Yalova Tourist Attractions


Yalova Tourist Attractions

Best Things To Do İn Yalova/Turkey

Yalova; offers an unforgettable travel experience with its pristine beaches, untouched natural beauties, and healing spring waters that do not look like the Aegean and Mediterranean. The city lies at the foot of the Samanlı Mountains; It attracts thousands of nature lovers who want to take walks with impressive views of the Marmara Sea, Gemlik Bay, and Lake Iznik. Yalova Thermal City, where you can enjoy the deep blue sea at the beaches famous for their fine sandy beaches such as Çınarcık Beach, Hersek Beach, Armutlu Beach, and Fıstıklı Beach, you can relieve all the tiredness of the year at the healing waters of Armutlu and Fistikli thermal springs, which are good for dozens of ailments.

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Best Places To Visit İn Yalova

All About Yalova

Yalova, whose history dates back to 3000 BC, has many places to visit and see, from healing waters to fascinating natural beauties. You will be able to find many traces of Ataturk in the city, you will be able to go to those times and feel the history in your veins. Yalova, which is famous for its thermal waters, Waterfalls, natural green road, and good beaches especially continues to distribute healing with its thermal spring water hotel and resorts. During your visit to the city, you should not miss visiting the hot springs.

Most Attractive Palces To Visit İn Yalova

There are many places to visit in Yalova with its history, nature, and healing waters. Walking Mansion (Yuruyen Kiosk), Delmece and Erikli plateaus, Dipsiz lake, Elmalık Castle and Kara Church are just a few of them. Yalova offers many alternatives to visit with its hot spring waters and Samanlı Mountains where you can see every shade of green. You will find details about these historical sites in our article


Çınarcık, 30 km from the center of Yalova, is a cute holiday resort close to the coast. There are many hotels and pensions available to stay with your loved ones. Cinarcik center becomes the center of attention in summer with its beaches

Many holidaymakers prefer the colorful beaches in Cınarcık, the quaint or charming town of Yalova. The Cinarcik beaches, also known as Bodrum's Marmara Sea, are in high demand, especially during the summer season. We recommend you to visit the Black Church, Open Air Museum, and the Mansion in Yalova.

Thermal District/Yaolva (Hot Spring Water)

Yalova Thermal (Hot Spring Facility) Spas is a first-degree natural, archaeological, and historical site. It is 1 hour from Istanbul by sea and 1 hour from Bursa and Izmit by road. Its distance to Yalova center is 12 km. In an unmissable natural wonder suitable for activities necessary for a healthy life, healthy water flows in the fountain of every hotel. The region where dozens of thermal hotels are located is a wonderful place where you can spend time with unforgettable views around the Gokcedere dam lake. You will never forget your walks to the waterfall with its magnificent natural beauty. In the environment; Authentic tours to small villages of natural wonders such as Üvezpınar, Gökçedere, Yenimahalle, Ortaburun, and Akköy; guarantees that you will spend your holiday not only having fun but also interesting places and different tastes.

Sudeşen Waterfall/Yalova

Sudeşen waterfall, which is connected to the district of Termal, can be preferred here if you want to have fun in the middle of natural beauty and have a picnic in the lush nature in the picnic areas, accompanied by the sweet murmur of the waterfall.

Located between Yalova and Bursa and one of the most popular addresses for nature walks, especially in summer, Sudüşen Waterfall is a natural wonder where you can witness a different natural beauty in every season. Sudüşen Waterfall, which is an important part of Erikli Waterfall and Üvezpınar trekking tours and spills from a height of 16 meters among lush beauties, is also frequently visited for swimming in rock ponds filled with ice-cold water on hot summer days. Guided tours are also organized from neighboring big cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli in the summer months to the waterfall, which is located at an altitude of about 120 meters above sea level.

Erikli Waterfall/Plateau

Erikli Plateau, located on the road to Delmece Plateau, connected to the Çınarcık district of Yalova, Erikli waterfall is more stylish than 2 waterfalls, large and small. It is an ideal place for camping lovers and those who want to trek. It is a nice getaway place close to Istanbul. Waterfalls, lakes, meadows, and lightning are waiting for you in Erikli Plateau

Erikli Waterfall (Double Waterfall)

The famous Erikli Waterfall, which is only 30 kilometers away from the center of Yalova, is among the places we recommend visiting if you enjoy taking photos and spending time among natural beauties. Erikli Waterfall, one of the most well-known and most visited natural wonders of the city, completes the lush landscape of Erikli Plateau and offers magnificent views in all seasons. You can visit the region where there are close to 20 waterfalls of all sizes, with well-arranged hiking trails, and you can take amazing photos, especially in the spring, with the beauty of a postcard. You can swim in the ice-cold waters of Erikli Waterfall, which is one of the most popular stopover points of Erikli Plateau trips, and spend a beautiful day in the clean air in the recreation areas and country gardens.

Discover Yalova

Best Places To See İn Yalova

Armutlu District / Yalova

Located in the north of Gemlik Bay, about an hour away from Yalova, Armutlu district is famous for its fine sandy beaches, which do not match the Mediterranean and Aegean, and Armutlu thermal springs, which are visited by thousands of people every year to find healing. M.S. It is known that the waters of the hot springs, which have been used since the 600s, are rich in calcium, chloride, sodium, and carbon dioxide, and are good for dozens of ailments.

In Armutlu, where you can swim to the fullest Armutlu Beach and Fistikli Beach, which are the most popular beaches of the region during the summer months, you can take a walk in the evenings accompanied by fascinating sunset views or taste romantic dinners at the fishermen's restaurants lined up by the beach. In Armutlu, which attracts attention with its beaches and thermal springs as well as its historical structures, you can see the Hacı Ali Paşa Mosque and Armutlu Taş Bridge, which are historical monuments from the Ottoman period, up close.

Ataturk Arboretum/Yalova

Atatürk Arboretum, which was opened in the Termal district of Yalova on August 19, 1929, at the request of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is among the places you should definitely visit as Turkey's first living tree museum. Spreading over a large green area of 25,000 square meters, the arboretum fascinates nature lovers with 1844 types of trees, more than 370 palms, and hundreds of flower species, together with local and foreign species. You can enjoy the magnificent view by sipping your tea in the country gardens of the living tree museum, where you can stroll among the flower gardens all day and take wonderful photos and spend a pleasant day. After a relaxing day in nature, don't forget to stop by the famous thermal springs of the Termal district and relax in the hot waters.

Dipsiz Lake

Offering a fascinating view within a short walking distance from Yalova City Forest, Dipsiz Lake is one of the most visited natural beauties of Yalova. Lying in the untouched natural beauties of the Erikli Plateau, the lake is located at an altitude of 530 meters above sea level. In Dipsiz Göl, which will offer you a different natural beauty in every season, you can take wonderful photos of the lake landscapes surrounded by white pine forests in winter, in every tone of green and yellow in spring.

After discovering Dipsiz Lake, which is one of the first places to visit in Yalova with its endemic plant species, an abundance of fish, and recreation areas where you can enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, you can stop by Erikli Plateau, which is a short walk away, and taste local highland dishes in the country gardens. you can take a break.


Üvezpınar, a lush natural paradise, is a very popular sightseeing area of the Termal district. Üvezpınar, which is located only 21 kilometers from Yalova and can be reached in about half an hour with the Termal minibusses we can find, covers a large green area at the foot of the Samanlı Mountains. In Üvezpınar, which hosts the Sudüşen Waterfall, one of the most known natural wonders of Yalova and is decorated with more than 20 streams, you can have a picnic around the streams or enjoy the peaceful atmosphere by angling in the waters with plenty of fish. Üvezpınar, which is one of the most popular recreation areas of Yalova with its large and small waterfalls and recreation areas lined with pine forests, is among the most ideal spots for day trips.

Yalova Black Church

One of Yalova's impressive historical buildings worth seeing is the impressive Black Church, which is only 4 kilometers away from the city center and can be reached within a short walk. The impressive building, which is also visited during evening walks as it is located close to the Yalova coastal road, is thought to have been designed as a church or an aqueduct in the 16th century. The Black Church, which offers a stunning view among colorful flowers and most of which have survived to the present day, also attracts the attention of history and culture enthusiasts.

Armutlu Thermal Springs

Armutlu, the district of Yalova, which attracts attention with its advanced tourism opportunities and clean beaches, also attracts thousands of people every year with its healing spas. It is known that the 24-degree healing waters rich in minerals of the hot springs, which serve in the clean air among the pine forests, are good for dozens of ailments. In Armutlu thermal springs, where you can find fish therapy, salt therapy, and mud therapy, you can both relax after your trip and be treated for your ailments.

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