Galata Tower, Museum And Observation House


Galata Tower, Museum And Observation House


One of the first things that come to mind when talking about the historical buildings of Istanbul is the Galata Tower. The building, which has been observing the city for hundreds of years with its majestic appearance, and various stories are told about it, gives its guests the privilege of both learning about Istanbul's past and watching the unique city view.

What Happened With Galata Tower?

However, the Latin invasion of 1204 marked the end of the first version of the tower. The Galata Tower was extensively damaged as a result of the fire that broke out during the looting that the army formed for the Crusade started on the way back.

In the year 1348, the Genoese once again built the tower with the masonry technique. Because of its location, it was believed that the presence of the Galata Tower would greatly facilitate the defense of the city.

With the Ottoman domination of Istanbul in 1453, the tower was assigned duties other than defense and observation.

Galata Tower was transformed into a place where Christian shipyard prisoners were used as a labor force in the 16th century.

In the same period, In accordance with the permission of the Sultan, an observatory was established by Takiyuddin. However, this attempt was short-lived due to the perspective of the positive sciences at that time.

Galata Tower has been used for fire observation and informing the public since the 17th century. Even the tower itself, which was turned into a Yeniceri Mehteran Ocak in the 18th century to announce that it was midnight, suffered twice from the famous fires of Istanbul.

Once again, the works that gave the tower its current appearance to the tower, whose roof was toppled due to the storm, were carried out between 1965-1967.

Galata Tower Features

There is nothing good like walking from Taksim square to Istiklal street because at the end of the walk you will reach the tower. Add this place to your list of places to visit.
Ancient Names of the Tower
The Byzantines named the tower Megalos Pyrgos, that is, the Great Bastion. The Genoese preferred to use the name Christian Turris (Christ Tower) when talking about the building.
The origin of its current name is thought to come from the Greek word "Gala", which means "milk".

How Tall Is Galata Tower? 

The building has a height of 69.90 meters with its roof. Untreated rubble was used in the construction of the 9-story tower.

With a wall thickness of 3.75 meters, Galata was found to weigh approximately 10 thousand tons as a result of calculations. The inner diameter of the building is 8.95 meters and the outer diameter is 16.45 meters. 

View of Galata Tower 

The terrace of the tower, which was once used for observation purposes, continues to preserve its existence today. In this way, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of Istanbul to the fullest.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the timing in order to enjoy the scenery and take lots of photos in a calm atmosphere.

Especially on weekends when the weather is good, the interest in the terrace is very intense. Since this section is not very wide, it becomes difficult to move comfortably. Therefore, it seems like a more logical option to choose during the week to go out to the terrace.

Galata Museum 

After purchasing your ticket from the ticket office to go up to the terrace, you can take the elevator and climb the first seven floors to enjoy the breathtaking view. When you reach the last two floors, you have to use the stairs.

By the way, if you intend to go out on the terrace, I suggest you pay attention to your clothing. Because the terrace can be cool, especially in the evening. In winter, with the effect of the blowing wind, the environment turns into ice, so to speak. 

 Galata Tower Restaurant 

Galata Tower is open for sightseeing every day between 09.00 and 19.00. The 9th floor of the Galata Tower serves as a cafeteria during the day and a restaurant in the evening. Galata Tower restaurant serves every day between 20.00 and 00.30.

An elegant dinner in front of the panoramic view of Istanbul can bring you both a romantic and a fun evening. We recommend that you make a reservation before going to the restaurant. Because we are talking about a very busy restaurant, especially tourists.

In addition, you should definitely watch the Authentic Turkish Show, which carries traces of the Ottoman Empire, which starts at the time you will eat at the tower. Although it is most appealing to tourists due to its predominance, we think that it will entertain you a lot.

In terms of price, it is possible to say that it is in the 3-4 star price scale in Istanbul. Although, the prices were very reasonable for us for a nice dinner with a great show while sipping your drink against such a view. 

What's in the Authentic Turkish Show? 

In this program, Harem entertainment in Ottoman mansions, belly dancers performing belly dances, folk dances in Anatolia, a singer singing in different languages ​​, and of course dancing and having fun with songs on the roof of Istanbul.

Where is Galata Tower?

The historical building, which offers its visitors a panoramic view of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, is located at the top of Karakoy.

The central location of the tower, close to Istiklal Street, where entertainment venues are located, and Bankalar Street, which is home to architecturally beautiful buildings, makes transportation very easy. 

How to Get Galata Tower?

If you want to walk to the area where the tower is located, on Istiklal Street, just turn left from the street before Tunel and follow the road going down.

Those who want to reach Galata from the Eminonu side, on the other hand, need to make some effort and risk climbing the slope in order to spend pleasant hours. There are shops where you can buy souvenirs on this route.

The only way to reach the tower without any traffic problems is to use the metro. After getting off at the Sishane Station of the metro, you must exit from the direction of Refik Saydam Street and take a short walk of approximately 300 meters to go to the building. Especially in the evening, while taking your steps on this road, you can have the chance to watch the exquisite view of the tower.

There are many parking lots in the area. Therefore, you can reach the tower with your own vehicle without worrying about parking problems. Tarlabasi-Taksim's direction is the route to be followed by those who want to go to Galata with our luxury car with driver service make a reservation.

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