Waterfalls in Bursa: Suuctu & Saitabat Waterfall


Waterfalls in Bursa: Suuctu & Saitabat Waterfall

Beautiful Waterfall in Bursa Saitabat

Saitabat Waterfall is formed by the water flowing down from Uludağ. Saitabat Waterfall is pouring from the mountain. At the place where the waterfalls flow, which is also called Guvercinlik by the villagers, the rocks are hard despite the flow of water. There are picnic areas around the Saitabat Waterfall, which is famous for its trout cooked with butter and wood fire. In addition to the picnic areas around the waterfalls, there are meat barbecue restaurants and buffets, and this area is used as a recreation area.

There are tables of country restaurants on both sides of the downhill section of the waterfall. The serene sound of the waterfall, the coolness it creates, and the scent of the surrounding trees are natural therapies for visitors. On the outskirts of Uludağ, where the Saitabat Waterfall flows is a favorite spot for those interested in extreme sports. Saitabat Waterfall is located in Saitabat Village in one of Bursa`s districts

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Saitabat Waterfall

Suuctu Waterfall Attractions

Historical and natural beauty in Turkey has an important unique position in world heritage. Suuctu waterfall is one of the natural beauties that Turkey is rich with. Suuctu waterfall is located in the city of Bursa it is approximately 18 km away from the Mustafa Kemal Pasa district of Bursa. In addition, Suuctu Waterfall is a major source of fresh water in the region. Suuctu waterfall is also the largest source of drinking water in Mustafa Kemal Pasha province. Suuctu Waterfall falls from a height of 38 feet. The city center is 17 km away from the hotel. It lies between the forests of beech trees

Bursa Picnic and Breakfast Areas Suuctu Waterfall

Suuctu waterfall offers a wonderful setting with many wooden picnic tables set up for those wishing to have a picnic. For this reason, Suuctu Waterfall, which is especially visited during the hot summer months, has a large area for those who want to have breakfast or barbecue and there is also a picnic area and picnic tables under the pine trees. For many people, the picnic areas of the waterfall, which evaluates at weekends, offer a wonderful environment to be spent with family or friends with a view of nature mixed with water. Suuctu waterfall is a great place for those who live in Bursa or those who are planning to travel to a unique place to spend time with nature

Suuctu Waterfall

Camping in Bursa

Suuctu waterfalls are one of the best camping sites in Bursa, as well as picnic areas and hiking where the blue waterfall blends with the greenery surrounding the forest to create a magnificent view. It is a great place for those who want to camp in the region with its long poplar, pine, and beech trees. Suuctu waterfall is frequently visited for camping with family or friends on weekends. It keeps people away from stressful city life.

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