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Love Valley- Cappadocia

Love Valley- Cappadocia

Valley of Lovers Cappadocia

On the way to Love Valley "Asiklar Vadisi”, visitors will be amazed by the nature of the vineyards. It would be an amazing opportunity for tracking-lovers to walk all around Cappadocia,  the road from Goreme to Uchisar. Visitors will see the entrance of the lovers' hill of Asiklar Tepesi. But road sign is written for "Bagıldere" rather than Asiklar Tepesi.

Due to the difficulty of entering this area, tourism companies do not reach it. But we recommend that visitors ask the company to arrange a visit to this charming place. Love Valley is the most visited place in Cappadocia, especially by balloon lovers. The visitors are lucky if the weather is good.

The easiest way to visit the popular attraction places in Cappadocia is to rent a car with a driver. Make it possible to visit the region, which attracts attention with its underground cities, fairy chimneys, valleys, open-air museums, hot air balloon tours, pottery workshops, by making a reservation here

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Love Valley Attractions

Love Valley is one of the most fantastic valleys of Cappadocia. The valley, which starts from Örencik and ends on the Göreme-Avanos road, got its name because it is popular with couples, this place is mostly chosen for marriage proposals and the shapes of the fairy chimneys in the valley. I am sharing a legendary story below. You can visit Ask valley, which has a walking track of approximately 5 km, with a walk of approximately 2-3 hours. There are two different hiking trails, namely Göreme–Avanos road or Uçhisar–Göreme road. However, walking in the rough terrain of the valley can be a bit of a challenge for you, so we recommend bringing comfortable outdoor shoes with you. Love Valley is also very suitable for those who love camping.

Three Beauty Cappadocia

Valley of Love Cappadocia

There was a village, which is built on a wetland and very fertile in terms of fruits and vegetables,  there was an enmity between the two families living in the village and the village was divided into two parts. After a while,  some villagers introduced a young girl and a young man to each other in order to eliminate the enmity. Young people loved each other and fell in love with each other. Enemy families did not want the relation of these two people. However, somehow these two young people got married and had children

Enemy families could not digest this situation and killed the young man, and the young girl who could not bear this pain committed suicide. Then stones fell from the sky to the cursed village, and after this incident, it started to be called the Valley of Lovers or the Valley of Love. It is among the rumors that the spirits of deceased lovers come to this region from time to time and talk to the children left behind

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