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Istanbul Attractions: Camlica Hill

Istanbul Attractions: Camlica Hill

Best View Of Istanbul 

Camlica Hill is the most wonderful place where you can watch Istanbul from the top. It is about 3 km from the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. at a distance of 260 meters. It is a beautiful recreational place where you can breathe while enjoying the magnificent Istanbul view on the hill. It is an ideal place for breakfast (brunch) and dinner with a Bosphorus view on weekends. The French thinker Lamartine said, “If they say that you will look at the world one last time, I would like to look at Istanbul from Chamlija hill”.

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Camliga Hill Tour

Çamlica Hill Eat-Drink&Social Facilities

Çamlıca Hill is the best place to look at Istanbul from a bird's eye view since the Ottoman period, adding meaning to the love of lovers for centuries and leaving memories in their memories. It has been the subject of many poems, songs, and literary works and has hosted old Turkish films. Çamlıca Hill, one of the seven hills of Istanbul, consists of two separate hills, Big and Small Camlica.

The whole Of Istanbul Can Be Seen On Top Hill 

Camlica Hill, which is very crowded on weekends, is flooded by local visitors. It is a frequent destination for tourist groups in Istanbul, and the guides say that a photo taken in Çamlıca makes you half-Istanbul. Çamlıca Hill is the spot where the Bosphorus is best observed.

It is also considered an economic travel point since it is operated by the social facilities within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and long-term social facilities (if it was paid, It would still be visited a lot) Apart from the social facilities, there are cafes and restaurants with wonderful views. It is the best place to eat traditional snack pancakes. Roasted corn, chestnuts which are indispensable in winter and spring, and ice cream in summer are the classic snacks I wrote, but it is the best place where you can dream while eating. Mansions, fountains, tea and coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (cafes and restaurants on the hill) will provide pleasant moments at attractive prices.

Sunset From The Top Of Camlica

What To Do İn Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill View (Landscape) 

It is possible to capture much more colorful images if the tulip planting period is followed in April on Çamlica hill, where fresh air prevails. It is possible to come across a few wedding photographers almost every weekend, it is an ideal place for the newlyweds to take pictures. It is a common thing that Arab tourists always want to go to Chamlyja Hill. (The pandemic is also overflowing on days without curfew. What attracts Arabs are the wedding photoshoots they meet on the hill. They named the hill Tel Arais, which means wedding hill in Arabic. With historical trees, colorful flowers, and tulips, with a cool breeze, Chamliga hill is a paradise. corner (coronavirus probably won't come there). It attracts many local and foreign visitors with its magnificent Bosphorus view and who come to watch the city. This hill is also one of the best observation places in Istanbul where migratory birds can be seen. Bird watchers from all over the world, especially in September and October come here in the spring months to watch the birds. You can watch the Bosphorus, Princes Islands, Golden Horn, and Istanbul European Side view from Çamlıca hill.

Panoramic Bosphorus View Camlica

Camlica Tower And Restaurant

Camlıca Tower - It rises on a hill, the precious symbol of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its 360 viewing terrace and restaurant, strategic location, natural beauties, and centuries-old history. It is stated that it was established with the mission of bringing communication activities to every part of the country in order to bring Turkey's activities in the field of communication and broadcasting to world standards and to eliminate the pollution of the dish antenna on (Big) Buyuk Çamlıca Hill. Camlica Tower, built on a total area of ​​30,150 m2, is the tallest structure in Istanbul with its height of 587 meters above sea level. The tower consists of 49 floors, 4 underground and 45 above ground. The Çamlıca Tower project was first organized with competition, then it was designed in three dimensions. Unlike an ordinary structure, the tower is a symbolic structure as it is the tallest structure in our country and is located in one of the risky areas where the most critical points of earthquake risk and wind load intersect.

360 İstanbul View Restaurant

With the rapid development of technology, the need for transmitters is increasing every day for effective radio-TV broadcasting. The TV & Radio tower, located on (Little) Kucuk Çamlıca hill, aims to bring the quality and capacity of broadcasting to world standards thanks to its collaborations with local technology companies.

As of September 2020, the streaming service is actively provided on the tower. More than 100 radio frequencies can be broadcast simultaneously without interruption. In addition to its media broadcasting service, the tower also aims to provide infrastructure services to wireless telecommunication operators.

It looks like Istanbul will attract a lot of attention with its Camlica tower, souvenirs, cafe, and 360-degree restaurant. When such a unique view is in a big metropolis like Istanbul, its value increases even more.

Biggest Mousque Of İstanbul

Camlica Hill Mosque

After the construction of Istanbul's largest mosque on Çamlıca Hill, it will eliminate the visual pollution of Radio and TV antennas. Social areas are open to service in Camlica Tower. The tower was scheduled to be put into service this year (the date of writing), 2019, and we are not surprised why it is not over since we see the contraction in the economy while the Covid 19 pandemic swept the world.

Çamlıca Mosque is the largest mosque in the history of the Republic of Turkey, built on the hill from which it takes its name. The mosque, the first foundations of which were laid in 2013, was opened for worship only in 2020 due to its huge size.

The worship capacity of the mosqueis 37,500 people. The architects of the mosque were determined by a competition that has been frequently repeated recently, and 62 projects participated in the competition. From the competition; The foundations were laid on August 6, 2013, after the decision to implement the second place projects of Hayriye Gul Totu and Bahar Mızrak, receiving two-second places, two third places, and five honorable mentions. Although one of the architects graduated from Selcuk University and the other from the University of Lefke, they have been friends for ten years. The mosque, which can be seen from all over Istanbul, has a total of 6 minarets. It is planned to build a 3 km tunnel for transportation.The height of the minarets in this great mosque symbolizes the 1071 Malazgirt Victory, the height of the dome symbolizes the phrase "72.5 nations living in Istanbul" and the diameter of the dome. It symbolizes the plate of Istanbul. Everything has been thought of, from the women's section to the breastfeeding room. The exterior of the mosque is covered with Unye stones.


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