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Yedigoller (Seven Lakes)-Bolu /Turkey Attractions

Yedigoller (Seven Lakes)-Bolu /Turkey Attractions

Explore Yedigöller: A Guide to the Seven Lakes of Bolu, Turkey

Yedigöller, also known as the Seven Lakes National Park, offers a chance for an unforgettable trip to immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of nature. This natural paradise presents a captivating atmosphere with its interconnected seven lakes: Seringöl, Büyükgöl, Deringöl, Kurugöl, İncegöl, Nazlıgöl, and Sazlıgöl. Renowned for their natural beauty and the serene tranquility they offer, these lakes provide a perfect escape into nature. As we delve into the unique characteristics and attractions of each lake, we'll share essential tips for visitors, from the best times to visit to the must-see spots within this natural paradise. Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature photographer, or simply someone seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, Yedigöller promises an unforgettable experience. Explore hidden waterfalls, encounter diverse wildlife, and experience the tranquility of picnicking beside the crystal-clear lakes, each offering its own unique serenity. Now is the perfect time to delve into the charming ambiance of Yedigöller through a comfortable and relaxing journey. Join us as we explore the enchanting landscapes, rich biodiversity, and serene waters that make Yedigöller a jewel of Bolu, Turkey.

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Yedigoller: Discover A Hidden Paradise in Silence

Best Places to Visit in Bolu Seven Magical Lakes

Seringol, Buyukgol, Deringol, and More: Exploring the Diversity of Yedigoller's Lakes

Serin Gol: Seringol as a other six lake located in the Bolu province of Turkey, is one of the lakes in Yedigoller. It is a crater lake with a total area of 6.2 hectares. The water source of the lake is groundwater and rainfall. It has an approximate depth of 8 meters and its water is cool and clear. The lake is surrounded by wooded areas and hosts a variety of natural vegetation.

Buyuk Gol:  Buyukgol another crater lake in Yedigoller, covers a total area of 7.5 hectares. Compared to other lakes, Buyuk Gol occupies a larger area. It has an approximate depth of 12 meters and its water is also cool and clear. With its merging forests, Buyuk Gol offers a visual feast.

Derin Gol: Deringol, the deepest lake in Yedigoller, reaches an average depth of up to 15 meters. Its water is crystal clear and due to its depth, it displays a stunning shade of blue. The lake is formed in a crater shape and is surrounded by forests. It is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Kurugol: Despite its name, Kurugol is not completely dried up. While the water level may decrease seasonally, it is usually filled with water. The lake attracts attention with its natural vegetation and surrounding landscapes. It is an important point for birdwatchers as it lies on the migration route of birds.

İncegol: İncegol, located in Yedigoller, has a longer and narrower shape compared to other lakes. It covers an area of approximately 6 hectares. It is surrounded by trees and vegetation. İncegol is a preferred spot for birdwatchers, allowing for the observation of various species due to its position on the bird migration route.

Sazlıgol: Sazlıgol in Yedigoller is a wetland ecosystem. The lake, surrounded by reeds, provides a habitat for many bird species. It is an ideal spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Nazlıgol: Nazlıgol stands out with its serene and elegant atmosphere. The lake offers visitors a peaceful experience with its natural beauty and landscapes. It is an ideal place for walks, picnics, and solitude with nature.

The natural beauty and variety of lakes in Yedigoller allow visitors to immerse themselves in a close connection with nature and experience its wonders.

Seven Lakes-Bolu: A Route to The Nature

Best Time and Season to Visit Yedigoller

Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) offers a captivating natural experience in every season. However, it showcases different beauties during specific times of the year.

Spring is one of the most popular seasons to visit Yedigoller. Witnessing the awakening of nature, walking amidst colorful flowers and fresh greenery can be a mesmerizing experience in March and April. The water levels of the lakes rise, and the surrounding vegetation comes to life.

Summer months are another option to visit Yedigoller. You can enjoy sunny days around the lakes in June, July, and August. Swimming in the lakes and having picnics are also possible during this time. However, it's important to consider that summer months may have high visitor traffic.

Autumn is the most colorful season in Yedigoller. September and October transform the trees into shades of golden yellow and red, creating a captivating landscape. It's an ideal time for hiking and photography. Additionally, bird migrations occur during the autumn months, making it an attractive period for birdwatchers.

Winter season is perfect for those who want to experience the tranquility and enchanting snowy landscapes of Yedigoller. December, January, and February cover the lakes and surroundings in white. You can go for walks or even enjoy snowboarding during this period. However, it's important to note that winter months can have challenging weather conditions, and some roads may be closed.

The best season to visit Yedigoller depends on personal preferences. Spring and autumn are the times when natural colors are most vibrant, while summer is ideal for activities and sunny days. Winter offers a serene atmosphere and snowy views. Every season provides an unforgettable natural experience in Yedigoller.

Dance of Green in Nature

Camping Areas in Yedigoller National Park

Yedigoller National Park is an area known for its rich drinking water sources, which include toilet facilities, water fountains, and a mosque. There is also a market within the national park. You can access electricity from the sockets available in the mosque and toilets. Internet access is limited in the area, and there may be areas with no cell phone reception. Weekends tend to be crowded with picnickers. Yedigoller National Park is famous for its natural beauty and offers various facilities for camping. Here is some information about the camping areas within the national park.

Poyrazlar Yaylası Camping: Set amidst natural beauty, you can set up your tent in this area and experience a close connection with nature. Toilet facilities and basic environmental arrangements are available.

Koroğlu Yaylası Camping: You can camp in this area and explore the surrounding natural beauty. Basic camping facilities are provided.

Süngerci Yaylası Camping: An area where you can set up your tent for a nature-immersed experience.

It is important to adhere to nature conservation rules while camping. You may need to make reservations or contact the information center to obtain current information. This way, you can access up-to-date information and better organize your accommodation plans.

How to Get to Yedigöller National Park from Bolu?  

Yedigöller National Park is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and unique landscapes. We recommend using a private or rental car to travel from Bolu to the park. This way, your journey will be more comfortable and flexible.

By Car: The most convenient and quickest way to reach Yedigöller National Park from Bolu is by car. The journey usually takes around 1.5 hours. Depart from Bolu and follow the D-100 highway towards the direction of Mudurnu. After passing through Mudurnu, follow the signs of Yedigöller National Park along the road to reach the park.

Public Transportation: If you plan to use public transportation, you can reach Yedigöller National Park from Bolu by bus or dolmuş (shared taxi). From Bolu Bus Terminal, take buses or dolmuş heading towards Göynük and Mudurnu. Then, you can reach the park by using minibuses or taxi services that go to Yedigöller National Park. However, please note that when traveling with public transportation, you may need to consider the schedules.

Yedigöller National Park is an escape into nature and offers visitors a unique experience. Traveling to the park by private or rental car provides you with more freedom and flexibility. You can plan the journey duration and route according to your preferences and move around the park as you wish. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable journey, creating unforgettable memories along the way

Yedigoller National Park 2024 Entrance Fees

Car, Van, and Pickup Truck: 60 TL

Minibus: 150 TL

Midibus: 235 TL

Bus: 450 TL

Explore Seven Lakes in Turkey (Yedigoller)

Accommodation and Dining in Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller National Park is renowned for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience. The park offers various options for accommodation and dining, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the surroundings. Here are some key habitat areas, picnic spots, and accommodation options within Yedigöller.

Habitat Picnic Areas: There are several habitat picnic areas within Yedigöller National Park. These areas offer visitors a chance to relax and have a picnic while preserving the natural environment. You can enjoy the lush green forests in the company of fresh air. Additionally, the picnic areas feature barbecue facilities, enhancing the joy of picnicking.

Sincap Cafe: Within Yedigöller National Park, there is a café called Sincap (Squirrel) Cafe. This café provides an opportunity to relax, have breakfast, and savor snacks in a nature-immersed atmosphere. Alongside hot beverages, snacks, and light meals, you can also appreciate the unique views of the park.

Pisagor Houses: Pisagor Houses offer accommodation within Yedigöller National Park, providing a peaceful stay in a natural and rustic atmosphere. These houses are designed with wood and natural materials, located in a quiet and serene area within the park. The rooms offer basic comfort and convenience while embracing a lifestyle in harmony with the natural surroundings.

These dining and accommodation options allow visitors to experience nature intimately and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while disconnecting from the stresses of daily life. However, it is important to note that the number of accommodation places is limited, so it is advisable to make reservations in advance.

Amazing trip to Seven Lakes

Yedigöller National Park Attraction Places

Gurbettaşı Viewing Terrace: The Gurbettaşı Viewing Terrace is in Yedigöller National Park, is an important spot that offers visitors impressive vistas. From this terrace, you can observe the surrounding lakes, forests, and natural beauty in a panoramic fashion. You can have an unforgettable experience while taking in the enchanting views of nature.

Ayı Kaya Viewing Terrace: The Ayı Kaya Viewing Terrace, also within Yedigöller National Park, provides an opportunity to observe the park's captivating natural features up close. This terrace offers visitors a chance to relax and take a pleasant break amidst magnificent views. From here, you can enjoy the scenery of the lakes, forests, and mountains.

Kapankaya Viewing Terrace: The Kapankaya Viewing Terrace,  in Yedigöller National Park to, is situated at a high point and presents impressive vistas of the park. From this terrace, you can have a bird's-eye view of the surrounding natural beauty and lakes, capture photographs, and experience the serenity of nature.

Atmaca Viewing Terrace: The Atmaca Viewing Terrace in Yedigöller National Park is a point that offers bird's-eye views. This terrace allows visitors to explore breathtaking nature scenery and the park's unique flora and fauna richness. Here, you can spend peaceful moments immersed in nature.

These viewing terraces within Yedigöller National Park are wonderful spots for visitors looking to discover the park's enchanting natural beauty. You can create unforgettable memories and experience the serenity of nature while being surrounded by magnificent views.

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