Termessos Ancient City / Antalya


Termessos Ancient City / Antalya

Termessos Old City

Termessos Old City, which is 10 kilometers away from Antalya, is a Roman city located at the peak of the Taurus Mountains in nature. According to the information I have obtained, it was already recorded as one of the rare cities that Alexander the Great could not take it. Alexander the Great, attacked Sagalassos City in the southwest of the area and seized it. Warrior and brave, the Termesossians went to help their neighbors. They attacked Alexander from behind; but Alexander, was superior in number, and his army prevailed.

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Lost City Termessos


Termessos resembles the nest of eagles, located within the mountainous slopes, this Roman city is known for its solid city walls and brave soldiers, as mentioned above. Termessos, because it was founded on the summit of the Taurus, it is really interesting to visit these places, especially for lovers of high-rises, but we cannot stop without contemplating the city formed above, and we start to climb, as well as stand on the slopes of the earth. As well as forcing us to be standing on the slopes of the floor is the first building Gymnasium. In the continuation of the Gymnasium, you will see the bathhouse and the places where the statues are held to honor the noble families. After the road, we come to the colonnaded street. In fact, the columned street is indispensable to the Roman period. What they call a colonnaded street is actually an important element of Roman city planning. Roman city planning is a reflection of the social and political structure, especially in me. I. and II. The economic prosperity experienced in all cities during the centuries affected urban architecture and social life. The colonnaded streets started to be built in this period and became the symbol of the empire with its monumental architecture and portico facades extending throughout the city and constitute the first step of planning the Roman city.

The Ancient City of Termessos in Antalya

After this brief information, let's continue to get to know Termessos. In fact, many sources have written about the very well-preserved city of Termossos. There is a number of reasons why the city is still preserved today, the first reason is it was built at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and the other is that although no excavation has been done, some of the buildings are still standing and finally the work will be done to quickly stand up this Roman city.

The most interesting structures of Termessos ancient city are the theater, cisterns, and wells. The rainwater coming from above rests in these wells, and this rested water is used in the water. The theater is located at the top of the city. The most interesting aspect of this theater, built of cut stones, is that it is built on the edge of the cliff.

There are six temples of various sizes and varieties in Termessos. Four of them were found near the Odeon in an area that is thought to be sacred. The first is claimed to belong to Zeus Solymeus. Unfortunately, there is little left of the inner walls of the 5-meter-high temple. The second temple lies on the southwest corner of the Odeon and according to an inscription found at the entrance, this temple was dedicated to Artemis, and both the ruin and the cult sculpture inside it were built by a woman named Aurelia Armasta and her husband using their own income. The third temple was again dedicated to Artemis from reliefs and procedures. Although other temples are said to be dedicated to gods and goddesses, it is not possible to see them today. When you look at the northern slopes of the mountain. Carved necropoles (graves) can be seen. The noble family necropolises (graves) that we frequently see during the Roman period are present there.

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