Common Ways Scamming Tourists


Common Ways Scamming Tourists


Unregistered, unchecked individuals or companies produce scenarios to get low prices and more and start exploiting you with manipulation. Boredom with grievance stories!

First of all, it is presented to you as quality service, good human relations, moral attitudes, and of course affordable prices, then telling you tragedy story, at the beginning scammers asking debt money!  If they can't reach their goal, they will start to threats and blackmail! Remember, they are in different minds, and what they do is profit. 

Cab İstanbul likes price competition, it always brings quality, and a price arises depending on the conditions of the country and the quality of service provided.  If the tourists visiting Turkey prefer such people to get cheaper service, it would hurt us too. 

Below are some of the incidents related to tourist scams happening.

Why Do We Advise Tourists To Be Sure To Deal With Authorized Turkish Companies?

Any registered Turkish firm is regularly audited and its employees are registered. Service in the tourism sector is based on manpower and people who lack experience in the tourism sector, Turkish companies make mistakes. A registered company is obliged to comply with the rules that will immediately correct possible human-induced mistakes due to its responsibility. Otherwise, strict terms will be imposed.

So when tourists face some issues in the airport or during their stay in Turkey if the company that they deal with is an authorized company and the tourist police, will be in charge immediately to solve your problem as you reported to the tourism ministry, which keeps safe during your travel, keep you happy!!

  1. Are Turkish companies more expensive?
  2. Initial pricing may be more expensive than an indifferent service provider!
  • But the quality of service you receive in the end the confidence you feel, the right information (no story is produced to cheat the tourist)
  • Keeps your time and money. This means that a correctly priced service cost less.
  • What happens if a vehicle is taken from an unauthorized foreign driver?
  • Police controls seized the vehicle you get on, which will cause you to stay on the road.
  • You and your driver will be fined; you will lose time and money in passport control when you return to your country.
  • An Arab businessman was kidnapped in Istanbul, where he came to meet a woman whom he met through social media. The businessman held hostage, rescued by the operation.

New Age newspaper

The Arabic group who pirated the Arab acted like they are authorized tourist companies were waiting at the ferry piers in Bursa, forcibly demanded money from the Qatari family, and a melee occurred.

Source: tourism today 

200 thousand dollars in Istanbul, the owner of the apartment stuck for 80 thousand dollars selling, it should be in cash before the last processing of the money saying that he wanted to see the man tourist disappeared.


Note: The former Jordanian consul asked me to help, but the money was never found (Rifat Yeşilfidan)

In recent days' one of those unauthorized tourism companies fled to Turkey with a millionaire, came up with the news emerged of his fugitive guidance. According to the new information that tourism Actual, the deceptive agency is on the run. Like every day we hear the news.


The most famous ways to scam taxi drivers to tourists in Istanbul!!

Taxis in Istanbul are one of the cheap, easy, and convenient ways of transportation, there are more than 22,000 taxis roaming the city, only the fool thinks that all drivers are not honest. Growing cases of tourists stumble while riding a taxi in Istanbul are spotter.

It is always good to have a level of doubt and diligence. To start with this article we must first know the price of a taxi in Istanbul. 

İs The Taxi Drivers Scam Tourists İn Istanbul?  How İt Can Be Prevented?

Prevent it: Dear reader, do not judge a whole country by fraud and fraud because someone was exposed to the monument or because of this article, there are already wonderful taxi drivers and an İstanbul wonderful city! Also, its people have a culture of tourists, the goal of this article not to be vulnerable to the monument because of your kindness. How you can prevent taxi drivers in Istanbul to do not cheat you and see how to avoid the scams and fraud of tourists in Istanbul to have a complete look before you travel.

Important advice:  Before riding in the taxi take the number of each taxi from abroad a number distinguishes it from the other, in addition to you can take the number of the registration plate of the taxi course is not in front of it is not beautiful work in the right driver may be an honest person, but try to quickly record the number in your brain or on Your smartphone.

Information: There are two types of taxi yellow colors and this price is like the one we explained above, while the Blue (Turquoise) is higher than the price of the first by a simple and make a difference and can be ordered by application

Switch Turkish Money

Monument: In the blink of an eye is switching currency while you are busy with something else Here's explaining the process of monument carried out by some taxi drivers in Istanbul Suppose for example that the value of your trip to somewhere was 15 Turkish lira and you give him the value of 50 Turkish TL, will move Light (as usual) and away from your eyes by replacing the 50-sheet with the five-class paper (ready to have in advance) and will extend his hand to you waiting for the remaining 10 TL while you are waiting for the rest of the fifty you will get confused by this thing since you are not familiar with the types of Turkish securities You will end up paying 60 TL at 15 TL. Unfortunately, they are creative in this matter and hundreds have been subjected to this monument and the reason that the fifty paper is similar to the five paper they have in terms of color and shape and this is one of the most famous scams taxi drivers to tourists in Istanbul, Turkey.


The solution: To avoid falling into this type of monument, always make sure you have a lot of small banknotes (changes) and even coins that you need to ride the taxi so that you can deliver the taxi driver in Istanbul when you arrive at the meal, the exact amount requested You do not have to pay more if you have to give 50 or more paper, be sure to open it and make it clear to the driver that you have given him 50 TL so that he will not use you for a bite and substitute it. If it helps you carry luggage… ( Be careful about fake money)

Fake Money

Monument: Again suppose your destination was 17 TL but you gave him 20 TL, the driver will search inside the taxi and in the car drawer to look for a change but after a lengthy search will appear one TL claiming that he found this lira only and give it to you to forgive him The rest of the money that remained (puts you in front of the status quo, it is true that the remaining amount is not large, but this process was carried out with you and with others and so on until rebelling and doing what is greater for this does not allow him to do such a thing, give the value of your desire better than laugh to you

Solution: You have two solutions first if you do not have a chance you can let him go there is no other solution, especially if the value is low is true that my words are contrary to the above, but maybe in a place where no exchange and no possibility of obtaining money for you and will continue to work Second, sit in the car and do not get out of it and ask him to go to the nearest exchange shop nearby in order to exchange currencies and get smaller values and you will be surprised at the speed at which you will get smaller cash values to give you the rest of your money… Also do not enter a taxi in Turkey Istanbul without change

Quality Service In Transportation Is Not A Coincidence

Cab Istanbul takes every precaution to ensure the health and safety of its passengers, employees, and partners. We look forward to the opportunity to become your provider for transportation (Intercity-Airport transfer-Vip Taxi)

Whether you are going to your hotel, visiting the clubs, restaurant, sightseeing in Istanbul or you need transportation for an airport transfer as an opportunity, Cab Istanbul cars are at your service with qualities that will exceed your expectations.

We love Istanbul and we are aware that we need to provide you with satisfactory service in order for you to love this ancient city. Our VIP vehicles and experienced and courteous drivers are waiting to give you this experience.

Attention Some Fraud İn İstanbul

If you are coming abroad ( Turkey) as a tourist and do not know the city you are going to very well, you should pay attention to some fraud methods in order not to be in a difficult situation in an İstanbul (in small cities no much fraud). Otherwise, you may suddenly find yourself in unpleasant situations and your carefully planned trip may hurt you!

  • Attention to Taxi Drivers!
  • Attention Change At Market) Fake Cops
  • Map Dealers, Maybe Thieves? 5)
  • Pay Attention When Using Your Credit Card
  • Attention Your Camera
  • Attention, Is It Really A Hotel Attendant?
  • Attention, Shoe Shiner
  • Attention to Your Valuable Items on public Buses!
  • Attention, Fake Gems
  • Attention, Fake Perfume, and Bags
  • Club Scam in Istanbul

Drinking With Beautiful Girl

Nightclub scam that causes you to pay a drink bill of hundreds or even thousands of euros.

Thieves love it because it is easy and the risks of identification, arrest, trial, and punishment are almost nonexistent. That is definitely happening in Istanbul.

As you stroll around Sultanahmet Square and Istiklal Street on your own in the evenings, a well-dressed man approaches you who speaks English. He asks you to take a picture with his cell phone, or he makes up another story.

He has a conversation with you, then suggests you have a drink together. (He talks about beautiful girls if you're a boy) To gain your trust, he can first take you to a normal place. This could be to buy you dinner.

As soon as you sit in the nightclub, women, and maybe other men, sit at your table and order champagne (cheap wine that often looks like champagne). As for the invoice, you will be expected to pay and may be equal to the total amount of money on your side; Maybe your credit card will be extorted and a large sum will be charged. They usually take all the money you have or have access to.

If you protest the fraud, you could be beaten in the backroom or even threatened with death until you agree to pay.

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