Pierre Loti Hill-İstanbul Sunset Observation


Pierre Loti Hill-İstanbul Sunset Observation


Pierre Loti Hill, the viewing cafe, located in the Eyup district on the shores of the Golden Horn, in the hilly area right next to the Eyup Sultan Mosque, is one of the most visited places in Istanbul by both local and foreign tourists. Stop by to sip Turkish coffee or tea against the view of the Golden Horn, take lots of photos, and enjoy the view more closely with the binoculars on the viewing terrace. The name Pier Loti sounded unfamiliar, after all, he lived in Istanbul at one time and wrote his novels while sitting here, taking his name from the famous French novelist and traveler Pierre Loti. Pierre Loti'nin real name "Julien Viaud" dur

The buildings on Pierre Loti Hill were expropriated by IBB in 1997 to bring them into tourism, and the wooden mansions were built in accordance with the original instead of the abandoned houses bearing traces of Ottoman-Turkish architecture serves as a hotel today.

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Pierre Loti Cable Car (Telefric)

Even if you have a car, taking the cable car from Eyup to Pierre Loti Hill adds a different pleasure to the trip, you can reach the cable car operated by IBB by using your Istanbul card. Sipping your coffee in a mystical environment while watching the beautiful and relaxing view of the Golden Horn on Pierre Loti Hill is the best thing to do here.

Golden Horn View From Pierre Loti View

While you try to reach the hill by car from Gaziosmanpaşa side, there is no expectation until you see the crucial side of the hill. It is necessary to emphasize a point where the most beautiful photographs of Istanbul can be taken. You can also try to stay in a boutique hotel on the hill, besides the cafe with a magnificent view, there is also a restaurant. If you have a cemetery phobia, don't go to Pierre Loti for the first time, there is an old big cemetery stretching from the hill to the Golden Horn slope. On the European side of Istanbul, the hill that is climbed to take more cruising and panoramic photos, and another observation terrace on the European side, is an equivalent place to Ulus Cafe. It has the same characteristics as Çamlıca Hill against the Bosphorus on the Asian side.

History Of Pierre Loti Hill in İstanbul

The historical observatory and cafe is an ideal place to watch the aforementioned unique view of the Golden Horn. It is said that Pierre Loti, who saw Turkey as his second homeland, frequently visited this cafe known as "Coffe of Rabia Kadın" at that time and wrote his novel "Aziyade" against the Golden Horn. Today, the area, which has been restored to its original "Turkish quarter" state, consists of places serving as touristic facilities. The region is mentioned as "İdris Mansion Promenade" in Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book. There are many historical buildings around Pierre Loti, which have been frequented by most foreign travelers who have come to Istanbul for more than a century. The wooden Kasgari Lodge with two inscriptions, dated to 1813, is one of them.

 Again, at the entrance of the facility, at the crossroads of the three roads, the building with a round white tombstone written in Persian in front of it is the Çolak Hasan Lodge. The historical building on the row of the Tekke is a Primary School. There is the tomb of a Mevlevi named "Iskender Dede", who died in 1589, right in front of the Mekteb and inside the facility area, which was built by İdris-i Bitlis, who was also an Ottoman history writer. One of the three wells in front of İskender Dede is the famous Wish (or Intention) Well. In Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book about this well; He writes that "those who look at the well see their wishes in the well". On the upper side of the tomb, there are the tombs of the Palace, Ali Ağa, and his family. In addition, the "Cistern", which is thought to have been built in the Byzantine period and used in the Ottoman period, is still in the middle of the facility.

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