Luxury Yacht Charter İstanbul Bosphorus

Luxury Yacht Charter İstanbul Bosphorus

Hourly Private Boat Rental 

As an Istanbul luxury yacht rental company, our professional team of experts offers the opportunity to rent luxury yachts for 12 months a year without interruption for reasonable prices. As the demand for a yacht rental request in the Princess Island, Golden horn, and Bosphorus is more intense, the rental yachts are located there. You can get private yacht service with breakfast, lunch, or dinner for all individual and corporate yacht organizations, especially birthday, marriage proposals, and anniversary tours on the yacht.

Rent A Private Yacht

Cab İstanbul Yacht serving at the Bosphorus for sightseeing. Enjoy Istanbul’s imaginary sightseeing boat tours along the continents. Nostalgic sightseeing cruise on Istanbul Bosphorus in the comfort and relaxing environment in a luxury yacht.

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner At The Private Yacht 

Instead of being in a fixed restaurant to eat, you can eat on the yacht. On our luxury yachts, you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in an impressive environment, accompanied by a constantly changing enchanting landscape. An elegant table will be prepared before you come to your meal and the service will begin as you make your wonderful panoramic Bosphorus tour

Did you try an impressive Bosphorus cruising experience?

With a private yacht tour, you’ll have soaked up to the atmosphere of the İstanbul Bosphorus, gliding by some of the sights and monuments. Cruise along both shores of Asia and Europe passing the palaces of Sultans and their kiosks.

Relax and enjoy the views!! 

Sit back at the private sundeck or flybridge of Yacht, wonderful sightseeing view at the Bosphorus. This Yacht tour is ideal for couples, families, or a group of friends, who look at the matchless day of their life.

Share Wonderful Moments With Your Loved One 

You will discover the unique beauty of the Bosphorus strip. The hourly yacht (boat) you rent will follow a route with unique views and take great photos. If you spend the sunset on the boat, you will have unforgettable memories.

Gulet Yacht

It is an ideal boat for your wonderful cruise with 10 people and 5 cabins. With its flat and wide channel, the tiny boat is also one of the reasons for choosing life. Dining tables in 3 different places can be dining options from the back or front of the boat, as well as the dining table in the lounge of the boat is suitable for those who are overwhelmed by the heat. The cabins of the Gulet Yacht are careless with their different designs, and the furnishings inside add a different elegance to the boat. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant holiday on this boat in the foreground of the wooden cabin.

The wishes and desires of our guests in Istanbul determine our starting point in our yacht tour organizations. Our basic principles are to host our guests, to keep them away from the stress of daily life, and to have a pleasant day.


  • Unique views of Bosphorus sights along with both Europe & Asian 
  • A scenic and luxury cruise in comfort and a relaxing environment
  • A yacht for you and your chosen companions only, nobody else
  • An experienced captain and crew at your service
  • A bar with great service for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (purchase on-board)
  • Great photo opportunities to capture beautiful views
  • Complimentary tea or coffee served on board

What kind of yacht should I rent?  

Do you want to rent a yacht with the economic features of a yacht with a more elegant appearance and comfort?

Yacht Charter Purpose:

You can choose an economical yacht to cruise along the Bosphorus.
It would be a good choice to have a more luxurious yacht for special occasions or to host important guests. Business dealings will result better when visiting the Bosphorus

Small Groups: Cabistanbul Yacht is ideal for up to 12 people.
Larger Groups: Selection of medium to large yachts for different group sizes – please WhatsApp your requirements.

Additional Options: A light lunch or birthday cake can be arranged for an additional charge. Please contact us to ask for more details

Pick Up & Drop Off: We can pick up you from your hotel or address in Istanbul with round-trip hotel transfers for pick-up and drop-off provided (FREE ) or from Kurucesme, Kabatas, and Arnavutkoy or from selected Bosphorus hotels and restaurants with their own piers, for locations, apartments, suites, residences, private addresses in Europe part and city center we will pick up and drop free of charge. (please contact us by WHATSAPP for transfer, before the complete the reservation 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Luxury Yacht Charter Company For Private İstanbul Bosphorus Tour?

Cab Istanbul will guide you to the most luxurious yacht available in Istanbul in a few minutes

How Long Is The Minimum Yacht Charter-Time?
Our yachts are rented for at least two hours, during the summer season, the minimum yacht rental period may change to 3 hours on weekends (Saturday - Sunday).

Where Can I Rent A Yacht?
Starting place by booking in advance; It can be rented as Aranavutkoy, Bebek, Kurucesme, Sarıyer, Tarabya, Eminonu, Golden Horn shore.

How Much Are Yacht Prices Per Hour?
Yacht rental prices vary between 100 Euro and 500 Euro for 2 hours depending on the yachts to be chosen.

How Long Before Should Made Reservation
Reservations to be made at least a week before in advance due to the busy summer months will minimize potential problems.

When Can a Yacht Be Chartered?
Yacht charter hours can be made between 09:30 in the morning and 11:00 at night.
Where  We Will See During Yacht Charter?
During the yacht tour, it sails along the Asian and European Bosphorus shores. Galata Tower, Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Çırağan Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Savarona Yacht, Rumeli Fortress, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Anatolian Fortress, Kuleli Military High School, Beylerbeyi Palace, Maiden's Tower appear before us with all its beauties.

Is There A Catering On The Yachts?
During the trip, hot and cold drinks are served on the yachts for a fee/free of charge.

Can We Bring Food With Us For Yacht Charter?
Yes, you can bring your food by specifying in advance, or can be requested with an additional fee from us. (Meals, breakfast, a cocktail, food, and drinks are only served by our team - free of charge).

Do Yacht Charter Prices Change İn Previously Booking?
Yacht hire prices are fixed in previously booking, on weekdays and on weekends.

Will The Price Change İf We Take Less Distance (miles)?
Stopping the yachts or shortening the duration of the trip does not change the prices.

How do you rent a private yacht?
Call Cab Istanbul, the expert company Yacht Charter Specialist who makes you comfortable about the process and organizes the program according to your activity.


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January 28, 2022

I chartered a yacht for a marriage proposal and thank you for making it an unforgettable experience... 🤗 Of course, if my offer had not been accepted, I would not have written them.

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