Bursa Inegol


Bursa Inegol

Bursa- İnegöl, with a population of 270,000, has an area of 1006 km2. It is the district of Bursa, famous for its furniture production, with a population of 270,000. It is worth noting that in addition to being a large and modern industrial city, it is bigger than many cities in Turkey.

The oldest known name in the Roman Period: Angelacoma; The history of İnegöl, according to the findings obtained from the archeological excavations, dates back to BC. It dates back to 3000 years. Hittites, Britons, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians ruled in İnegol, which has a history of 5000 years.

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All About Bursa / Inegol

Inegol, which has a strong economy with industrial and agricultural activities, is one of the densely populated cities. The cosmopolitan in Turkey is the best example. İnegöl is a modern city that continues to develop with its Park, wide streets, and shopping centers. Located on the transportation routes of Anatolia, İnegol is in a central location, which has more than Turkey's cities, Istanbul and Ankara cities are easy to reach, 3-5 hours from transportation. To provide a good advantage in the development of proximity to the ports of Gemlik and Mudanya

Inegol Mineral Waters

Before Inegol was known for furniture and agriculture, it was a city that attracted attention with its mineral waters. First of all, the mineral waters (Çitli Mineral Water) cured the stomach pains of Sultan Abdulaziz. The mineral water, which has recently won first place in Turkey in the competitions among quality mineral waters, has received 9 gold medals in the competitions held in 7 countries in America and Europe.

Inegol Furniture Fair

Inegol Furniture

It is the city that has made Turkey a locomotive in the furniture industry by exporting to more than 90 countries, apart from domestic wholesales, in furniture production, which is the main sector of the city with its experience of more than 100 years. Today, 15% of our country's furniture exports are realized from İnegöl. The İnegöl furniture, which has established its corporate structure and brand since the beginning of the 2000s, has gained great momentum in terms of quality and marketing, especially with its fairs. The İnegöl region, which played a role in meeting the timber needs of the shipyards of the Ottoman Empire until the Republic, transformed the craft they learned as a result of changing conditions into a value by manufacturing furniture as of 1943. İnegöl has an important role in furniture production. Furniture production is mainly on the production of beds and living room sets, sofas, armchairs, chairs, etc. The furniture produced here is exported to the Middle East, North Africa, and EU countries.

The Furniture and decoration fair, which was established in 2000 under the name MODEF, was established by the gathering of 150 furniture manufacturers. A furniture shopping center has been opened under the name of Mobiliyum since 2015 in İnegöl.

Popular Inegol Furniture Brands

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