Pamukkale Travertines / Hierapolis Ancient City


Pamukkale Travertines / Hierapolis Ancient City

Pamukkale Attractions

There is no one who has not heard about Pamukkale Travertines, which look like the cotton land of Denizli. We recommend everyone to see this white place, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Pamukkale is home to a natural wonder that amazes people.

I wish you to give due importance to these white ponds and waterfalls, which are a natural wonder that enchants those who see them in the Ancient City of Hierapolis. So how did Pamukkale Travertine form? What is the best season to explore? Is it easy to reach Pamukkale? Let's find answers to frequently asked questions about Pamukkale and get to know this beautiful formation closely.

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İstanbul To Pamukkale

How did Pamukkale Travertines Form?

What gives Pamukkale its color is the thermal waters and the minerals in these waters. Water rises and reacts with oxygen, when some minerals in the water evaporate, calcium carbonate remains. Calcium carbonate precipitates and hardens over time and travertines are formed. The water temperature varies between 33 and 100 degrees and there are dozens of hot water sources. The turquoise mineral waters in Pamukkale create Pamukkale by painting white everywhere it flows

The Healing Waters of Pamukkale

Pamukkale Travertines stand out not only with their fascinating appearance but also with their healing waters. It is known that the thermal waters here are especially good for cardiovascular stiffness. Apart from that, it is known that these waters are good for rheumatic and skin diseases, eye diseases, and nerve and vascular diseases.

It is not possible to swim in every thermal pool here, as it is both very sensitive and included in the protection list. There are certain pools to swim in Pamukkale and it is not allowed to swim in places other than these pools. It is forbidden to enter the travertines with shoes, if you take a swimsuit, towel, hat, and sunscreen with you, you can swim in one of the Hierapolis king towels

Pamukkale Turkey

Keep Safe Pamukkale Monuments

Previous hotels were built in the region very close to Pamukkale Travertines. At the same time, these snow-white travertines were open to visitors before the rains got harder. Pamukkale is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and needs to be properly protected.

Currently, various measures have been taken to protect Pamukkale, No one can reach the area with a vehicle. The surrounding hotels have also been moved away from the travertines. In addition, incoming tourists can no longer wander all over the Pamukkale, instead, places reserved for tourists can be visited. You can swim in the water on the terraces that are open to tourists. It is also not allowed to enter with shoes. 

Some of the tourists were trying to tear off a piece of travertine as a souvenir, its biggest damage to nature. Also, the piece that was cut off does not remain as white as it is in place. It is becoming too dark over time. Thanks to tourists for the precautions. In addition, the water drainage system has also been kept under control. The continuous flow of water from the source causes moss and yellowing of the travertines. To prevent this from happening, Pamukkale Municipality has also taken the flow of water under control.


Famous Restaurants İn Pamukkale

Hodja's Place: The only facility located where the Crying Kaya Waterfall is. You can eat trout at a very affordable price in this facility. You can either grill the fish on tiles or grill it.

Lamuko's Lokanta: If you are looking for different tastes in Pamukkale, there is also a Japanese Restaurant. Tourists also prefer this restaurant very much. You can come across other Japanese restaurants in Pamukkale.

Pamukkale Restaurant: A nice place where you can eat Denizli Kebab and tandoori. Also, the meatballs are delicious. You can also find various home-cooked meals in this restaurant

Yıldız Restaurant: It is located next to Pamukkale Natural Park. A nice place to eat meat dishes.

Travertine Pide: A restaurant where you can eat delicious pitas. Prices are also quite affordable for the region. It looks like a shabby place, but their pita is delicious.

Best Time To Visit Pamukkale

It may be better to choose the summer months, as there are many open areas to visit in Pamukkale. In addition, the visiting hours of the Pamukkale travertines vary in summer and winter. The winter month covers the time between October 3 and April 14. If you come between these months, you can visit between 08.00-17:00. The summer month covers the dates between April 15 and October 2. During these periods, they open at 08:00. Evening closing is later than in the winter months. Pamukkale Travertines are open in summer until the closing time is 21:00

Pamukkale Travertines

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