Uludağ Ski Center/ Bursa


Uludağ Ski Center/ Bursa

Best Ski Center Of Turkey

Uludag Ski Center is the most popular ski center & resort in Turkey, as it is constantly under snow between October and April and is close to Istanbul. Uludag National Park and Ski Center, which has one of the highest peaks in Turkey, is one of the rare jewels in the world. Being located in a relatively warm region of Turkey and having a peak with such snowfall makes this place indispensable. In addition to all other ski sports, there are tracks suitable for many ski styles where professional athletes can ski. Uludağ's famous cable car offers a pleasant journey between Bursa-Kadıyayla and Kadıyayla-Sarıalan. Uludag is waiting for you for a pleasant holiday.

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Uludag National Park & Ski Center

Uludag, which is one of the first symbols that comes to mind when Bursa is mentioned, is 36 kilometers south of the city and at a height of 2 thousand 543 meters, it is one of the most popular winter sports centers of our country. Uludağ,  with its unique beauties in 1961 became a National Park, its most attractive place in Bursa with the richness of flora and fauna; In addition to winter tourism, it attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists by providing camping, trekking, and daily picnic activities in summer months. With these features, Uludağ has a nature that serves tourism in all seasons. The highest point of the national park is Uludağ 2543 m. Other elevations are Zirvetepe 2468m, Kuşaklıkaya 2232 m, Çobankaya 1750 m, Bakacak Hill 1743 m. It has plateaus such as Sarıalan 1621 m, Kirazlıyayla 1505 m, Kadıyayla 1235 m, and streams such as Dombay Çukuru Stream, Softadere, Derinçay Stream, which are tributaries of Nilüfer Stream.

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Skiing has been done in Uludağ since 1933. The number of snow-covered days in Uludağ, which is the most important winter sports and ski center in our country, is over 150 days a year. The world-famous Uludağ ski slopes are built on the Fatintepe and Kuşakkaya hills. Uludag Ski Center, I. and II. It consists of two separate regions, namely Development Regions. I. Development Zone has completed its investments. In the first development zone, there are a total of 36 accommodation and recreation facilities, 17 of which are public and 19 are private. The total bed capacity is around 10,000. Declared a tourism center in 1986, II. In the Development Zone, there are 4 hotels. Uludağ ski resort has suitable geographical conditions in terms of Alpine and Nordic disciplines, "Tour skiing" and "Helicopter skiing" applications. Apart from skiing, snowboarding, bigfoot, ice skating, and snowmobile activities are the alternatives offered to the visitors. There are 15 mechanical facilities, 8 Teleferik, and 7 chair lifts, in the hotel's area. 13 different runways are currently in service. The ski center is 36 kilometers from Bursa and 150 kilometers from Istanbul. One of the extraordinary beauties Uludağ offers to its visitors is cable car transportation. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes. It is possible to cross the 7-kilometer road by minibus to reach the Hotels Zone from Sarıalan.

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