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Vialand Theme Park & Shopping Mall İstanbul

Vialand Theme Park & Shopping Mall İstanbul

Vialand Theme Park and Shopping Center: A quick Therapy on a Magical day full of adventure

Vialand Theme Park and Shopping Center in Istanbul, Turkey is known as a dazzling gem offering a world where joy and entertainment seamlessly intertwine: This enchanting facility serves as an entertainment and commercial hub by extending an open invitation to explorers, thrill-seekers, and shopaholics from around the globe. Continuing to evolve in a narrative that encapsulates its magnetic allure and dynamic character, the Entertainment and Shopping Center maintains its presence by offering visitors a unique blend of entertainment, fantasy, and fashion experiences. Within its expansive confines, the Theme Park and Shopping Center cater to adventure seekers of all ages, offering adrenaline-filled attractions such as high-speed trains, river safaris, bumper cars, roller coasters, pendulum swings, Safari Tunnels, and countless other units. Alongside extraordinary adventures like the Fantastic Justice Tower and the Prehistoric World, the venue showcases a wealth of retail stores ranging from lively performances to high-end design boutiques.

Hosting hundreds of brands in a layout reminiscent of street-style open-air markets, Vialand provides shopping opportunities while promising a carnival of enjoyment for people of all ages and preferences with its exceptional street-side cafes and restaurant allure. As you navigate through this paragraph, allow yourself to succumb to the ever-changing wonder of Vialand; each turn reveals a new adventure awaiting, and each store entered unveils a tapestry of exquisite products ready to be discovered. If you desire to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of what was once known as İsfanbul, now rebranded as the Theme Park, options for a flawless and personalized journey abound. Opt for a private transfer within the vibrant city of Istanbul or enrich your exploration experience with a rental car with driver. This courteous chauffeur will not only navigate the bustling streets but also stand ready to unveil the city's numerous secrets, serving as a knowledgeable guide throughout your adventure and discovery-filled day.

Vialand Amusement Park & Shopping Mall - Istanbul’s Dual Pleasure Realm

Vialand Theme Park: A Symphony of Thrills, Retail, and Culinary Delights in Istanbul

Vialand Theme Park emerges as a magnificent entertainment canvas with enticing entertainment, shopping and dining options.

Amusement Park is not merely a haven of thrill and delight; it's a bustling symphony of life and vibrancy. Located in Eyüp district’s Yesilpınar area on the European flank of Istanbul, this entertainment behemoth sprawls across an expansive 600 decares. With proximity to the city's central regions like Taksim, Beşiktaş, and Sultanahmet, the park debuted in 2013, swiftly ascending as a magnetic attraction for both local and international visitors.

As you step into the park, you are greeted by an ambiance reminiscent of the enchanting streets known for shopping and open-air restaurants, with the allure of a globally acclaimed amusement park woven seamlessly into its fabric. Vialand is more than a visual and sensory feast; it’s an immersive experience that transports you into a realm where amusement meets lifestyle, where every ride is an adventure, and every shop a trove of discoveries. Marvel at the speed and thrill of a roller coaster that propels you at 110 km/h within a blink, or engage in a whimsical escapade with beloved characters like Dora, Diego, and the Angry Birds through an immersive 4D ride experience. The park's tapestry of entertainment is intricately woven, offering bumper cars and playgrounds for children, creating a mosaic of joy for the entire family. Once the adrenaline subsides, meander through the alluring lanes of shopping complexes within the park. Whether you're on the quest for delightful souvenirs to encapsulate your day or fashionable apparel, the stores within Vialand cater to a spectrum of desires and preferences.

Magical Journey Through Distinctive and Engaging Sections

Despite the passage of years since its inception, Vialand’s allure remains undiminished, presenting a myriad of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. Where vibrant open-air markets and upscale shopping centers converge with a dynamic amusement park, Vialand unveils itself as the quintessential destination for devotees of both retail and recreation.

Jungle Section: The Section in the ground floor of Vialand, the Jungle section beckons with its enchanting allure. A veritable sanctuary for exotic creatures from around the globe, the Jungle offers its younger visitors the thrill of discovery and the joy of interaction with the animal kingdom. With a diverse collection of 400 animals representing 100 species - some of which are sadly extinct - the Jungle promises an educational and enjoyable adventure for the children who step into its captivating realm.

Dungeon Section: For those seeking a brush with the macabre, the Dungeon section opens its ominous doors. This tunnel of fear, a labyrinthine expanse nestled within the park's depths, invites the brave to explore its dark and mysterious corners. What secrets does this enigmatic dungeon hold? Only those daring to plunge into its shadowy embrace will uncover the thrilling surprises that await within.

Little Explorers Section: For our youngest adventurers, the Little Explorers section offers an entrancing journey through diverse cultures. Here, children, accompanied by their guardians, navigate through elongated channels, each segment of the journey introducing them to different cultural facets from around the world. Positioned near the park’s entrance, this section invites families to board boats and embark on a concise yet enriching voyage, accompanied by the melodious tunes of children's songs from various global traditions. It’s a harmonious spot where learning and enjoyment meld, providing a delightful experience for your little ones.

Child-Centric Attractions at Vialand Theme Park

Vialand Istanbul stands as a canvas where imagination meets reality, delivering a symphony of laughter, wonder, and excitement for its youngest visitors. With a collection of attractions designed to enchant and entertain, the park presents a wonderland where each ride tells a story, each turn sparks a smile, and each moment weaves an unforgettable memory.

Firefighters Adventure: Children have long harbored a fascination with firefighters, those brave heroes dashing through flames with valor. The Firefighters Adventure at Vialand allows children to step into these heroic shoes, wielding water guns in small vehicles as they aim for targets amidst a backdrop of simulated flames. As the red “flames” flicker and dance, children revel in the thrill of the adventure, embodying their heroes for a day in an attraction brimming with fun and excitement.

Story Teller Tree: Crafted meticulously for children aged five and above, the Story Teller Tree transports its little visitors into the enchanting world of fairy tales. With remarkable attention to detail, this attraction brings stories to life, creating a magical environment where children can immerse themselves in tales spun from imagination and dreams. One glance at your child's face, lit with wonder and joy, and you’ll know the magic woven by the Story Teller Tree.

Tiny Fast Train: For those who dream of scenic journeys aboard trains, the Tiny Fast Train offers a delightful adventure. Designed for children eager to experience the thrill of a train ride, this attraction promises a journey filled with wonder, a voyage through the delightful landscapes of imagination and play.

Bumper Cars: There’s undeniable excitement in steering a wheel, a spark of thrill in every turn and twist. The Bumper Cars attraction at Vialand offers children the joy of driving, allowing them to navigate their vehicles with glee and enthusiasm. And should you wish to partake in their adventure, to share in their laughter and excitement, the cars are open for parents to join the ride.

Ferris Wheel: Positioned strategically at the entrance, the Ferris Wheel stands as an invitation to joy and delight. Constructed with care and commitment to safety, this carousel promises a gentle ride into the skies, a delightful ascent that offers views and thrills, welcoming visitors to the magic that is Vialand Theme Park.

Fun For Kids İn İstanbul- Vialand

Thrilling Rides for Adults at Vialand Theme Park: Roller Coasters, Water Adventures & More

Experience heart-pounding excitement at Vialand Theme Park with exhilarating rides like the pulse-quickening Roller Coaster and the refreshing Viking water adventure. Explore adrenaline-pumping attractions such as the 360 Adrenaline Amplifier and the unpredictable Crazy River. Don't miss out on the eerie excitement of King Kong and the interactive Safari Tunnel experience for an unforgettable adventure in Istanbul.

The Pulse-Quickening Roller Coaster: For those standing at a minimum height of 140 centimeters and possessing a heart robust with courage, the park’s Roller Coaster is a beacon of supreme excitement. With the ability to surge to speeds exceeding 110 kilometers per hour within a mere three seconds, this ride is not for the faint-hearted. Seekers of supreme thrills might also be enticed by The Adventurer, a ride that whisks you away to heights of 30 meters at 80 kilometers per hour, offering a tantalizing taste of speed and altitude.

Viking - The Water Adventure: The Viking is a water ride designed for visitors above the age of ten, providing an experience that is both thrilling and refreshingly delightful. With riders often describing it as an adventure rich in action, the Viking is one of the two water-centric attractions at Vialand, offering a delightful experience especially for those who revel in water adventures.

360 - The Adrenaline Amplifier: If standing 28 meters above ground and experiencing the world upside-down sounds like your idea of fun, the 360 is your ride of choice. This attraction is a testament to true adrenaline enthusiasm, offering a ride that is breathtaking and pulse-quickening, epitomizing the thrill that Istanbul’s Vialand is celebrated for.

Crazy River - The Unpredictable Water Journey: With the Crazy River, one of the two water rides within the park, expect the unexpected. While some riders might escape the adventure relatively dry, others might find themselves drenched, adding an element of surprise and joy to the experience. The Crazy River, with its height limitations, offers an unpredictable yet delightful ride for children and adults alike.

King Kong - The Adventure Repeats: The King Kong ride stands as another highlight within the theme park’s sprawling landscape. This attraction, popular among visitors, offers an adventure that is both eerie and exciting. Once riders have experienced the unique thrill of King Kong, many find themselves returning for another round, drawn by its magnetic appeal and the adventure it promises.

The Safari Tunnel Experience at Vialand Theme Park: The journey unfolds within a dim, enigmatic tunnel, with targets sporadically emerging from the shadows, inviting participants to take aim and fire. Every successful hit not only racks up points but also marks a moment of small yet significant triumph, a delightful victory savored under the tunnel’s soft, ambient glow. Particularly captivating for young boys around ten, the Safari Tunnel provides a thrilling yet secure experience, offering a playful arena where children can delve into a game of laser tag against a backdrop of tantalizing targets. With joy illuminating their faces and anticipation twinkling in their eyes, youngsters navigate the course, immersing themselves in a tapestry of excitement and gleeful discovery.

Vialand Theme Park Entrance Fee 2024


To facilitate seamless access to its vibrant array of offerings, Vialand presents guests with two convenient ticketing options for the year 2024: the Single Day Ticket and the Annual Card online.. For families with young children, the park extends a warm, cost-free invitation to children aged between 0 and 3, allowing them to explore the magical kingdom without any entrance fee. Children within the age bracket of 3 to 14 years are also considered, with specially priced tickets available for purchase online, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free entry process for families.

For Turkish citizens contemplating a day of exhilarating adventure, the Single Entrance Fee is set at 269 Turkish Lira. It’s imperative to note that pricing for foreign guests may vary.

AttractionEntry Tariff (2024)Description
Jungle Park Access99 TLVenture into a realm where the wild and wonderful coalesce, providing a captivating experience for the curious at heart.
Dungeon Access79 TLDelve deep into the mysteries that lurk within the Dungeon, an attraction designed for those who seek thrill and suspense in equal measure.
Safari Adventure89 TLEmbark on a Safari Adventure where targets and excitement abound, with laser guns and points adding to the flavor of adventure.

SILVER Package

Included FeaturesTicket TypePrice (USD)
Vialand Theme Park Entry + Safari & Dungeon (at Vialand Mall) + Parkur (Single Course) + 1 PhotoAdult (15+)$85.00
 Child (4-14)$85.00

GOLD Package

Included FeaturesTicket TypePrice (USD)
Vialand Theme Park Entry + Safari & Dungeon (at Vialand Mall) + Parkur (Single Course) + Upside Down House + Zipline + Popcorn + 1 PhotoAdult (15+)$100.00
 Child (4-14)$100.00


Included FeaturesTicket TypePrice (USD)
Vialand Theme Park Entry + FastPass + Safari & Dungeon (at Vialand Mall) + Parkur (All Courses) + Upside Down House + Zipline + Hamburger Menu (with drink and chips) + Popcorn + Ice Cream + 1 PhotoAdult (15+)$125.00
 Child (4-14)$125.00

Unveiling Exclusive Access Packages at Vialand Theme Park!

Dive deep into a realm of unparalleled fun with our distinct access packages - Silver, Gold, and Diamond! Each meticulously crafted to offer visitors an exceptional Vialand experience.

Silver Package: A Gateway to Adventure!

Priced at just $85 for both adults and children, the Silver Package is your ticket to a day of thrills and spills. With this package, enjoy entry to the Vialand Theme Park, the suspenseful Safari & Dungeon at Vialand Mall, and a single Parkur course. Top off your day with a complimentary photo to capture the memories!

Gold Package: Elevate Your Experience!

For those seeking something extra, our Gold Package, available for $100, offers everything in the Silver Package plus access to the mysterious Upside Down House, the exhilarating Zipline, and delicious popcorn to munch on as you explore.

Diamond Package: The Ultimate Vialand Experience!

At $125, the Diamond Package is the pinnacle of entertainment. Enjoy all the benefits of the Gold Package with added FastPass access, allowing you to skip the lines! Engage in all Parkur courses, and savor a delightful hamburger menu, ice cream, and popcorn, ensuring a day filled with fun, adventure, and gastronomical delight!


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