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İsfanbul Theme Park / Vialand Shopping Mall

İsfanbul Theme Park / Vialand Shopping Mall

Isfanbul Theme Park (Vialand)

Isfanbul Theme Park provides many entertainment opportunities for everyone from seven to seventy who want to spend an exciting day in Istanbul. It's a great place with a street-style shopping mall and dining area with great views. Formerly known as Vialand Theme Park. It is a complete shopping and living center with dozens of areas where children can have fun with their parents and hundreds of stores to explore. In the park, you can ride the roller coaster that accelerates to 110 km in just three seconds, for a more creative experience, you can go on a wild adventure with Dora, Diego, and Angry Birds with their own 4D ride experience. There are also playgrounds for children, such as bumper cars. When you finish your stroll and attractions in the park, you can wander through the shopping complexes to buy souvenirs and clothes.

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Isfanbul Amusement Park

İsfanbul Theme Park is an entertainment, living, and shopping center opened in 2013 under the name of Vialand, established on a huge land of approximately 600 decares in the Yesilpınar area of Eyüp district, close to the central regions (Taksim, Beşiktaş, Sultanahmet) on the European side of Istanbul. Unlike shopping centers, Isfanbul Theme Park serves as an amusement park close to Turkey's first world-class Disneyland concept, with its shops and restaurants on open streets, a movie theater, and indoor activity areas (jungle).

The magnificent castle we see in fairy-tale movies is very interesting. All day long, you can enjoy shopping with your loved ones, play and entertainment with your children without getting bored, and enjoy the magical world of Isfanbul. One of the world's largest roller coasters is located in Vialand. Also, the Vialand shopping center is ideal to spend some time. Thanks to the unique concept of a Theme Park, the summer months are full of local and foreign tourists. There are approximately twenty entertainment and game units in the İsfanbul Theme Park area.

Have You Seen Disneyland Istanbul?

The Theme park is surely similar to Disneyland, even if you don't try one of the units that can be enjoyed by everyone, big or small, you can enjoy watching. You can often see elementary students participating in a class in a school activity. İsfanbul theme park houses the Vialand Palace Hotel, which consists of very large suites. Thanks to the large show stage with a led screen in the open air, you can encounter an event or festival, especially on weekends. It hosted the 2021 HADO European Championship and the TESFED Turkey Cup.

Conquest of Istanbul Animation

Isfanbul Sections

When it comes to entertainment for children and shopping for adults, the first place that comes to mind in Istanbul is Vialand Theme Park - with its new name Isfanbul theme park. Although it has been years since the opening retains its popularity, it still remains popular. We can say that we would find something for each age group there. When the open-top street market style and the shopping center meet the amusement park, Vialand (Isfanbul) becomes an indispensable place for shopping and entertainment lovers.


Jungle, located on the ground floor of İsfanbul, Jungle is home to exotic creatures from around the world. Especially children who come to visit and enjoy the excitement of discovering. The park has a total of 400 animals of 100 species. Some of these are extinct.


Dungeon, the tunnel of fear or dungeon has opened its doors to those who challenge the fear. In the depths of the tunnel, in the dark corners, what waits for would you like to see a section that should not be opened and experience the fear?

Little Explorers

Mini Explorers, small enough that the little explorer's section, where children are allowed to ride with their companions, helps children to learn about cultures from various countries of the world as they pass through channels of sufficiently long length. In this part of the park, which is close to the entrance of the park, the children ride the boats waiting for them together with their families and make a short cycle. You can listen to children's songs from various cultures of the world. A point where your children will have a pleasant time.

Kids Discovering World

Bumper Cars in İsfanbul Teheme Park


Firefighters have always been the hero of children. Hero firefighters, most children will use small water guns in the vehicles trying to hit the target in the middle. In the middle of the window when the red flames are fired at those points. It is pretty fun for kids.

Story Trailer Tree

Story taler tree for children aged 5, they will feel themselves in a real fairy tale. The attention to detail is well-received, so impressive that you'll know when you look at your child's face.

Tiny Fast Train

Tiny Fast Train, is an adventure for your child for children who would like to feel the experience of riding a train.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars, watching the excitement that a child reflexes with while driving a car, of course, you can ride with them if you would like to share their excitement.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel, the carousel, built well and safely built, will be the first you'll experience right at the entrance


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