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Zelve Open Air Museum / Cappadocia

Zelve Open Air Museum / Cappadocia

All About Zelve Valley

Zelve, Cappadocia is the oldest settlement in the Cappadocia region. From the Paleolithic period, people built rock-hewn houses, churches, and monasteries. People lived in rock houses until 1950, after they moved to Zelve Village which near Zelve Valley (Zelve Open Air Museum). We can say that Christianity first started to spread in the Zelve Valley of Cappadocia, and this is accepted from the monasteries and church ruins in the valley. The tunnels in Zelve are now closed to visitors as they are a bit dangerous as they are destroyed and damaged over time.

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Zelve Open Air Museum Tour

Best Places To Visit İn Cappadocia: Zelve Valley

However, the Zelve Valley with its unique fairy chimneys and the fascinating atmosphere around attract the attention of tourists, and they are flooded with visitors every year in summer and winter. The Cappadocia Zelve valley has a unique geography that fascinates those who see it with its magnificent view. It is one of the most tourist-attracting valleys of the Cappadocia region with its rock-carved houses, tunnels, and Open Air Museums.

You can reach the Zelve Valley in Cappadocia from the junction on the Avanos - Göreme road. After the fork in the road, the Pasabag Valley is reached first. This place is also known as the Valley of the Priests.

Fairy Chimneys İn Zelve Valley

On the way to Zelve, we recommend you take a break to see the magnificent fairy chimneys here. Walking among the fairy chimneys, especially in the valley where the fairy chimneys with hats are dense, creates the impression of being in a fairy tale.

Zelve Village

There is a mosque belonging to the times when it was used as a Cappadocia Zelve Village. The mosque attracts attention with its minaret and architecture. There is a monastery opposite the mosque.

The Cappadocia Zelve valley, which was established on the steep northern slope of Aktepe, consists of three valleys. The first and second valleys are passed to the right of the big rock. From the left, you go to the third valley. There are roads closed with lanes and those roads are not used. However, there are other ways to reach all the valleys. Although the interior of the monastery is closed to visitors, there are hollow rooms and tunnels in the circular part of the monastery from the outside. To see some parts of the monastery, it is necessary to climb the rock cavities.

Connections Between Zelve Valleys

The tunnel is used to pass to the second valley and it is a very pleasant walk. Living places and cuisines draw attention in the second Zelve valley of Cappadocia. In addition, the entrances of the carved caves were closed with stones to create a dovecote. There is a church and a mill in the third valley, which was used as a village.

Zelve Valley Fairy Chimneys

Zelve Open Air Museum Visiting Hours

Zelve Open Air Museum is open every day of the week. It can be visited between 08:00-19:00 in summer and between 08:00-17:00 in winter. Entrance to the museum is paid and the museum card is valid. Especially if you have a museum card; You can also use it to enter other museums in Cappadocia. If you do not have a museum card, it is definitely useful to have it. It is valid in many museums and will give you an advantage.


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