Kayakapi Premium Cave Hotel/Cappadocia


Kayakapi Premium Cave Hotel/Cappadocia

Kayakapi Premium Caves - Cappadocia

Kayakapi Premium Caves Hotel, the most magnificent boutique hotel in Cappadocia/Turkey, is also the most attractive hotel in the world. İt’s the supported by World Heritage Center, UNESCO a cave hotel that deserves more than 5 stars.

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Kayakapı Cave Hotel Project

Ürgüp, Kayakapı Neighborhood, is one of the first historical settlements of the city. Kayakapı Residents In 1984, most of the population settled in the "Disaster Houses" neighborhood in Cappadocia, which was newly established next to the Damsa Stream. As a result of these developments, the Kayakapı region gained a mysterious texture that settled in the memory of the city with its semi-ruined structures and natural elements left to its own devices, and on the other hand, it entered the process of disappearing gradually.

It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.  It is located at the borders of Goreme National Park, and it’s known as a Muslim region, but the more influential figure is the Eset Bey Mansion, known as the House of St. Yohannes.  This house is one of the usual stops of the Fener Greek Patriarch's annual visit to Cappadocia.

With the analyzes made within the scope of the Kayakapı Project, 421 traditional structures in the urban texture, made with rock carving and stacked stone techniques and organically integrated with each other, were identified. In addition, churches, mosques, baths, fountains, residences, etc. Some of these are already registered, and some of them are proposed to be registered as a result of planning studies. There are 20 cultural and natural properties that need to be protected, consisting of monumental and civil structures, pigeon valley, and fairy chimneys.

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Ürgüp, the most important center of Cappadocia, the caves and structures that were used as houses for hundreds of years were transformed into the standard hotel room and luxury suites with a pool, with premium caves Cappadocia returned to its glory days

You can be one of the special guests of the ancient Kayakapı in Urgup / Cappadocia, which contains cave houses, and cave churches from the 10th century, and watch the story of how an ordeal turned into pleasure.

If you would like to add a Cappadocia to your Turkey tour and if you are like most travelers starting from Istanbul, you can give a reward to your subconscious feelings from your ancestors by staying in a cave room.

Kayakapi Premium Cave Hotel

Cappadocia Cave Suites

Private properties in Kayakapı, which was declared an urban site, were expropriated as a priority, and investor Kayakapı Premium Caves – Cappadocia was included in this project partnership by the Ürgüp Municipality with the "restore - operate - transfer" mode

It will be possible to express the Cave Hotel Project as the tourism-oriented location of the Kayakapı region, with the priority of protecting the urban structures of the neighborhood and the natural environment. With this project, accommodation facilities will be created within the historical housing texture and the traditions of the past will be revived in accordance with their originality. In this way, the local history and cultural accumulation will be used for tourism purposes in the neighborhood with modern touches. 

İn the project, while making a tourism investment at international standards, where comfort and luxury meet on common grounds, it was aimed to preserve the cultural and natural values ​​that the Kayakapı neighborhood has in its historical texture and to bring it to light again

Shoul We Stay İn Kayakapi Premium Cave Hotel?

Which Airport Should Come For Those Coming To Cappadocia?

There are two airports close to Cappadocia: Cappadocia Airport (NAV) and Kayseri Airport (ASR). In terms of preference, we recommend that you buy the ticket that suits your time and budget.

Does Kayakapi Premium Caves Provide Free Airport Transfer Service?

No, unfortunately, a free airport transfer service is not available. You can buy an airport private transfer or shuttle service from Cab Istanbul.

What Are The Places To Visit Near Kayakapı Premium Caves – Cappadocia?

Kayakapı region is located in Ürgüp, within the borders of "Göreme National Park and the Rocky Parts of Cappadocia", and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Historical and natural attractions such as Göreme Open Air Museum, Uçhisar Castle, and Love Valley are about a 10-15 minute drive away. You can find out the distance from the hotel to the places to visit in Cappadocia from the table below.

Where Are Cappadocia And Urgup?

Cappadocia, most of which is located within the provincial borders of Nevşehir, is a historical region in Central Anatolia. Ürgüp is a district of Nevşehir Province. Ürgüp, which has gained a reputation for being well-adapted to tourism, has become one of the most preferred destinations by tourists thanks to its proximity to the rock churches in Göreme and its vibrant nightlife.

Is Urgup A Nice Place?

Urgup is a settlement and therefore it is known as the heart of Cappadocia. You can also witness the daily lives of the locals by walking through the historical streets of Ürgüp, which is 10-15 minutes away from most attractions.

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