Istanbul to Bursa with Expert Guides

Istanbul to Bursa with Experts

Explore the Timeless Charm of Bursa: A Seamless Drive from Istanbul Nestled between verdant hills and steeped in history, Bursa is more than just a destination—it's an experience. Embarking on a journey from the bustling heart of Istanbul to the ancient allure of Bursa has never been more comfortable with our dedicated car and driver service.

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Journey from Istanbul to Bursa: Experience Turkey with a Private Chauffeur

Journey from Istanbul to Bursa: Experience Turkey with a Private Chauffeur

Journeying Through Time: Cab Istanbul's Drive to the Enchanted Land of Bursa

In the realm of journeys, some paths are not merely about moving from one point to another, but about bridging epochs, cultures, and tales. With Cab Istanbul's Car with driver service, a day's sojourn to Bursa becomes a transportive experience, a dance across time's tapestry. Here, in the cradle of Ottoman history, Bursa's emerald mountains and Byzantine whispers beckon, waiting to share their millennia-old stories.

As you sit back in the modern comfort of our well-appointed cars, our seasoned drivers navigate the landscapes – both historical and physical. The road to Bursa unfolds like a manuscript of nature's poetry, with each turn revealing another verse of Turkey's rich heritage. From the verdant foothills of Mount Uludağ to the age-old silk markets, Cab Istanbul ensures you not only travel comfortably but deeply – taking in the essence of the place, its history, its rhythm, its soul.

Join us on this curated journey. Let the past and present blur in a mosaic of experiences, as you traverse the road less traveled, led by the steady hands of our professional drivers. With Cab Istanbul, the voyage to Bursa isn't just about reaching a destination, but about embracing an odyssey of discovery. Check private transfer to/from Istanbul-Bursa


Daily Bursa Tours

Bursa: A Tapestry of Green, History, and Flavor

Often christened as "Green Bursa", this ancient city draws its title from verdant gardens, parks, and its pivotal role in a fertile agricultural realm. Bursa is a city where you don't merely 'see' things, but you feel, taste, and immerse in them.

Savor the legendary Iskender Kebab, a culinary masterpiece from the heart of Turkish Cuisine. The lingering sweetness of Bursa's peach and candied chestnut promises to carve a memory on your palate. As you journey through the city, recall the silk caravans of the bygone era, bearing cocoons through the Silk Road into the heart of Anatolia. The city's very soul seems interwoven with tales of Karagöz and Hacivat, figures that have become synonymous with Turkish folklore.

Uludağ, standing tall at a modest distance from Bursa's heart, beckons as Turkey's paramount winter haven. Whether you're gliding on its snowy embrace or sipping tea beneath the vast canopy of a 600-year-old plane tree, Uludağ whispers tales of the ancient and the eternal.

Mudanya, with its coastal allure, offers respite with its seafood delights and rhythmic nightclubs. Here, history meets modernity as the old train station and ferry morph into contemporary accommodations, while the rapid ferries draw lines to Istanbul.

Zeytinbağı or Trilye, tells the tale of a land where olives aren't just grown but revered, and Gemlik's shores hide secrets of perhaps the finest olive oils of Turkey, echoing the name 'Gemlik' with pride.

Cumalıkızık, a village frozen in time, sits under the protective gaze of UNESCO, its Ottoman era wooden houses and labyrinthine streets teeming with tales and travelers.

Then there's Iznik, cradling the eastern edge of its namesake lake, a beacon for Christian scholars and pilgrims due to its historic Ecumenical Councils.

History's Echo in Bursa's Streets

Before Istanbul took its crown, Bursa wore the mantle of the Ottoman state's capital. It proudly showcases its mosques, fountains, bridges, and caravanserais, all under the protective watch of the grand Bursa castle. Wander its ancient streets and experience the very essence of Green Bursa. Let your steps guide you to Nicea, the ancient Greek sentinel now nestling on Bursa's borders, waiting to share its stories.

Journeys to Bursa

From Istanbul, Bursa awaits via bus, cab, or a chauffeur-driven vehicle. The waters offer a scenic route, with the Istanbul-Bursa ferry drawing lines between the two cities. For those mindful of their purse strings, a bus from Esenler might be the choice. However, for an uninterrupted journey, İDO ferries from various Istanbul ports lead you to Mudanya, from where Bursa is but a stone's throw.

A Word to the Wise: For international sojourners, a car with a local guide behind the wheel proves the most effortless way to experience the heart of Bursa.

Winter in Bursa

Between Time's Embrace and Nature's Grandeur/Bursa

If Uludağ's snowy embrace beckons you for skiing, pledge another visit to delve into the myriad tales Bursa whispers. Through written accounts and visual stories, we offer you glimpses of the Ottoman Village, Bursa's culinary heart in its famed Iskender restaurants, and the ancient touchstones of its lakes, waterfalls, bazaars, and mosques. Craft your own 1-3 day odyssey with our guide as your compass. After immersing in these tales, let the rhythm of the city guide your footsteps.

Bursa's Tophane Clock Tower

Erected initially as a sentinel against fire in 1904, Tophane Clock Tower has since marked time for Bursa. Since 2010, the allure of Bursa's greenery drew the gaze of Arab tourists, turning Tophane into a much-trodden path. The surge in popularity of Turkish cinematic tales, especially those echoing the Ottoman past, further amplified this allure. A particular note is the resting places of Osmangazi and Orhan Gazi, ensconced within the Tophane park, pulling in many a pilgrim and historian.

The Verdant Resting Place: Bursa Green Tomb (Yeşil Türbe)

Crafted in 1421 under the watchful gaze of Sultan Mehmet Çelebi, the Green Tomb, with Hacı İvaz Pasha as its architect, stands as both a monument and a symbol for Bursa. From most vantage points in Bursa, the tomb casts its silhouette, as if watching over the city.

Bursa Teleferik: Touching the Skies

Turkey's pioneering cable car line, Bursa Teleferik, first soared in 1963. Not only a city symbol but also Turkey's longest at 9 km, this cable car line threads the skies. Along its stretch are boutiques, eateries, and resting spots. From Teferruc Neighborhood to Uludağ's hotel region, the journey is both scenic and historic. An overhaul in 2014 by Leitner Ropeways rendered it even more secure. And for those pondering the distance - a mere 12-minute glide from Bursa to Uludağ replaces a winding 36-kilometer drive.

Iznik: The Luminous Tapestry of Nicaea

A mere 76 kilometers from Bursa's heart pulses Iznik, an age-old guardian of Ottoman artistry and architecture. Beside the serene Iznik lake, this town is famed for its tiles — azure and gold patterns that grace edifices like the Selimiye and Suleymaniye Mosques of Istanbul.

Iznik, once Nicaea, invites the traveler to wander through epochs. The Green Mosque stands as a sentinel to Ottoman splendor, its tiles narrating stories of sultans and sojourns. The Hagia Sophia Museum, a reservoir of antiquities, speaks to a confluence of faiths. Framed by the grandeur of Iznik Castle and the tranquil banks of Iznik Lake, this town reverberates with tales of empires past. Whether strolling amidst ancient ruins or admiring the craftsmanship in Nilüfer Hatun and Iznik Tile Bazaars, every cobblestone and mosaic piece in Iznik weaves a story of Anatolia's timeless tapestry.

Uludağ Ski Center

Bursa's Wintry Song

Bursa, cradled in history, serves a lavish feast for the senses — from the sweet allure of chestnut candy and the delectable tease of Bursa's peach to the culinary dance of İskender kebab. When winter drapes its snowy cloak over Bursa, Uludağ becomes a beacon for lovers of frosty sports. But beyond its winter call, Bursa echoes tales of The Great Mosque, the rhythmic hum of the Grand Bazaar, the ancient whispers of Bursa Castle, and the calming lull of Uluabat Lake, among many others. Dive into the annals of Bursa's museums, or seek solace in its historic thermal baths. Bursa, with its labyrinth of wonders, beckons. If the city's tale intrigues you, and you yearn for a journey curated with expertise and warmth, reach out to us — your next chapter awaits.

Uludağ: The Whispering Giant of Bursa

Uludağ, or by its ancient name, Olympos Mountain, rises as a sentinel to the skies at a towering 2543 m, cradling within it the soul of Turkey's grandest winter theatre. It's not just its icy allure that beckons adventurers, but its whispered tales that echo through time. The legendary traveler, Evliya Çelebi, penned its magnificence as the "Cebeli Clergy" or the Holy Mountain. To Homer, this was Olympos Misios, the Bithynik Olymp, the amphitheater from where Greek gods, perched on its snowy tiers, beheld the unfolding drama of the Trojan wars.

In the folds of history, Uludağ was also a sanctuary, a haven where the earliest Christian monks sought solace and communion. And while there are whispers of another Olympos, nestled in the embrace of Antalya, it's here, atop Kartaltepe, Uludağ's zenith, that one truly communes with the skies. The mountain's other faces — Sarıalan, Kirazlı, Kadı, and Sobra — are canvases of nature, with Sarıalan greeting visitors as the first embrace of the iconic cable car journey.

In this alpine realm, snow doesn't merely fall; it weaves a tapestry. For 66.7 days, it dances, and for 179.2 days, it blankets Uludağ, turning it into a dream rendered in white

Suuctu Waterfall: Bursa's Liquid Elegy

Tucked away in Çataltepe, a mere 17 km from Mustafa Kemal Paşa, Suuctu is nature's poetry in motion. Birthed from the tremors of a fault line, the waterfall cascades gracefully from 38 meters, more exuberant in winter and a subdued whisper in summer. Amidst beech trees, Suuctu is a respite, a gulp of pure air, an ode to nature.

Saitabat Waterfall: Bursa's Melodic Cascade

Nestled within Kestel's embrace, some 22 km from Bursa's heart, the Saitabat Waterfall sings its ancient song. At an altitude of 630 m, it's not just the waterfall that entices, but the symphony of eateries that line its path. Amidst the falls, these spaces serve memories — be it over breakfast or a meaty feast. And for those who wish to picnic, the song of Saitabat provides the perfect backdrop.

Bursa Waterfal-Suuctu

Cumalıkızık: A Stroll Through Ottoman Memory

In the shadow of Bursa lies the UNESCO treasure of Cumalıkızık Village, a poignant portal to the Ottoman past. Here, the lanes twist and turn, flanked by homes painted in hues of purple, blue, and the gold of yesteryears. No modern encroachments tarnish this 14th-century gem; instead, bay-windowed houses surround cozy courtyards, where stories are shared over meals beneath ancient eaves.

Ayvaini Cave: Bursa's Hidden Whisper

Dubbed Bursa's concealed Eden, Ayvaini Cave cradles untold tales within its rocky embrace. It's a realm of mystery and marvel, though its entrance remains a guarded secret, reluctant to reveal its wonders to the uninitiated.

Oylat Cave: The Subterranean Ballet of Bursa

Within Oylat Cave, a dance of water and stone unfolds. Dripstone ponds, crafted by countless years of droplets, mirror constellations of stalactites and stalagmites. Spanning 665 meters, this two-tiered cavern is a trove of natural artistry. As you wander its passages, tread lightly, for bats flutter in its quiet corners. And as you emerge, a quaint café awaits, where stories can be sipped with tea or coffee.

Visiting Hours: The cave, a testament to nature's patience, welcomes wanderers from 08:00 to 21:00 every day.

Address: Hilmiye Mahallesi – İnegöl / Bursa

The Silken Echoes of Bursa: Koza Han

Emerging from the 15th century, Koza Han stands as a testament to the artistry of Abdulla bin Pulat Shah, commissioned by II Bayezid. Nestled between the grand Ulu Mosque and the Orhan Mosque, this inn whispers tales of trade, travel, and timeless tradition. At its heart, a mosque with a fountain mirrors the sky, recalling the ancient caravanserais. This storied inn, bearing many names across the eons, remains a living relic, echoing with the hum of commerce as it did in its golden days.


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