Taxi Driver Scams Istanbul


Taxi Driver Scams Istanbul

The most famous ways to scam taxi drivers to tourists in Istanbul!!

Taxis in Istanbul are one of the cheap, easy, and convenient ways of transportation, there are more than 22,000 taxis roaming the city, only the fool thinks that all drivers are not honest. Growing cases of tourists stumble while riding a taxi in Istanbul are spotter.

It is always good to have a level of doubt and diligence. To start with this article we must first know the price of a taxi in Istanbul. Click here for a professional Car with English speaking driver in İstanbul

What is the price of a taxi in Istanbul?

Before starting this article and knowing the tricks carried by the taxi driver to erect the tourist in Istanbul, we must first know what the price or what is the price of the taxi in Istanbul and how to calculate the cost, there are points to know is that before in the past the taxi prices in Istanbul the night was different from the day, but now the prices are the same whether you take a taxi at night or in the day the price of a kilometer and one meter.

Also, you should know that the price per kilometer 5 TL(Turkish lira). As for the opening price of the meter starts from 6.00 TL, In the case of stopping the price of waiting for one hour is 50 TL In the case of traffic congestion will be charged 0.50 TL per minute. If we understand from the explanation that the taxi pricing from the beginning 5 TL and then the meter starts to calculate the first kilometer at 6 TL (September 2019)


Here shows the prices of luxury taxis (minivan, minibus ) by US dollars also shows how long it takes and the distance!



İs the taxi drivers scam tourists in Istanbul?  how it can be prevented?


Prevent it: Dear reader, do not judge a whole country by fraud and fraud because someone was exposed to the monument or because of this article, there are already wonderful taxi drivers and an İstanbul wonderful city! Also, its people have a culture of tourists, the goal of this article not to be vulnerable to the monument because of your kindness. How you can prevent taxi drivers in Istanbul to do not cheat you and see how to avoid the scams and fraud of tourists in Istanbul to have a complete look before you travel.

Important advice:  Before riding in the taxi take the number of each taxi from abroad a number distinguishes it from the other, in addition to you can take the number of the registration plate of the taxi course is not in front of it is not beautiful work in the right driver may be an honest person, but try to quickly record the number in your brain or on Your smartphone.

Information: There are two types of taxi yellow colors and this price is like the one we explained above, while the  Blue (Turquoise) is higher than the price of the first by a simple and make a difference and can be ordered by application

Make the route longer

Monument: This is one of the most famous monuments that take place by some taxi drivers all over the world and Istanbul/Turkey is no exception.

Take a longer road around the neighborhood or place you want to reach and if the tourist knows the road, it will come under the pretext of a large traffic jam on the usual road, or simply pretend to be lost. Take direction from here to get you to your destination… Beware of this monument or trick.

Solution: If you are unaware of the routes and destination you want to reach or do not speak Turkish, there is not much you can do unfortunately to tell you which route to take. But thank God there is a Google Map application, which will give you very great help in knowing the shortest and best route to your destination, you must specify in advance from the point where you stand and then choose the path and choose to navigate through the car inside the application and will draw the right way and you can direct by body language if you do not speak Turkish! Point him with your hand to go to the right track or forbid him to go to another track in the case of sharp off the road.

Taxi Price Istanbul Airport To Taksim

Story of taxi in Istanbul :

In February 2018, prosecutors in Istanbul demanded up to 10 years in prison for a taxi driver who cheated a Saudi tourist by extending his journey to the airport by a very long distance. He was charged with "severe fraud against a tourist". The journey started from the Kadıköy area on the Asian side of Istanbul to go to Sabiha Airport which is also located on the Asian side of Istanbul, but the taxi driver took the Saudi victim to the Bosphorus on the European side via the third bridge before returning him from he is a flight to the Asian side, causing When he missed the tourist's trip and did not follow it, he filed a criminal complaint to the police station, causing the verdict we mentioned earlier…

Switch Turkish Money

Monument: In the blink of an eye is switching currency while you are busy with something else Here's explaining the process of monument carried out by some taxi drivers in Istanbul Suppose for example that the value of your trip to somewhere was 15 Turkish lira and you give him the value of 50 Turkish TL, will move Light (as usual) and away from your eyes by replacing the 50-sheet with the five-class paper (ready to have in advance) and will extend his hand to you waiting for the remaining 10 TL while you are waiting for the rest of the fifty you will get confused by this thing since you are not familiar with the types of Turkish securities You will end up paying 60 TL at 15 TL. Unfortunately, they are creative in this matter and hundreds have been subjected to this monument and the reason that the fifty paper is similar to the five paper they have in terms of color and shape and this is one of the most famous scams taxi drivers to tourists in Istanbul, Turkey.

How far is Istanbul airport from the city?

The solution: To avoid falling into this type of monument, always make sure you have a lot of small banknotes (changes) and even coins that you need to ride the taxi so that you can deliver the taxi driver in Istanbul when you arrive at the meal, the exact amount requested You do not have to pay more if you have to give 50 or more paper, be sure to open it and make it clear to the driver that you have given him 50 TL so that he will not use you for a bite and substitute it. If it helps you carry luggage… ( Be careful about fake money)

Monument: Again suppose your destination was 17 TL but you gave him 20 TL, the driver will search inside the taxi and in the car drawer to look for a change but after a lengthy search will appear one TL claiming that he found this lira only and give it to you to forgive him The rest of the money that remained (puts you in front of the status quo, it is true that the remaining amount is not large, but this process was carried out with you and with others and so on until rebelling and doing what is greater for this does not allow him to do such a thing, give the value of your desire better than laugh to you

Solution: You have two solutions first if you do not have a chance you can let him go there is no other solution, especially if the value is low is true that my words are contrary to the above, but maybe in a place where no exchange and no possibility of obtaining money for you and will continue to work Second, sit in the car and do not get out of it and ask him to go to the nearest exchange shop nearby in order to exchange currencies and get smaller values and you will be surprised at the speed at which you will get smaller cash values to give you the rest of your money… Also do not enter a taxi in Turkey Istanbul without change

Suggested price instead of using the meter!

Fraud: that the taxi driver as soon as you ride with him suggest a value for going to the place instead of using the meter, where he tells you that the value of going to the place you requested for example 100 TL, but I'll take you there only 50 TL and this is a suggestion instead of using the meter (many found in woman).

Solution: Always insist on using the counter! If you do not want to use the meter get out of the taxi and do not use it and if the car does not contain the meter know that it is a quorum and not a taxi, it also applies to the claim of the taxi commander that the meter has to ruin or collapse in halfway and reuse it again and ask you a higher amount, including Police everywhere Ask him to stand next to a police car and believe me will never argue with you and get off the taxi and ride another, note: The only time you can agree not to use the meter is when you are familiar with the road and the fare, and you will get the same price or a better deal sometimes…

Taxi, taxi? Follow me!

Fraud: There are about 20,000 official and licensed taxi drivers in Istanbul. Unfortunately, there are at least a similar amount of illegal, unlicensed, or private taxi drivers. True, some may offer better prices, but the majority do not! For this reason, someone may stand on you and ask if you want a ride or a taxi I can lift you, for example, his own car or a taxi car does not contain a meter or a car containing the external lighting of the taxi only for this beware of fraudulent taxi drivers to tourists in Istanbul in this way. 

Solution: take only the official taxis, taxis in Istanbul yellow, and has a taxi sign on the roof, and has a built-in meter in the front mirror also there are some modern or comfortable cars such as Volkswagen and blue turquoise and has a meter and a number outside and can find the taxi In the parking lot, hotels or airports…Taxi price at night and in the day in Istanbul

Fraud: The taxi driver puts a taxi counter at night during the day or at night. In both cases, this is a scam and it is not true as there is no difference between night and day, and the system of the price difference between night and day has been canceled in Turkey. This information is used when taxi drivers scam tourists in Istanbul largely because of their old information about the system.

Solution: How do you know that the counter is in the correct position? You have the number 4 when you ride the taxi and next to it a small number in a separate box with a number that is supposed to be 1 in this case everything is OK. If you find it number 2 it will erect you to calculate a greater value because before and before Turkey canceled the night and day system in the pricing was the night price double day told him that this is a mistake and if he did not change it down and take another taxi. This is why the driver may ask you to change your number and be careful. Old counters There is no number 1 but the word ''gunduz''  Be attentive. 

how much cost taxi in Istanbul

High fees on the trip!

Fraud: When you take a taxi directly after the taxi has placed someone from his previous trip and instead of the driver whistling the meter makes him continue to count based on the previous value calculated for the previous customer, usually beeping but you may be absent from this or run in advance and when Stopping it will charge you extra value.

Solution: Focus and pay attention to the counter, especially in the mirror to be the first number 4 and the second 1 I mean this to be in the first vacuum number 4 and in the second vacuum number 1 This means that the meter yellowish and started from scratch because the cost of riding in the taxi from the beginning 8 TL and starts Then calculate the cost on the kilometer.

General tips for taxi riders in Istanbul Turkey

• Always pay in Turkish lira. Do not pay in another currency You may be asked another currency to pay Reject and say to him I do not have those who pay in euros or US dollars Always work at an unfair exchange rate.

• Almost all taxi drivers in the city think they are Michael Schumacher in the Formula 1 car on the racetrack, driving crazy there from the taxi and interviewers on the road so always put on the seat belt even if the driver looked at you with wonder.

• Never open your wallet inside a taxi. Taxi drivers often try to help you take out banknotes, in which case they may take over values you don't focus on.

• If the taxi driver is rude and polite or try to install you get out of the car immediately and write his car number, give the number to the hotel because it is in the interest of the city authorities to preserve the image of Istanbul as a friendly and welcoming tourist place. The complaints will ultimately affect. Also, call the police on 153

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Almost 80% of taxi drivers do not speak English, but those who speak it may ask you many personal questions. If you are asked about political questions and other trends, try not to discuss them and apologize for the answer. If you are not comfortable answering these questions, you do not have to answer.

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