Underground Cities in Cappadocia


Underground Cities in Cappadocia

Mazi Underground City

Mazi underground city, the underground is located 18 km from Urgup, is also holding the same from the ancient times. Like all the other cities of Cappadocia, the ancients lived there for a long time without going out to find shelter. Mazi underground city is one of the best places to visit in Cappadocia to experience the life of the underground and breathe the air through the ventilation holes. 

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Cappadocia Underground Cities

Derinkuyu Underground City-Cappadocia

Derinkuyu underground city is located 30 km far away from Nevsehir, the road leading to Nigde City. There are several road signs that point to the city of Derinkuyu. The city of Derinkuyu is the largest of underground cities in Cappadocia that has been named from the deep wells in the region. This giant city consists of 8 floors, enough to accommodate nearly the number of people who are above the city. The visitor wonders how people lived in the past for a long time without having to get out of it, and it remains a mystery how the city of Derinkuyu was built underground in a time when there was no technology

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Derinkuyu Undrground City


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