Kusadasi Top Attraction Places


Kusadasi Top Attraction Places

Best Places To Visit - Kuşadası 

Kuşadası, which is one of the leading districts of Aydın in the field of tourism, offers holidaymakers many options for places to visit. Take advantage of the determining the attraction points you want to visit in the district, which stands out with the beauty of its beaches, the diversity of its nature, and the ease of access to other touristic districts in the region.

If you have started to make your holiday plans for the Kusadasi district; You should know that it is wrong to see Kusadasi only with sea and entertainment. The fact that Kusadasi is in the middle of geography has been home to civilizations and led to the legacy of thousands of years. We have listed natural and historical beauties that will enable you to see and enjoy the area.

You may need to extend your vacation time a bit. Because there are many places to visit in Kusadasi.

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Best Place To Visit in Kuşadası

House of the Virgin Mary - Turkey

Aside from the sea and different beaches in Kusadasi, visitors can visit the Virgin Mary's house and have the opportunity to see a religious and mystical place. The house of the Virgin Mary, which is considered sacred for Christians and considered as a place of pilgrimage, has survived for many years, preserving its same structure. Since The 17th century, the information of the Virgin Mary, Icons, Christian religion contains different contents. Not only Christians are interested, but also, tourists from different religions. It is open all the year, but it opens at certain hours. Care must also be taken to protect the building and artifacts during a visit.

House of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus

Kusadasi National Park

The area was declared as a National Park with the arrangement made in 1966. It is 28 kilometers away from Kusadasi, From the first moment you enter Kusadasi National Park, you can feel yourself in the middle of a journey to paradise. Swimming is allowed in the sea that is against the park. There is a terrace to assist people landing towards the sea

Guvercin Castle

Guvercin fortress is an important symbol in Kusadasi. It was built to prevent possible attacks during the Peloponnese rebellion, during the Byzantine decade, and then in the Ottoman era, today it has become a museum where its artifacts have been recovered from the sea. There are also, restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops

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