Attraction Places In Antalya


Attraction Places In Antalya

Antalya City 

Antalya City has many charming coastal and historical places that provide a trip of a lifetime. In Antalya City, there are many activities and places to visit, which makes advance planning obligatory. However, it can become easy by browsing the list of the best places to visit in Antalya. starting from historical places, architectural structures, ancient towns, and waterfalls, to coastal places and resorts.


Visitors can enjoy and visit many charming places in Antalya because of its rich content of historical areas such as Kaleici, also known as the ancient Antalya, located in Murad Pasha district where many visitors come to visit it. In the streets of the Kaleici area, people can enjoy the view of the remaining houses from the Ottoman period and the magnificent sea view. It is most favorable to give priority to visit this cultural area such as the Suna & Inan Kirac Museum /, Hadrian Gate, and Yivli Minare. As visitors walk through this historical area also includes accommodation facilities.

Duden Waterfall

If you want to take a breath during the warm days of Antalya and see the scenery, head to Duden Waterfall. There is a secret hidden cave next to the waterfall where you will enjoy isolation from the outside world for a while

Hadrian Gate

Hadrian Gate was built during the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian of the city 130 years, the Hadrian Gate is the most important monument that reflects the old times of Antalya City. Although the statues near Hadrian Gate have disappeared, there is still some inscription written in Latin. The marble columns of the Corinthian style of the building, once part of the surrounding walls of the city, feature Corinthian inscriptions.

Yivli Minare

Yivli Minare, is the first Islamic work in the city, was built in the the13th century by the order of the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat to convert the Byzantine church into a mosque. Yivli Minare is 45-meter-height, 8 grooves. Yivli Minare which also gives its name to the mosque is decorated with turquoise colored tiles. Nowadays, Yivli Minare is a symbol of Antalya City. Visitors can go to watch the Zincirkıran Mausoleum which is located in the same area as Yivli Minare.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

Antalya Archaeological Museum was founded in 1922 under the leadership of Suleyman Fikri Erten to prevent foreign archaeologists from coming to the area during the Italian occupation of the city. Antalya Archaeological Museum is located in the Konyaalti district. It contains more than 5000 pieces displayed in the halls of the museum, where pieces, textiles, coins, statues, and mosaics were divided according to its historical era where there are pieces from the Stone Age, Seljuk, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empire. It is recommended to visit Antalya Archaeological Museum to learn about the history of the city. The museum includes a section for children to enjoy watching toys from ancient times.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is one of the most beautiful and wonderful areas of Konyaalti and Lara where visitors enjoy the city of Antalya swimming and Konyaalti Beach covers 7 kilometers from the coastline from Flazlar to the port of Antalya


Ancient City of Phaselis

The ancient city of Phaselis was founded in the 7th century BC. The most important port on the east coastline. For a long time, the city maintained this merit during the ruling era of the Roman Empire. Apart from its ports, the ruins of the most important buildings that you can see in the city such as Agora, Theatre, Hadrian Waterway Gate are located on this street. Some of the artifacts unearthed as a result of the excavations in the ancient city are exhibited in the Antalya Archaeology Museum.

Perge Ancient City

The ancient city of Perge, also known as the “Water City " due to its large baths and numerous fountains. Perge Ancient City is located in Aksu District, 18 kilometers east of the city center. Perge Ancient City used to be for settlement in prehistoric times, it was the capital city of the Pamphylia region where caves such as Karain and Okuzini and Beldibi and Belbası rock shelters remained within the borders of the region and preserved its importance for a long time. The first excavations began in 1946, The city's Theatre, Stadium, Agora, South Bath, Columned Street, and Hellenistic Gate.

Murat Pasha Mosque

One of the most interesting places in Antalya city was built in the fifteenth century Murat Pasha Mosque has unique craftsmanship, is the pulpit of rare beauty.

Karain Cave

Karain cave, which is suggested to be included in the World Heritage List, has exquisite magic that can take you to another World. continued excavations of the cave are also currently one of the largest in Turkey

Rhodiapolis Ancient City

Rhodiapolis Ancient City: Rhodiapolis, located on a hill near Sarıcasu Village in Kumluca district of Antalya, is named after the city founded by Rhodesian people. The nearby Gagai is one of the few Rhodes colonies in the region, such as Phaselis, Korydalla, and Olympos.

Xanthos Ancient City

Despite its history dating back 3000 years, it has the distinction of being one of the most surviving ancient cities in Turkey. It is location is also different from other ancient cities with its glamorous mosaics and sea view

Silyon Ancient City

Silyon Antique City 15 km from the town of Antalya Serik. away from Aspendos and Perge. You will not have trouble finding the way to the ancient city, just follow the signs. It is in ruins. M.S. II. century, from the kingdom of Bergama recently until the name Karahisar-Tekke was founded on the hill near the village of today's Yankoy Koyu Kochisar. Silyon Ancient City is one of the richest cities of the ancient era.

Guver Cliff Canyon

Guver Cliff Canyon is located in the Duzler Camı National Park (Picnic Area) in Dosemealti District on Antalya Korkuteli Highway. The surface water of Guver Canyon erodes the karstic land. Guver Cliff Canyon is 115 meters high and approximately 2 km long. The stream in the summer is dry and there is no water. It is a place that increases the adrenaline which affects the visitors with its interesting natural structure and beauty close to Antalya city center. At the entrance to the picnic area, there is a warning sign indicating that to not approach the edge of Guver Cliff Canyon is more than 10 meters.

Antalya Zoo

The natural structure of the park and the artificial-natural water resources and small waterfalls in the park are more successful giving the feeling that you are in a natural environment of animals.

Kursunlu Waterfall

One of the hidden paradises of Antalya is Kursunlu Waterfall. Where you can find inner peace. Kursunlu Waterfall is quieter than Duden and Manavgat Waterfalls.

Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave: Altınbesik is one of the national parks of Antalya city. Another name of the cave is also known as Dudensuyu cave.  Tourism has been in the cave since 1995.  The cave starts from the first entrance with a 125-meter-long lake. There is a travertine formation at the end of the lake. After the travertine formations at the end of the lake, a 44-meter travertine formation leads to the second floor and there is another 130 meters long lake, which is shallower than the first.

Yanartas (Chimera)

Yanartas: Are the flames of Yanartas rising among the rocks that have been burning for 100 years. Yanartas, also known as Eternal Fire and has a natural source of fire, Yanartas is one of the miraculous natural beauties of Anatolia. It is located in Beydagları National Park, Cıralı and Olympos Hills, 230 meters above sea level. The flames rising from Yanartas are seen even from the sea.

Olympos Ancient City

Today, it is understood from the archaeological researches that Olympos, which is located in the Kumluca district of Antalya, is an important port city opening to the Mediterranean and that the Olympos Stream passing through the city has the feature of a port where ships enter. The famous ancient historian Cicero described Olympos as a rich city full of art.

Termessos Ancient City

Termessos Ancient City is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world. The fact that the city was already built for protection has a great effect on this. It is so alive; it can even take you on a short history journey.

Saklikent Ski Resort

When you say Antalya, you can only think of the sea and sun. But if you went to Antalya during the winter months, you can enjoy skiing in Toroslar in Saklikent Ski Center.


Aspendos Ancient City

Although the Aspendos Antique Theatre is a remarkable theatre with enormous size and still standing intact, it is an entire city with its aqueducts, basilica, stadium, fountain, and arches.

Manavgat waterfall and river

Our next station in the list of places to visit in Antalya is Manavgat Waterfall and River. When you see the waterfall exactly, you will be able to understand why it is so valued. Also, the area around the waterfall is a great place for hiking and breathing a fresh air

Oymapinar Lake

When you go to visit Manavgat, you cannot go back without seeing the hidden beauty of Oymapinar Lake behind the dam. Also, you can join boat trips on the lake or swim. Once you arrive at Oymapinar Lake you will find it a wonderful place, and you will prefer to spend more time than the sea in Antalya

Antalya Aquarium

If you have a trip plan with Antara Antalya Aquarium must be in this plan. Antalya Aquarium, which is one of the biggest tunnel aquariums in the world, is waiting for you.

Adrasan Bay

Sea, nature and unique scenery is an unforgettable corner of heaven. If you visit Adrasan Bay, you're going to like it so much that you don't want anyone to know


Hiking, rafting, or setting up camp in Antalya, Koprucay is perhaps the best address in Turkey. If you want to spend a holiday away from the crowd Koprucay is one of the most unique places in Antalya.

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