Best Fur & Leather Shops Istanbul


Best Fur & Leather Shops Istanbul

Real Fur Coats And Vests İstanbul

Real fur and leather, which have been used as a part of life for thousands of years, have recently been taken care of not to be used by various circles, while consumers who think they are conscious are looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives, luxury brands have decided to accompany this awareness. While saying Gucci, Burberry, and Versace, many luxury brands have terminated their fur production and continue to seek new fur alternatives with technology. In addition to fur, there are companies that have stopped using materials such as angora, mohair, and exotic leather.

Although there are people who are against the use of real fur, there are also people who love to use real fur, which is the symbol of wealth (richness). Before you buy real or well-processed fur in Istanbul, you can visit the best fur and leather manufacturers in Istanbul by renting a car with a driver for the day, and comparing price and quality. Make a reservation in the Istanbul transfer tab below so that we can pick you up from where you are staying with a private transfer car and take you to the best furrier of the city.

Best Leather & Fur Istanbul

Best Leather & Fur

Best Leather & Fur: Since 1996, it has been presenting the world's leather and fur fashion trends simultaneously to its customers. Original leather & fur products are offered to fashion lovers in many different concept stores. Bold geometric shapes in his designs and luxurious combinations with patent leather were very successful at the showcase stage.

Levinson Leather & Fur

Levinson Leather & Fur is a well-known brand with the most dynamic designs in Istanbul in the production and sale of clothing. This rightly defines the Levinson brand as one of the leading companies in the fur and leather sector.

All Levinson products are produced in the state-of-the-art area in Istanbul. With the advantage of production in one place, it makes it possible to design and manufacture personalized fur. (Special design furs are available for delivery within 2 days).

Levinson fur and leather trained staff, combining artistic skill and technique, using quality workmanship and raw materials in the production of original fur and imitation fur, and with the most advanced manufacturing techniques, it creates unique creations in fur and leather.

Adamo Fur & Leather

Derimod Fur & Leather

Derimod Fur & Leather: it can be considered as the most affordable of the names on this list. Their products are sold in more reasonably priced stores. Derimod has always been very successful in creating a modern and sophisticated look with vibrantly colored sporty outfits.

Adamo Best Fur & Leather İstanbul

ADAMO has been among the pioneers of the fur and leather industry since 1989. It offers the unique pleasure of luxury and wealth to its customers, accompanied by a lifetime care guarantee certificate, which successfully markets the furs produced with high technology to the world. ADAMO's most famous products are trendy clothing and accessories, including furs and bags

Bilgins Leather & Fur

Emelda Fur & Leather

Emelda Leather & Fur: Since 1991, it has been one of the leading and innovative companies in the leather industry. EMELDA leather apparel division, which is an important export company with its quality understanding and innovative models in big markets such as Europe, Canada, America, Russia, and China, also has an important place in the Turkish market.

EMELDA leather apparel department, whose main showroom is located in Zeytinburnu, serves with its customer satisfaction priority sales policies, with a total of 9 stores with equity capital, 8 across Turkey and 1 in Russia.

Bilgins Fur & Leather 

Bilgins fur priority nature's first and highest quality clothing material bestowed on earth. In the production of leather and fur products, advanced sewing technologies are approached, the highest quality leather, fur,  and accessories are used.

It carries out the production of contract fur, leather, and textile products for many famous brands in the world, especially in Turkey, with over 500 employees. It delivers its own brand “Bilgin's Luxury” to a wide audience in Russia, Ukraine, USA, England, South Korea, and the Arabian peninsula.

Fur and leather products in the luxury segment, such as fur, crocodile, python, chinchilla, leather, are offered to your taste in two stores in Istanbul Zeytinburnu.

Fur Collection İstanbul

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