Grand Bazaar İstanbul


Grand Bazaar İstanbul

What İs The Best Bazaar For Tourists İn Istanbul?

Grand Bazaar, the favorite shopping and sightseeing center of Istanbul /Turkey and the world, the most visited touristic bazaar and financial center, continues to attract attention as usual, despite being among hundreds of modern shopping malls with the mission it has undertaken throughout history to the present. If you are visiting Istanbul for the first time and you have limited time, you can call Cab Istanbul and book a car with a driver who speaks your language and save time, may you book just an Istanbul transfer you can get more information about bazaars from your driver. Moreover, we provide visitors with all information! Let our experienced team know if you want to hear new inspiring stories while you use our services.

See Grand Bazaar Before Shopping

History Of Grand Market Of İstanbul

If you are going to the Grand Bazaar for the first time, it can be said that a giant labyrinth awaits you. You can start wandering around the bazaar for hours and aimlessly without knowing where the streets lead. Even if you do not know where you are going, it will give you great pleasure to wander for hours in the bazaar, where there is detail in every corner and every square meter. Even if there are contract products in some showcases, the spirit of 500 years ago is still alive and well. 

Structure Of Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, founded in 1461, resembles a huge maze with its aesthetic design. The historic shopping area with 60 streets and more than 3600 shops covers a total area of 30,700 square meters. Istanbul can be expressed as an attraction in tourism and business sense. At first sight, the arena presents a complex structure with colorful elements in the world. The Grand Bazaar has been exposed to more than 20 earthquakes and fire disasters until the fire in 1954 and it has taken its current form with the renovations made after the 1894 earthquake. Although it was opened in 1461 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and declared the year of establishment, the main big bazaar was built by Sultan Suleiman as a wooden. In addition to precious items such as jewelry, precious metals, and fur. Actually, there are not only shops in the Grand Bazaar. It is available in the content of the bazaar and is open to use, such as in mosques, masjids, coffeehouses, restaurants, and cafes.

Since the streets of the grand bazaar are the places where artisans do the same work, they are named according to business lines such as scarves, aromatic spices, or even a colorful, handmade rugs, and Jewellers. Grand Bazaar is one of the most visited places in Istanbul. After 2015, with the influx of Arab tourists, there were changes in the bazaar, and most of the shops evolved by selling Turkish delights, spices, and nuts.

Antique Dealers Istanbul/Grand Bazaar

History Of  Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, built in the 15th century, is the world's oldest bazaar. The Grand Bazaar was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet (1444-1481) right after the Ottoman Empire's conquest of Istanbul in 1453, on the ruins of the Old Byzantine Empire to provide financial resources for Hagia Sophia.

The construction of the Grand Bazaar was started in 1461 as a wooden structure. The fact that the bazaar has become what it is today (constructed of stone and brick) aims to protect the goods of fabric manufacturers against fire. The first structures in the Grand Bazaar are Cevahir (Inner Bedesten). Another old building is Sandal Bedesten. Bedesten, which is a vaulted and fireproof part of the Grand Bazaar, takes its name from (fabric) cloth. Bedestens are examples of Ottoman architecture. Cevahir Bedesten, which was built primarily for the trade of fabric derivatives, and later with the expansion of the covered bazaar, became the main market for gold and other jewelry. Located in the center of the bazaar, the hotel also hosts a bank. Taking its name from a type of fabric woven from silk and cotton fibers, Sandal Bedesten covers an area of   2,435 square meters and is covered with 20 lead-covered domes. Istanbul Municipality used Sandal Bedesten as an auction house from 1914 to 1980.

The Most Colorful Bazaar İn The World

What To See İn Grand Bazaar?

Topkapi Palace was the administration of the Ottoman Empire, while the Grand Bazaar was referred to as the financial center. Today, it is a touristic bazaar and still maintains the charm of being a financial center because of the majority of jewelers. Many large and small shops in the form of a labyrinth in the complexity of the market reduce the complexity of jewelers, leather shops, carpets, etc. A separate location has prevented a little bit of confusion.

The names of many of the streets still give information about what was done on this street in the past. When you go to the bazaar today, it is possible to reach the masterworks and pieces of many craftsmen. However, unfortunately, there are also fake and imitation products in some of the shops.

A place where every visitor will find something special. Precious Oriental rugs as you can find an appropriate gift to each of your memories of Istanbul, elaborate oriental clothes, ceramic goods, silver jewelry, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, and necklaces, and specific to Turkey leather jacket and imitation bag models in your mind. You can find what you have dreamed of.

One of the most popular things in the bazaar lately is the Grand Bazaar Nusret Steak Restaurant.

Nusret Restaurant/Grand Bazaar Branch

Things to Consider While Shopping in the Grand Bazaar

Including the method of auctioning once the most valuable items; Bedestens selling carpets, gold, and antiques are now filled with stalls selling imitation watches, imitation bags, imitation clothes, accessories, spices, and Turkish delight to tourists. Its customers, its products, and its tradesmen, all have changed. Of course, the Grand Bazaar is the best address to find rare quality and authentic products. The first price is never the last price! If you say that I never shop in tourist places, you should stop by the absolute bazaar and take a stroll for history and take lots of photos. The Grand Bazaar has lived like a fairy tale world in the books of the tourists and the art of the painters of every period. Visit the world's oldest bank, the oldest shopping center, the most mysterious and magnificent horizontal market, or the eighth wonder.

Caution while shopping in the Grand Bazaar:

1) The first price you see is not the final price.

2) The main purpose of the sellers is to get the highest profit by selling you the cheapest product for the most expensive.

3) The probability that the product you buy is original is 50%.

4) The story told about the product is deceptive.

Note: If you know what is written above, shopping in the Grand Bazaar is very enjoyable. Walking around the bazaar and taking photos is as interesting as shopping. Our advice is that you should definitely visit the bazaar, there are wonderful things that will interest you according to your budget.

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The Grand Bazaar used to be closed on Sundays.

It is now open between 08:30 and 19:00 every day, except for public Bairam and formal holidays.

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