Pasabag Chimneys

2019-08-01 11:07:41

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The highest amount of Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia is Pasabag Chimneys. With the acceptance of Christianity in the Cappadocia, the chimneys of Pashaba became the hermitage for. For this reason, some chimneys were carved and the monks settled there. When the magnificent landscape of chimneys, sunsets and clouds meet, the landscape becomes artistic.

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After returning from the Avanos - Goreme road in the direction of Zelve, tourist will reach Pasabag Valley before reaching Zelve. Tourist will see souvenirs on parked buses Pasabag Chimneysn the road of Cappadocia, there is definitely something interesting there. Pasabag Valley is also such a place. Paşabağ Valley, which has interesting mushroom formations in Cappadocia, is one of the places where Peribacası formation and development can be observed. In addition, there are walkways in the Fairy Chimneys is very enjoyable to walk through.

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Imagine how the monks lived in isolation in the chimneys, tourists can also live the same experience as there are hotels in and this is the same style. When tourists stroll through the valley feel a strange inner comfort feeling as if being far away from the real world into the world of fantasy.

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Various shows are held in the Pasabag Valley from time to time. If tourists are lucky enough to arrive on the day of one of these shows. Tourists can also see other photos of the shows in Pasabag Valley

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