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Best Places to Visit Avanos/Cappadocia/Nevsehir

Best Places to Visit Avanos/Cappadocia/Nevsehir


Avanos-Cappadocia is located in the region of Kızılırmak in the middle of the bustling waterfall, divided into two parts, the Pottery Road, where the earth has been transformed into an exquisite painting. The Aksaray -Gulsehir -Kayseri areas are located on the caravan road. The region dates back to 4000 years from the Hittites to the Ottoman Empire. Avanos is one of the places to visit in Cappadocia with stone houses, pottery workshops, and chimneys scattered around it

Best Way To Travel To Avanos

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From İstanbul To Cappadocia

Zelve Valley

The Zelve Valley is located in Cappadocia, one of the largest outdoor museums, 3 km from Avanos-Cappadocia and 1 km from the Pasabag Valley. visitors will see many fascinating chimneys with sharp edges and large volumes. There are 15 churches in the valley. Zelve Valley was one of the most important religious centres for Christians, especially in the ninth and thirteenth centuries. Learn about the most famous Cappadocia'churches are Uzmalo, Kali, and Jicli, located among the carved structures of the fictional chimneys Zelve Valley

Places to See in Cappadocia

Avanos Most Attraction Places

Gulludere Church

You can reach the church, which is 12 km away from Avanos town center, by public transportation. There are many religious motifs in Güllüdere, which are frequently visited by Christian tourists. The history of the region, which is especially famous for its monastery and church, dates back hundreds of years. The most active place in Güllüdere, which is seen as a quiet town, is the church. Another name for the church, which is located in a small area, is the Church of the Three Crusaders. There are no restrictions on entering the zone.

There is an entrance fee.

Belha Monastery

The region, which is 12  km away from the center of Avanos, is traveled by private vehicles. The monastery, which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year with its historical structure, contains a church. Belha Monastery, which covers an area of ​​​​approximately 700 square meters, has been the subject of many stories. It is among the places you should see with its history dating back hundreds of years. Belha Monastery, which attracts attention in terms of architecture, is preferred for photography.

There are no restrictions on the entrance of the monastery, which is known to be open at all times of the year. 

The monastery has no entrance fee.

Historical Avanos Houses

As the name suggests, Avanos Houses, which date back to ancient times, are located in the very center of the district. These houses, combined with the view of the Kızılırmak, have become the symbol of the district. The architectural structure is intact in the region, where you can take unique photos, especially at sunset. In general, some of the historical houses where the villagers live receive accommodation services for tourists. These houses, which are places to visit in Avanos, are also one of the important motifs of Cappadocia.

Avanos Daily Attractions

Avanos district, which is frequently visited by tourists, is also a suitable region for daily visits. Historical and natural structures in the surrounding areas are among the places that visitors visit frequently.

Dereyamanli Church

The church, which has a structure similar to underground shelters, has great importance for the Christian world. You can visit the Dereyamanlı Church, which attracts the attention of visitors with its architecture, on a daily basis. It is located in many historical sites in the religious area in the district center.

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