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İstanbul Chocolate Museum-Pelit

İstanbul Chocolate Museum-Pelit

Art Of Chocolate 

Pelit Chocolate Factory has long been referred to as a museum rather than a factory. In the production of chocolate, it is difficult to obtain the proper taste and it must be very difficult to preserve it. Local and foreign enthusiasts who want to see the masterpieces of art flock to the museum located in Istanbul/Esenyurt. Pelit Chocolate Museum, prepares masterpieces of world art, fairy tale heroes, and sculptures of famous legends from chocolate and presents them to art lovers

strolling among chocolate waterfalls and breathing the smell of chocolate in the Museum, which is one of the best places to visit with children in Istanbul, is very enjoyable for both adults and children.

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Virtual Tour Of Chocolate Museum

Meet Your Dream At İstanbul Chocolate Museum

Chocolate and cake-making workshops are also organized for children in this huge chocolate dream. The museum consists of 5 sections. In the entrance section, the most spoiled image of chocolate, the chocolate waterfall, the life-size chocolate house, Noah's Ark and paintings telling the history of chocolate welcomes you

Make Your Chocolate Waterfall Dream True

The museum director says that they set out in 1957 to live every moment of life to the fullest and to add flavor to happiness. They have accomplished great things since then. Eating chocolate from the waterfall is more than a dream

Good things in the museum, they offer you chocolate from the flowing chocolate waterfall. You have entered the Chocolate Museum, and a beautiful and sincere lady greets you and offers you the chocolate flowing from the chocolate tap in a chocolate can. If you want to open the chocolate, tap yourself and drink hot chocolate, but don't do it :) After entering the chocolate museum, you move on to the main museum section. There is also a chocolate waterfall here. You are allowed to eat a finger of chocolate from the second chocolate waterfall, but you cannot use your finger a second time

 Artifacts in Chocolate Museum 

İmagine except for the floor on which you walk, everything here is made of chocolate. Hansel and Gretel's house has taken its place in the chocolate museum. By the way, it is forbidden to touch the products!

There is a cocoa tree and many other figures here, Noah's Ark is one of the first works of the museum, the ship he built to protect his family and all the animals in the world from the flood, which is described in the chapter of the Torah.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate were used in this work. There is an information plate on the side or in front of all the works. There are mosaic paintings, made of chocolate, a revitalized version of the old Istanbul street; chestnut sellers, yogurt sellers, shoemakers, sherbet sellers, bagel sellers, paste, and fruit sellers, and they are all made of chocolate, and they look real.

Dervish Dancing At Chocolate Museum

What's İn The Chocolate Museum

There are valuable and beautiful chocolate works to see in the museum: The door of Dolmabahce Palace, one of the rare palaces of the Ottoman Empire, was completely white chocolate, but you can also see milk chocolate and slightly dark chocolate inside the door. The Istanbul room of the museum is very popular, there are many important works here. Haydarpaşa train station, Bosphorus bridge, Taksim nostalgia tram, Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Galata Tower, Hippodrome, and Maiden's Tower, are waiting for your visit here.

What Do You See At The Chocolate Museum?

The Mevlana room is another room you will admire. In the chocolate museum, the poet, the thinker, and the Islamic philosopher Mevlana, the whirling dervishes are made from the original white chocolate, and the other figures are made of dark and milk chocolate. The Ataturk room is an interesting place. Canakkale martyr's monument is made of chocolate! You can take pictures when you come here. You can shoot videos without damaging the artifacts. There are Ottoman sultans and the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmet the Conqueror is animated from chocolate.

In the room of important people who have left their mark on history, there are figures of many important figures from Einstein to the Mona Lisa, from Pablo Picasso to Osman Hamdi's brainchild turtle trainer, and Salvador Dali.

There is a separate section for children, you will have very enjoyable moments with your children in the section with the latest imaginary heroes.

Roma Hypodrom Figures İn Chocolate Museum

Pelit Chocolate Museum Working Hours

The museum is open 7 days a week and opens at 10:00 in the morning. It closes at 17:00 in the evening. It gets very crowded on weekends.

How Much Entry Fee For Chocolate Museum? 

Chocolate Museum Entrance Fees 2023
Entrance Fees for the Chocolate Museum are 200 TL as of 2023, regardless of whether they are students or not. There are discounts only for student groups, and school trips can be visited for 150 Turkish lira per person. There is no charge for the 0-3 age group.

How To Go To Pelit Chocolate Museum? 

You can use Cab Istanbul's private transfer service to get here. If you rent a car with a local driver, it will be much easier to do a trip to Istanbul or a different event after the museum visit. If you are going to come in your own vehicle, you can easily reach here after passing the Mahmutbey toll booths on the Tem highway, after the Esenyurt toll booths. Our article today was almost like chocolate

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