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Daily Street Bazaar of İstanbul- Best Way to Shop in Cheap Market

Daily Street Bazaar of İstanbul- Best Way to Shop in Cheap Market


We recommend that you take your coronavirus (Covid19) measure and go to the Street market. (It is important to use masks and gloves, to comply with the social distance rule) Let us state that open area street markets are safer than covered areas such as supermarkets and shopping malls, provided that the rules are observed.

Shell We Shop in The Street Market?

High society markets (Street Bazaar) are really famous in Istanbul. For this reason, people (women) flock here for shopping on the day of the high society markets in many parts of the city. The crowd in the market places starts early in the morning and reaches its peak at noon. When you arrive at the market in the morning, it is relatively easy to find what you are looking for. Daily bazaar markets in Istanbul are just like the stock market, when a product is in demand, it can run out in minutes.

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Where to Shop for the Best and Cheapest in İstanbul

Those who want to dress up both stylishly and inexpensively, or who want to go to the street market and throw streets, the street bazaar that allows us to be a part of the whole and get into the crowd. With its crowds and lively salesmen, the street bazaar has an important place in our lives today. Before we go on holiday, our wedding is approaching. Let's get a gift for my cousin, I should not forget my neighbor, there is only one place that allows you to do all this, the street bazaars in Istanbul. You can get five pieces for the price of one hundred products where you can find good brands at affordable prices, not to mention the pleasure you will get. Especially for those who do not know Istanbul: we have compiled the best street markets for you

Monday Street Bazaar Bahcelievler

The only bazaar for shopping in all seasons. Cheap shorts, cheap T-shirts, cheap swimsuits, cheap slippers, and so on. People who want to buy products such as the high society bazaar and sell a wide range of clothing from Monday to the garden market. It is located on the street next to the Turkish  Foundation (Türk Böbrek Vakfı) in Pazarturk.

Firuzköy Monday market, Avcılar

Firuzkoy street market is a covered market in Avcılar. There is great demand for this bazaar. Having a closed area causes it to be busy in winter.

Address. Firuzköy Mah., Koray Sok., No: 10, Avcılar, İstanbul

Unkapanı Monday Street Bazaar, Fatih

Alternative to the already famous Wednesday street bazaar in Fatih. It is a street bazaar mostly preferred by those who live or work in the nearby Fatih region. In addition, to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, it has undertaken an enormous task for daily shopping.

Address: unkapani district market, Fatih

Ferikoy Monday Street Bazaar, Sisli

Ferikoy street bazaar is a Monday bazaar that can meet what you may need in the kitchen on the first day of the week, which is comfortable, mostly good for people who live in the neighborhood market.

Address: Ferikoy neighborhood, Lala Sahin street-SİSLİ

Goztepe Monday Market, Kadikoy

Goztepe street bazaar is a bazaar-like ''one lira for whatever you buy'' rather than the neighborhood street bazaar where you can find what you are looking for. It is a cheap bazaar where you can find whatever you are looking for. The busiest bazaar on the Anatolian side on Monday.

Address: Göztepe, Feneryolu District Market, Ozguluk Park, Kadıkoy / Istanbul

Tuesday Street Bazaar Kadıkoy

The Tuesday market in Kadıköy is known for the variety of products in the region, where it is one of the largest street bazaars on the Asian side. It is one of the biggest markets of Istanbul, which was established in Kadıkoy, behind the Sogutlucesme Metrobus Station.

Tasoluk Street Bazaar, Arnavutkoy

Although the Tuesday bazaar closest to Istanbul Airport is not a well-known street market, the presence of vegetables produced in the region allows those close to the market to visit. Those who live near Arnavutkoy should definitely visit Tasoluk street bazaar on Tuesdays.

Address: Taşoluk Mah. Rumeli Cad. Arnavutkoy-Istanbul

Anadolu Hisarı Street Bazaar, Beykoz

Anadolu Hisarı Bazaar is an affordable street bazaar for kitchen shopping, where daily needs can be met, appealing to the neighborhood established on Tuesday.

Address: Pazar Sok. No: 37 Anadolu Hisarı Mah. Beykoz

Wednesday Street Bazaar Fatih

Wednesday street markets in Istanbul

You can find and buy many different brands in Wednesday street Bazar, which is quite regular and busy. You can also find clothes, souvenirs as well as lots of silver jewelry, etc. items.

It is the largest and oldest known bazaar of Istanbul, the bazaar is established behind the Fatih Mosque just on Wednesday. 

Fatih Carsamba bazaar is a bazaar where you can find cheap clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs, home products, leather products whatever comes to your mind. It is a market preferred by the Syrian Arabs who have settled in our country in recent years, and also by Turkey Arab guests and citizens from other countries who have chosen to live in our country.

We already wrote that there are many products in the market with wide sleeves, from clothing, glassware, souvenirs to evening dresses.

Address: Fatih Mosque Boyacı Kapi-Istanbul

Üsküdar Selimiye market

Uskudar Selimiye street bazaar is a market where you can stop by for your daily household needs such as fresh vegetables and fruits, clothing, cereals, and cheese varieties.

Address: Selimiye District, Selimiye Mosque Street

Sultangazi Wednesday Market

Sultangazi Wednesday street bazaar is a very busy market that appeals to its district, a market where you can find what you are looking for at an affordable price, even if most of the crowd is for daily kitchen needs. Do you know, "cheaper than cheap" that is valid for this market?

Address: 50. Yıl, 2133. Sk. No: 85, 34265 Sultangazi / İstanbul

Thursday Street Bazaar in Istanbul

Thursday Bazaar Erenkoy

A very Cheap bazaar is set up every Thursday on the minibus road between Erenkoy and Suadiye. It is known as the most famous social street bazaar in Istanbul. Most customers from other districts come to the bazaar to find what they want at an affordable price. the popularity of the product range is taking.

Colorful ornaments, textiles and decoration products, of course, clothing, and much more. Other features of the bazaar where you buy from expensive stores at a much more affordable price.

Address: Erenköy, Ethem Efendi street No: 84 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Ortakoy Street Bazaar

Another bazaar is known as Ulus society bazaar, now known as "Ortakoy bazaar". There is a wide choice of home textiles and women's clothing in this bazaar, from online shopping.

Address: Levazım, Korukent Sitesi No: 44, 34340 Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Where is Etiler Ulus Pazarı ?

Address: Cayır Sokağı | Etiler, Istanbul, Türkiye

Karakoy Thursday Street Bazaar

Karakoy Persembe bazaar, I would like to write about a different market than what is known to you. The place where you can find all kinds of hardware such as faucet gasket, shipowner, tool bag, electrical tools, work equipment, compressor, and the generator is Karakoy Thursday Market with the most affordable price option. The most important feature of this bazaar is that it can easily find spare parts or sub-industries at affordable prices. You can easily buy an electrical and electronic device you see in advertisements for 30% cheaper.

Address: Persembe Pazari Cd. Azapkapi, 34421 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Friday Street Bazaars in Istanbul

Kozyatağı Friday Street Bazaar

Kozyatagı Friday bazaar is within walking distance from the Kozyatagı metro stop. The street bazaar area is one of the market areas that are assertive in terms of both vegetables and fruits, clothing, and jewelry.

Address: Kozyatağı, Kaya Sultan Street No: 70, 34742 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Friday Street Bazaar Uskudar

Friday bazaar Uskudar is an indispensable bazaar for the people of the middle class in Uskudar. The food (vegetables, fruits, cheese, olives) division is small, the clothing division has recently started to grow. It is a wonderful bazaar where Bershka clothes are seen and bought for 10 Turkish Liras. Let's not forget the aunt who sells Oysho clothes.

Address: Ahmediye Mahallesi, Sunrise Cd., 34672 Üsküdar / İstanbul

Kasimpasa Friday Street Bazaar

Although Kasımpasa Friday Bazaar is a market that will be needed every day due to its proximity to Beyoglu (Taksim), it has remained a bazaar due to its narrow and uphill location, and the fact that shopping is more concentrated on the Istiklal Street, but it's a market with high potential, from time to time it has great products at cheap prices. you can find it.

Address: Kucuk Piyale Mah. Yeniyol Ara Sok. No: 4, Beyoglu/Istanbul

Saturday Street Bazaar in Istanbul

Saturday Street Bazaar Bakirkoy

Bakırkoy street bazaar is one of the most famous street bazaars in Istanbul. It is even possible to say that his fame has spread to other provinces. Many people who visit Istanbul want to see this market and want to return to their hometown with gifts. We went to learn the secret of the market, whose reputation has spread so much.

 However, the Saturday setting up is quite crowded and there is no difference from Taksim Square. Whatever you search you can find; It is one of the reasons why the bazaar is very crowded. It may be difficult to walk around the bazaar in winter. The market is not installed because it is in an enclosed area. Marketers are protected from rainwater with tarpaulins. When you go in a rainy time, you should observe the water that can be poured from the tarpaulins as well as the stalls.


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