What to Do On A Daily Istanbul Tour? Where to go?


What to Do On A Daily Istanbul Tour? Where to go?

Sultanahmet-Old City Tour

We can recommend you to spend your first day in the Sultanahmet (Old city) area of ​​your Istanbul visit.

-Visit Topkapi Palace.

-Make sure to visit Hagia Sophia (free visit after converting it into a mosque)

-Watch the magical atmosphere of the Basilica Cistern

-Visit the Blue Mosque

-Walk in Gulhane Park, rest a bit- You can have simit and tea against the view.

-Eat meatballs at the historical Sultanahmet Meatballs

-Shop at the Grand Bazaar, or just watch and take pictures, mingle with the crowd-

While enjoying cheap shopping from Mahmutpaşa slope bazaar, travel to history in old inns

- Stop by the Egyptian bazaar and visit the new mosque.

-Cross the Galata bridge and take a photo against the Galata tower

-Visit the Suleymaniye Mosque.

-Don't forget to take a closer look at the aqueduct in Fatih

- Stop by Fatih Mosque and taste local dishes from the women's market

İstiklal Street Taksim Tour

As soon as you cross the Galata bridge, take the funicular through the tunnel and go to Istiklal Street, first walk on Istiklal Street. For a good Turkish coffee, you can take a break from Hafız Mustafa and taste Gulluoglu baklavas. The most ideal places for evening visitors are Cicek Passage and Aznavur Passage. French street is one of the wonderful places from the past to the present. It is not even sincere to make the best-known brands the cheapest in Atlas Passage. Go to Cihangir, one of the famous actors you see on TV is definitely there. You can wait for the evening to have a drink in Nevizade or Asmalımescit, maybe stop by the nightclub.

İstanbul European Bosphorus Side Tour

-Have a good breakfast at the bottom of Rumeli Fortress, Hisar Cafe, Lokma, Kale Cafe, under the FSM bridge across the Bosphorus

-Don't forget to stop by the Rumeli Fortress Museum! You will walk towards Besiktas. Take a break at Bebek park and eat ice cream.

-Walking to Arnavutkoy will be fun, the best fish restaurants in Istanbul are in Kurucesme.

- Let the bakers sell you baked goods before you reach Ortakoy pier. Handcrafted souvenir stalls will definitely attract you.

- Take an hourly Bosphorus cruise by ship from the pier (5 Euros or less)

-Photograph the July 15 Martyrs Bridge and the Ortakoy mosque.

-There is a lot to see in Yıldız Park, you must visit it.

- If you're wondering, have a coffee at the 

Cıragan hotel and take photos in the palace. Of course, we can show the Dolmabahce Palace as the most effective place to visit on the Bosphorus strip of Istanbul. Vodafone Arena stands in all its splendor, right in front of the palace, against the Asian side.

Princes Islands Tour

Take the ferry from Eminonu and move towards Heybeliada. Giving bagels to the seagulls on the ferry will make you feel. If you make a stop in Burgazada, on the next ferry, you will arrive at Kınalıada, then Sedef Island, and finally Prince's island (Buyukada).

Explore the island by renting a bicycle (by electric car instead of horse-drawn carriage) in Prince's island - It's fun to watch the harbor from the Aya Triada Monastery Abandoned World Church, visit the Aya Triada Monastery.

Watch the video for all necessary information

Egyptian Bazaar

Egyptian bazaar, Never claim to visit Istanbul without visiting the Spice Bazaar, this atmospheric bazaar. We can say that it is the most famous covered bazaar in Istanbul, it is also referred to as the spice bazaar, colorful, fragrant, and often fun - a market where visitors can taste the products on offer.

Built in 1664 as part of the New Mosque complex, the building is known as the Egyptian Bazaar and Foreigners sometimes translate it as the spice market

İstanbul Anatolian Side Tour

While Bagdat Street in Kadıkoy is an indispensable address for shopping lovers, the journey from Moda to Haydarpasa Train Station and from there to the Maiden's Tower on the Uskudar Beach is impressive for travelers who love history and scenery. You can visit Beylerbeyi palace before going to Camlica for the sunset.

If you want a quiet and peaceful day in greenery, make sure to visit Polonezkoy Nature Park, Mihrabat Grove, or Anadolu Kavagi located within the borders of Beykoz.

İstanbul Shopping Tour

Anyone who comes to Istanbul for a week will definitely want to spare some of his time for shopping. According to your budget, you can shop at the street market (don't underestimate - you can find big brands for 20%) or you can choose shopping centers and shopping streets for more regular shopping.

Bagdat Street, Nisantasi region, Laleli, and Merter are the most popular areas selling with street style. The biggest outlet is Viaport mall, it is right next to the Sabiha Gokcen airport

. The most prestigious shopping centers are İstinye park and Zorlu shopping center. On the Asian side, Akasya Mall, Kanyon Shopping Center-Levent, and Cevahir Shopping Center are in the busiest shopping center category.

Private İstanbul Tour

Although we know the effect of increasing costs in tourism on SAFE TOUR prices, we fixed the prices. Although it is a fact that the tourism sector was most affected by the pandemic process, operating and supplier expenses have increased, the coronavirus is an extraordinary situation, we see this as an opportunity to demonstrate our understanding of quality in service rather than economic opportunity. It is an undeniable fact that we need a vacation more these days when the Covid19 pandemic is bothering us. We believe that these days are also an opportunity for domestic and foreign travel lovers who have not been able to tour Istanbul and Turkey before. Let's start seizing this opportunity!!

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Istanbul... A cultural capital that has been the subject of world-famous movies, TV series, poems, songs, and novels. You will feel the city while visiting the mosques, palaces, parks, and mansions, which are unique in the world and connect the continents of Europe and Asia, dazzling with their historical and cultural texture, and you will find yourself at peace with the historical and cultural texture of Istanbul. It will be very exciting and beautiful for you to enjoy the city and discover Istanbul.

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Easy Istanbul Tour

If you are coming to Istanbul for the first time, make your reservation by clicking the Istanbul airport transfer link below as soon as you get off the plane. If you want to do a lot in a short time in a metropolitan city like Istanbul, you are at the right place. Start your Istanbul tour with a VIP vehicle accompanied by our expert drivers.

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Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque, crowns one of the seven hills of Istanbul, overlooking the Golden Horn, overlooking the city with all its glory. While it may not be the largest of the Ottoman mosques, it is definitely one of the most magnificent and beautiful. It is not unusual for many of the original complex buildings to have been preserved and attractively adapted for reuse, either.

Suleymaniye Mosque, built by Magnificent Suleyman, is the fourth imperial mosque built in Istanbul, it is a rumor that the four minarets of the ten beautiful mosques represent that Suleyman was the 4th Ottoman sultan who ruled the city and the 10th sultan after the establishment of the empire. The mosque and surrounding buildings were designed by (Architect) Mimar Sinan, the most famous and talented of all imperial architects. The construction was carried out between 1550 and 1557.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey in 1924 as a residence for the sultans from 1856 to the end of the caliphate was declared a republic replacing the Topkapi Palace.

The palace style is a combination of Western-style baroque, rococo and neoclassical design blended with traditional Ottoman style. The palace was built between 1843 and 1856 by the order of Sultan Abdulmecid. Four different architects from the Ottoman Royal Architecture Department had a share in the construction of the building. The Dolmabahce Palace is the largest building in the country, with a facade of more than 600 meters and a surface of 15,000 square meters. Inside, there are 285 bedrooms, 43 halls, 68 bathrooms, and 6 Turkish baths.

In 1984, the palace was converted into a museum.

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