeur to show you all the alternatives as well as book airport transfers to make your Istanbul trip efficient and hassle-free.

Cheap Shopping Stores in Merter

Merter, The Center Of Cheap Wholesale And Retail Clothing

Here you can find all kinds of products. Merter is the cradle of shopping for both man & women's underwear and hijab wear, plus size wholesale clothes, evening dresses, trousers, shirts, and imitation brand products. Retail products are scarce, there are more wholesale outlets. It is very easy to reach Merter's busiest shopping street. Get off at the Merter stop with the metro, then go up to the bridge. Head to the right and you'll find a wide variety of wholesalers across the street. Uzbeks, Azeris, Kazakhs, and Africans shop a lot in Merter, the biggest customers of the region are foreigners. Mahmutpaşa, Beyazıt, and Bayrampaşa are other cheap clothing shopping places.

Wholesale and retail clothing companies and many boutiques in the textile sector sell in their stores by shopping in accordance with the store's budget. There are many stores in Istanbul for wholesale clothing for women, socks, underwear, children, men, plus size, hijab, and baby cloth.

Cheapest Shopping Areas In Istanbul

Bayrampaşa, Merter, Mahmutpaşa, Beyazıt, Yenibosna, Mahmutbey, Kadıköy, Tekstilkent, Eminönü, Güngören, Esenler

Merter Wholesale Clothing Stores

Noseda Tekstil: A.Nafız Gürman Mah. Merter

Allday Charm Tekstil: Mehmet Nesih Özmen, Merter/Güngören/İstanbul

Macawi Tekstil: Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman,  Güngören/İstanbul

Delmaro Tekstil: A.Nafız Gürman Mah. Merter 

New Girl: Keresteciler Sitesi/Merter

Zayfa: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi Merter 

Antony Josue : Güngören/İstanbul

Ekipler Tekstil: A.Nafız Gürman Mah./ Merter

Enisse Tekstil: M.Nesih Özmen Mah. Merter  Güngören / İstanbul

Savara Merter: Mehmet Nesih Özmen, Mahallesi, Güngören/İstanbul

Merter Wholesale Textile Street: Güngören/İstanbul

Simza Tekstil: Fatih Cad. Merter

Arin Tekstil: M.Nesih Özmen Mah, Merter / Güngören/İstanbul

Hacker Denim – Toptan Kot Pantolon Merter: Güngören/İstanbul

Zoom Merter: M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Güngören/İstanbul

Roni Wolf: M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Güngören/İstanbul

Code Tekstil: A.Nafız Gürman Mah. Merter

Mode XL – Merter Wholesale – Big Size For Man  Güngören/İstanbul

Panaline:  M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Güngören/İstanbul

Zirav Pantolon:  M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Merter, Güngören/İstanbul

Studio 34 Tekstil: Fatih Cad.  Merter  Güngören / İstanbul

Bespika:  M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Güngören

XINT Toptan Giyim:  Fatih Cad.  Merter

Zirwe Tekstil:  Merter  Güngören

Szn Collection: M.Nesih Özmen Mah. Merter

İzza Redy Tekstil: M.Nesih Özmen Mah. Merter  Güngören / İstanbul

Hipnoz & Milano Tekstil: M.Nesih Özmen Mah. Merter  Güngören / İstanbul

Ak Tekstil: A.Nafız Gürman Mah. Nadide Cad. No:15 Merter

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