Cumalikizik Village / Bursa


Cumalikizik Village / Bursa

700 Years Old Ottoman Village

Cumalikizik Village, one of the first settlements of the Ottomans in Bursa, carries the housing texture of the Ottoman period to the present day with a total of 270 houses, 180 of which are still in use, and some of them are conservation under restoration works.

The remains of a church belonging to the Byzantine period were discovered in 1969 in the Ihlamurcu locality on the outskirts of the Uludag Mountain, southeast of the Cumalikizik settlement.

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The Ottoman Principality established near Bursa succeeded to dominate the region shortly after its establishment and conquered Bursa in 1326 and İznik in 1331 and established its presence in the region. This enabled Ottoman subjects to unite here and form cities and villages. Cumalikizik was established as a foundation village and this feature is reflected in the residential fabric residential architecture, and lifestyle. Stuck between the steep skirts to the north of Uludag and the valleys, the local villages are called” Kizik due to their location. For the separation of the villages from each other Derekizik close to the creek, Fidyekizik ransom, and the village of Friday prayer by collecting the prayer is called Cumalikizik.

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Cumalikizik Houses

Cumalikizik houses are generally three stories; It is known that families who are related to each other life together in full cooperation and harmony. Cumalikizik consists of 270 houses, but 180 houses are used today.

The privacy of the family has been paid great attention to when building houses. On the outer parts of the houses, the ground and first floors and courtyards are built with rubble stone and wooden beams suitable for street pavement. The upper floor is made of a wood-bearing hinge, and the roof is covered with Turkish-style tile. It is not possible to see the house from the street. Windows on the upper floors are caged or bay windows. In Cumalikizik houses two types of plans were generally applied. The first is an outer courtyard surrounded by a wall built of rubble stones. From here you can go to the entrance door and the living part.

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